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    Road bike handlebars

    Handlebars aren't just somewhere to put your gear and brake levers. Handlebars have a big say in how your bike handles and how comfortable it is to ride. Road handlebars are also known as drop bars due to their cruved down and back ends. There are a few variables in drop bars which give each bar its characteristics. Width is self explanatory. Reach is how far forward the bars project from the stem. Drop is how far down the ends of the bars drop. Due to their location, handlebars are also a key place where aerodynamic design comes into play, so look out for bars with pronounced flat broad tops for slicing through the air. Racers typically like narrow bars with deep drops for getting in super aerodynamic tuck positions. Everyday and sportive riders are better suited with bars that are a little less extreme in drop and reach but have a bitmore width to them. We carry carbon fibre and aluminium handlebars from 3T, Deda, Easton, Enve, FSA, Forza, Pro, Ritchey and Zipp.