Icetoolz Cassette Tool With Guide
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Icetoolz Cassette Tool With Guide
Code: 09C1
Icetoolz cassette removal tool.
  • For Shimano / SRAM cassettes, with quick release hub, Cr-V steel.
  • Use also for the lockring of Shimano Centrelock disc brake rotors.
  • For use with 1/2" driver or 21mm spanner.
Mr BrettA* value. Icetoolz always come out in best value performance for me.
Mr TCheap and did the job removing a sram cassette, why spend more when this does the job it’s designed for.
Gustoworked a treat, would recommend this tool, does what it says.... cassette replaced in under 10 mins.
ChrisQuality tool, well priced and more than adequate for occasional use.
A HI bought this cassette tool specifically to change the centre-locking Shimano rotor on the rear wheel of my commute bike. Neither of the other cassette tools I tried worked, as the recess in the middle of the tool wasn't deep enough to accommodate the locknut on the hub. This Icetoolz cassette tool works for both rotors and the cassette, so I'm really pleased.
Mr HowellFits and works well
Mr WilsonGood quality. Does the job. I like that you can use it with a ratchet.
OwainSolid piece of kit, well made, ideal for a shop or home mechanic
JamieGood quality product and useful guide
Mr LeightonA good solid tool which unlike cheaper alternatives gets the job done, the locating pin also helps to seat the tool correctly in the cassette splines.
Dyfed bowenSuch an undervalued tool. Lost mine in a house move and knew I needed it. Orange ring helps me find it in the tool bag!
Mr StanfieldDid the job perfectly and I'm glad I chose the one with the guide pin. Excellent service as usual from Merlin!
Mr RandallGood price for essential tool to fit or remove Rear cassette or Shimano centre lock discs. Good quality tool should last a lifetime.
Mr Dicksoneffective tool that works well
PaulStrong and durable tool, good to use with torque wrench
Mr PrascinaAnother good icetoolz product. Did exactly what I needed.
DEGreat tool at a decent price.
SloJoeEssential item, works a treat
PaulGood secure fit, able to use with a socket wrench which is great.
WillWas happy with the quality of this tool, it fits nice and snugly so you can put lots of welly into trying to get the cassette lockring off!
DaveGood quality works well
GazBrilliant tool well made fits like a glove
NodHow can you get excited about a cassette removal tool. Well buy this one it feels good, looks good and works.
Mr smithperfect for removing those rotors!
Mr GrahamGood quality tool....seems robust,did the job.
MarkA quality tool, very well made for the price.
J de SwardtWorks great. Excellent quality and a reasonable price.
Mr ChantThis works perfectly, this sort of tool is a must for installing a cassette, and the guide makes the installation almost simple, really helping to prevent cross threading.
FRANCISAlthough a cheaper make of tool, it fitted just right. Made the job an easy experience. Delivery from Merlin was very quick. Thank you.
Jersey socksSolid and well made, recommend
Mr MitchellThe guide makes it super easy to use. Feels like it`ll last a long time.
DavidExcellent tool easy to use and appears well made
Ms YungCheap but well built
AndrewQuick easy to use tool
Mr HarrisonGreat for changing centrelocks and cassettes. Fits on 1/2 inch square drive.
MichaelIcetooz are my go-to cycle tool brand. Quality build at a budget price
Mr NOVAKI've been wanting one of these for a while. 40Nm written on all the shimano cassette lockring, not however many lockring clicks I decide is enough. So now I finally have a cassette tool that accepts my torque wrench! I've been using the same park one for over 20 years, so it has served me well.
BoromedicSeems a very well made tool that should last a lifetime and does the job required. Good price too, couldn't ask for anything more really.
BoroWell designed, good quality.
Mr SaxbyExcellent quality tool which works very well. The "pin" that locates in the quick release and the fact it can be used with a 1/2 inch drive are a nice touch.
Mr SeagroattFits well, good idea having the guide.
DaveMy Merlin's order came very promptly after ordering - despite being on the other side of the world!! I used the Icetoolz Cassette Tool today and it is a perfect fit and includes a guide pin which is a nice touch! It is a nicely finished tool and worked exactly as I hoped it would, to change out a worn out cassette with a new one. Five stars to the tool and to Merlin Cycle!
Mr JackExcellent tool. Easy to use and combined with a torque wrench means no more over / under tightened cassettes.
Mr PopplewellGood basic tool does the job well
Mr CarpenterTool worked great! nice addition to the toolbox.
AlanWorks perfectly with Shimano cassettes.
Simon GWorks great, spindle down the centre holds it in place better than other manufacturers
Mr CowardGood tool and easy to use. Robust enough for the home mechanic.
Dr JonesMuch easier to use than my old one without the guide pin. Works for new cassette and centrelock disk rotors. Quick delivery.
Mr kawunSmall, simple tool and gets the job done perfectly. I prefer this type of tool over the ones with the handle attached so I can torque the lock ring properly with a torque wrench.
Mr TooleEasy to use and a great ft. With the 1/2" drive it was easy to use with a torque wrench.
Mr HaynesFantastic tool. Makes cassette removal and installation very easy.
KenExcellent tool , does the job without any issues at all.
Mr O'KaneSpot on tool. The guide makes it a lot easier to use than the old tool I have been used to.
Mr MorrisonGreat little tool. I like the fact that you can use a 1/2 inch torque wrench with it. Very fast delivery and excellent service as usual.
SimonWorked perfectly and easy to use
Mr ZanarelliGood product. With this tool is easy to do maintenance on my bicycle. I Can replace the cassette when needed.
D. RobinsonGood quality tool and it is worthwhile having the guide pin.
John DoeEasy to use but require additional tools. There are others that also includes a handle.
Mr GilbankGreat tool, worked perfectly.
Mr WaltonGreat value for money, a lot better quality than I expected for the price. Thanks Merlin.
Mr WattsCan't fault this tool. Does what it's supposed to. Delivered rapidly and at a great price by Merlin as per usual.
Mr sewellA tool is a tool. This is and does the job perfectly like any other. The tool is light and the guide makes using it very easy. The description is exact. quality product for the money.
Mr DumiganPerfect for the job, like the fact you can use it with a socket wrench
Mr EdwardsGood tool, fitted my cassettes easily. Good quality
FekkeGreat product for little price...
Mr sethiThis is a great device never used it before but found it actually was extremely straight. Came With some very small spanners which I Haven't figured what to do with but I managed to put a new cassette on a new wheel so for me job done!
Mr CROWTHERDoes the job and sensibly priced.
RyanThe guide is very helpful in positioning this onto the cassette
Mr BoykoGood tool. Does it's job with a pleasant crackle of lock ring unwinding. :)
Mr grahamspecific tool for a specific job which it did admirably. Super fast delivery as always.
Mr WalmsleyWell made tool that does the job at a very realistic price. Nice to have the guide.
Mr MorrisNot used yet but looks and feels like good stuff.
KExcellent quality item at a great price
Mr HolnessPerfect tool for cassette removal/ install also does centrelock disc too.
Dr LewisEasy to use tool even for a complete non-mechanic like me.