Icetoolz Chain Checker
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Icetoolz Chain Checker
Code: 62C4
Icetoolz Chain Checker
  • Find out if your chain has stretched with this stainless steel chain checker.
Donny80Nice simple tool. Well made and has instructions engraved onto it.
Northern CyclistEasy to use, and a bit cheaper than some of the alternatives
Mr TGreat simple and easy to use
Mr MorilloSimple tool and a must have.
Mr soo hwan kimGood price with good quality Provides accurate value and convenience
AdeyA great little tool and a good price. Takes the guess work out of your expert (or not), home maintenance.
JohnSimple and effective. Easy to do a quick check to see if you require a new chain. Riding with a worn chain soon starts damaging chain wheels and sprockets and that will cost you money.
JohnVery clear instructions on checking chain wear, that checks out when I used it on my old chain vs new chain.
Mr IrelandBasic tool that works fine and easy to operate. Shipping fast with no problems. Inexpensive and worth including in tool kit to save chains.
Mr PBasic tool. All you need. Complete with little instructions on how to use, printed on the tool itself (good if it's a gift for someone who doesnt know how to use it :-))
Mr HindsAfter running my Scott naively for 3600 miles on original chain and cassette and chainrings, needless to say the cost of replacing all 3 components set me back a bit! This tool will no doubt now going forward save me a good fortune with only needing to change chains. Since getting it, I have checked all my other bikes to find that all 3 are not quite yet ready for a chain change. So for a low cost can save a lot! Very easy and straightforward to use. Highly recommended to keep in the tool pack.
McKinneyEvery home mechanic should have one
Mr LiangEasy to use. Don't pay more for simple tool like this.
Mr JaunceGreat little tool, does the job it's supposed to, can`t see why you would want or need to pay more.
Mr WalczakEasy to use, can save you a lot of money on buying new cassette !!!
Mr MorrisonSimple yet effective tool. Seems to be well made. Recommend checking chain frequently, will save changing a lot of expensive parts.
MarcoThis is a great tool when it comes to caring for your bike. In my opinion it is bit to eager to fail the chain but better safe than sorry.
Mr DaleGood product at a reasonable price.