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Excellent value chain cleaner
  • 20 Total brushes
  • Exclusive 4-sided scrubber system cleans chain spotlessly
  • Contains one spare sponge
  • Rubber band allows it to hang on the seat stay by itself
Chain is sparkling now.
Smaller so you use less degreaser, does an ok job at cleaning the chain.
I like the smaller, simple and efficient design. The only little niggle was that the hole on one end of the strap is too small to engage the plastic tab. Some TLC with a reamer should fix that. Delivered sooner than expected to the USA.
Great little cleaner, and requires far less solution than the alternatives.
Works well. Good to use after a handful of rides to keep drivechain running tip-top. Recommended.
I already have the park tool chain cleaner. My purpose to use this is for lubing my chains after cleaning. smaller chamber requires less lube and the belt mount is perfect for easy operation.
A little bit small and it has few sections that clean the chain, I think that it is better to go with a bigger tool for a deeper/faster cleaning of the chain even if they are more expensive
A little bit fiddly but once you've got the hang of using it it does a good job.
Small, but effective. It doesn't have as many brushes as the Park Tools version, or other larger chain cleaners, but does a decent job. Easily taken out in the car if you need to clean the chain before heading home.
Works well. Easy to use.
Great bit of kit. A bit messy and the soap and residue can spit over the bike a bit, but all washes off easy enough.
Does a great job of cleaning the chain. Plastic does feel cheap though and it is a bit awkward to get off once closed around a chain.
Great value chain cleaning device, easy to use and works well....way more effective than using a regular brush to clean your chain.
Great tool, cleans chains quickly and easily.
Did a fantastic job of cleaning the chain, even with improvised degreaser (meths). Just remember to hold the large cleaning wheel in place when emptying, and as it's not otherwise secured.