Icetoolz Hollowtech 2 Tools
Icetoolz Hollowtech 2 Tools
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Excellent value tool for the latest external bottom brackets.
  • Crank Adaptor Tool for Shimano Hollowtech II, Cr-Mo Steel,
  • Heat Treated.
  • For use with 8mm hex key.
  • Use one way to tighten the cups into the frame with an 8mm allen key.
  • Turn the tool around to tighten the pre-load cap on the left hand crank.
  • Not suitable for Truvativ bottom brackets.
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Quality tool, fits well, easy to remove a very stiff old BB.
This works well for installing a new bottom bracket - I haven't used it for the much more difficult task of removing one yet though.. I chose this over a spanner because you sometimes need huge leverage to loosen a bottom bracket & you are free to use a ratchet & socket. I was confused by the photos, but a hex key works fine in the star shaped hole.
Well made, nice fit on the Praxxis BB I installed with it.
Very good little tool instead of a wrench, bit heavy though.
Enabled me to install a new hollowtech II Bottom bracket without any problems, good value.
Works great! Seriously solid stuff. I was able to get the bottom bracket installed with no marring of the metal.
Great tool that does just what it should. Nice to have the two tools in one small package.
Well made, strong tool only thing I would chhange is the depth of the cup, it could do with being a little deeper
Lightning quick delivery (arrived the next day). Bottom bracket tool is well made, hardened and does exactly what it needs to, at a very god price.
Solid, well made tool. The weight of the tool makes using the preload side more precise
Easy to use, strong unit that adapts to torque & manual wrench usage easily.
Very solid, well built tool.
Does everything required to fit hollowtech cranks and bottom bracket. Bomb proof quality. Would have been nice to be able to use directly my torque wrench with 3/8 drive rather than a hex key adapter as some accuracy on the torque is always lost.
Brilliant little tool this. I had been using a Pedros spanner up until now, but it always chewed my bottom brackets and the compression bolt adjuster is separate so always gets lost. This tool fits perfectly, doesn't mark the surface and the compression adjuster is integrated. It uses an 8mm Allen key (not supplied) to do it up. I don't think you can get as much torque on the BB as you would with the spanner-type tools but maybe that's a good thing for your BB threads. Recommended.
Nice simple tool, works. A nice feature is that a 5m Allen key fits in the hole. This way a torque wrench with a 5m allen key will make it possible to tighten with a specific torque (moment).
Worked well no problems when using it to replace the bottom bracket on my road bike
Good product. With this tool is easy to do maintenance on my bicycle and my Hollowtech 2 Bottom Bracket is always greased.
Very good tool, particularly for the price. Had no issues fitting a replacement BB. Haven't used for removal yet but can't see it being a problem. For the price you can't complain at all. Just ensure that you have a good length hex key.
Good price, but not as good a tool as the ring spanner type. If your bottom bracket is worn, this has a tendency to slip off the spines.
Nice idea. Great for clearing suspension pivot points. Actually better than the Park tool.
Did both jobs nicely and for less money than buying the seperate tools. The BB outer side is a little shallow so you have to sort of hold the tool in place whilst tightening, but other than that very good.
Great product at the right price. Being a long time Park Tool fan, I have now realized that Icetoolz is a just as good alternative for a better price.
Best value I could find and very good, does the job
Good quality tool makes the job its meant to do easy.
Excellent service from Merlin as always. Tool works a treat.
Purchased a plastic version, without the bottom bracket fitting. Used it twice already for servicing friends bike. Superb bit of kit. Very pleased with it.
it worked perfectly so I'm happy
works great and saved me going to lbs in future.
This is a good quality tool. In-fact I used to use one as my HT2bottom bracket torque wrench adapter when I worked as a mechanic in a bike shop. It is also handy to have the crank bolt tool integrated: a) this is nicer to use b) harder to misplace than the silly little plastic (shimano et al) ones. If there were one criticism it is a little on the shallow side (compared to Park and Pedros tools) but this should only cause a problem on really seized bottom brackets - let a shop deal with them! ;)
Great little tool, fits perfectly on the bottom bracket cups, then the other side slots in nicely to set bearing preload.
Used this and work worked great, used it with a torque wrench for accuracy, GREAT.
Great tool, in fact I would go as far as to say that its better than the Shimano tools.
Excellent tool, does the job perfectly. Also its a good neat fit on the splined section.