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Moon X Power 1500 Front Light is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Moon XP1500 Front Light
Moon XP1500 Front LightMoon X Power 1500 Front Light

This item was discontinued 30th June 2015.

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Code: LAA633
  • Up to 1500 lumen light output
  • 3 x CREE XML LED's
  • Tool free quick release bracket
  • Constant & flashing modes
  • Water resistant
  • Horizontally adjustable
  • Low battery indicator
  • 7.4V Lithium ion battery pack
  • Air vent cooling system
  • Each LED has a zinc alloy heat sink
  • Up to 15 hours runtime
  • 4 hours charge time
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I'm Really impressed with the performance of these lights. First of all great service as usual from Merlin - thanks. They come in a really nice protective box which helps keep things organised. The performance of the light on full is top notch in that it gives a good spread of light. On my local route there's a wooded section which is pitch black without lights. With this unit I was able to make the trail out clearly and complete my ride in pretty much the same time as I ride during the day. The light lasted on full for the 1 1/2 hr duration. The bar mount seems ok but it would have been nice for this to be a cnc'd piece af metal as a finishing touch. Not sure if I'd use the helmet mount. As some have said before the leads are tight to fit which is no bad thing, given my experience with other units. Minor niggle is you can't keep cycling through the light modes - it turns off and you have to turn it back on again. However small price to pay ( and at this price!) for a really good unit.
Amazing brightness for the price. Very focused beam which I like for road riding in the dark. Doesn't have a floodlight effect so uncertain what it would be like for off-roading at speed. For the price, cracking.
I bought it after 3 day hunt for the right thing. Light is awesome , quality plastic casing with nice and effective cooling system. Very bright , in town I use 700 lumens only. On trail in forest it gives you great visibility but beam could be wider. Battery life seems so be true to what Moon claims. Overall very happy with my purchase especially for the price I paid
Great service from Merlin. The light itself is great. The only bugbear is the battery. I haven't yet found a place from where it will not slip or slide from. Probably have to melt the services of some old inner tube to get it to stick. Another point is that many other reviewers of this product suggest that drivers have been less than impressed with the brightness. I have had no such responses......yet! I would recommend you buy this from Merlin, especially at the price they were offering
Excellent quality for the price, super bright on the highest setting, battery lasts well on all light settings, and very compact well worth having light unit, you won't be disappointed, Merlin`s service was second to none.
Great value and plenty bright enough - on the highest setting its great even in the dark, dark woods.
Very good price for a quality product. Usual fast free shipping + Description of goods could be improved as they come with handlebar and helmet mounts in a quality case. Indicator light turns from blue to flashing red when nearing end of run time then switches itself off. I am running 2 lights one on bars and one on helmet, quality and spread of light is excellent even on lower power settings. Run time, I am getting around 1.30 hours on full power.
A bright light with excellent battery life but a few poorly thought out features that let it down. I bought this light for use on road and the main attraction for me was the large capacity battery and the potential 7+hours burn time, as I enjoy riding even in the dark months and don't like to be restricted to lit highways. After using the unit on a variety of lit and until roads I am impressed with the light output, even at its lowest setting. The only problem is that I think it is dazzling oncoming vehicles as I get the odd flash from approaching cars. Perhaps this is because the unit was really aimed at the off road market, where this wouldn't be an issue. This can be resolved by aiming the light down a bit but then the reach of the beam is reduced which on a quick descent isn't ideal. The unit and battery are well made and seem robust but the on/off switch is a bit on the small side and fiddly to use when wearing full gloves. My main criticism is the way that the power level is select, which is by repeated pressing of the switch. This cycles from on (full power) down to flashing mode but there is no way to quickly toggle up and down on power level; you have to go through the off cycle to get back to full. I'm also not that impressed with the mounting bracket which uses a camlock type tensioner that I don't seem to be able to get tight enough and road vibration causes the head to rotate down every so often. Battery pack comes with long enough lead and has a built in Velcro strap that easily attached to the top tube. There is also a helmet bracket and battery extension lead provided in the packaging which doubles as a neat storage box.
Excelent product, good build quality (not plastic), comes with extras like helmet mount. Extremely good light and adjustable mount. Best value I found when ordering. Good prompt delivery and service from merlin.
I ordered these lights based on seeing them on a friends bike. Merlin had them on sale for a great price, so I had to order them. They were delivered the next day! They are very bright and will be ideal for some serious night time off road this winter. I was also thinking of using them on my road bike, but feel the will be too bright for oncoming cars!
This light is fantastic. On it's lowest setting its roughly the same brightness as my Halfords "ultra bright" led front light. The next 3 levels increase the brightness to the maximum setting which is stunning and really only needed in pitch black off road conditions. In fact even when set up perfectly car drivers can be "offended" by the brightness on full power, resulting in headlamp flashing (I bet they feel embarrassed when they realise it's just a push bike). Looks smart on the bike and is smaller than you'd expect from the photos. Battery is not too big and attaches to the frame securely. Comes in an extremely posh case and includes mounts for bike and helmet (though not sure I'd want the battery weight on my head.) Battery lasts well unless on full but even then I've had it going for an hour with no problems. Can't think of any negatives to be honest
Superb front lighting bit of kit, extremely well made, love the options of light output, very nice looking and for the price I paid, a steal. Very pleased with my purchase.
Excellent light, gives you the option of different light outputs, great for safety, other road users can't miss you. Bargain price too
Delivery time was incredible, faster than within Australia. The 1500 Moon is a great light and very good battery. I didn't feel it was a lot stronger than the 1000 which I mainly use. Best value for money I know of for strong front lights
Top quality light at this price, I have got one for a spare due to the quality and price. Its going strong after two years of commuting every day all year in all weather!
Surprisingly lightweight with great illumination , easy to fit and swop between bikes.
This light is plenty bright enough for fairly lumpy trails, even on medium mode it provides enough peripheral light to see round corners as you approach them, the battery is fairly small and light for a light of this kind. The only negatives are that the flashing mode can only be operated on full power, which is too bright to use in traffic, and the on/off sequence means that to go from low beam to high (something which you want to do often when the trail gets a bit more bumpy)you have to cycle through flashing and off mode, pretty annoying when your mates have just flicked to high and raced off down the trail! great light but the on/off sequence is a major oversight.
Make no mistake these are great lights. Its only once you try a really good set of lights do you realise just how long you kid yourself, and even risk yourself with inferior lights in these darkening Autumn days. The reason I chose to upgrade to the XP1500 version was primarily as I bought the XP300 and was impressed with the build quality, quick charging and well-made feel to the product. The light quality of the light and spread was good for a small torch style front light. I was slightly doubtful that there would be much of a difference, as with all things theres a limit where it just becomes excess without the extra benefit. The package from Merlin arrived and I have to say the case and all the accessories (power pack with rubberised surrounds, extension cable, mounts for bar and helmet etc) were very impressive. The light and battery pack itself is a lot smaller than I anticipated. Due to the size you could probably mount the battery to your bar, I went with the frame due to having a bell, gears, two lights and computer  all gets a bit busy. The connection from battery to light was a bit of a struggle (tight) but a few operations its loosened a bit. The front light is well made  plenty of vents and heatsinks are visible giving that reassuring feel that its going to last the pace. The light has a few settings on it  ranging from the blinding 1500 lumen output, down through 1000, 700, 500 and flashing 1000 mode). The light switch is illuminated and easy to operate when moving. The light spread is excellent  it really does open the tunnel ahead and gives you extra confidence to push on. The full beam as I call it, is fantastic  again the spread and distance it travels needs to be seen to be appreciated. My light has never got hot or remotely warm when moving, and even when stopped for a short period it remained cool  again, heatsinks doing their job nicely. I run this light alongside my old XP300 for backup (just in case, though never needed it). My only thing to highlight would be remember to use the lower settings in lit areas  you will blind fellow road users with ease if you forget, but theyll tell you quick enough. Overall, I delighted with all aspects of the purchase and product. Got it for a great price, and the extra safety aspects and confidence of better lighting alone is worth the investment. im trying to get my friend to buy one  he hasnt seen it yet, but I know given the dark lanes, canal ways and disused railway runs we do, hell want one very quickly.
This burns with the light of a thousand stars. Do not shine directly on your skin without applying SPF30 before hand, and if you want to look directly at it I recommend wearing a welding mask to avoid arc eye. Only complaint so far is that you can't charge it with USB, unlike other some lights by Moon. My dumb fault for not reading the description though, and just requires a bit more organisation. The pros outweigh the cons, and as far as I can tell this is a great value bit of kit.
Truly amazing, no problem riding flat out in pitch black forest. Highly recommended so much so my mate bought one.
Extremely impressed with the power of this light. Build quality seems excellent and it fits securely to my bike. Have ridden a couple of trails in my local woods in the dark that I would never have been able to with an inferior light. Very happy so far.
Only used a couple of times up to now but definitely will be using it through the winter. Very easy to swap from bike to bike with the handlebar bracket. The light is very very bright and has a good beam pattern. Will make winter riding alot more enjoyable
Upgrade from my excellent moon xp300, this light is fantastic from its small size to its power, as always super quality. Great service from Merlin and rapid despatch. BUY BUY BUY.