Mudhugger Rear Guard
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Mudhugger Rear GuardMudhugger Rear GuardMudhugger Rear GuardMudhugger Rear Guard
Code: MMU0
Mudhugger Rear Guard 26, 27.5 and 29er Options
Initially designed to overcome the problem of fitting mudguards to a bike with a dropper seat post the Rear Mudhugger works well on all bikes, providing they have disc brakes.
Attaching the Hugger to the seat stays also overcomes all of the problems normally associated with rear mudguards. They do not move out of line, get in the way getting on or off the bike, do not foul rear suspension travel, and are robust enough to take the rough and tumble of modern trail riding demands.
Small: 26" Hardtail and Full Suspension Frames and 27.5" Hardtail Frames
  • MMMU03 Ideal for most 26" hardtail and full suspension frames, along with 27.5" hardtail frames. The Small Rear Mudhugger is all but mandatory for those sloppy rides. Keep the mud off your back, stay dry and spend more time on the bike!
  • The rear fender braces are designed to be custom-cut around cable stops/guides and other unique seatstay/swingarm shapes and features. Some frames have assymetrical stays, like found on EVIL bikes, and may not fit or will require extensive customization to fit.
  • Kit includes fender, zipties, protective/non-slip tape and instructions.
  • Rear Fender Coverage;
  • Ideal for 26" hardtail and full suspensionbikes and most 27.5" wheels on hardtail bikes.
  • Approx 560mm long.
  • Approx 100mm wide at the widest part.
  • Braces are approx 140mm long.
  • Compatible with our 100mm rear extender!
Medium: Most 27.5 Full Suspension Frames and 29” Hardtail Bikes
  • MMU04 The Medium Rear Mudhugger is nearly identical to the Small Rear Fender, but 80mm longer. This longer version is ideal for most 27.5 full suspension frames! And 29” hardtail bikes.
  • The rear fender braces are designed to be custom-cut around cable stops/guides and other unique seatstay/swingarm shapes and features. Some frames have assymetrical stays, like found on EVIL bikes, and may not fit or will require extensive customization to fit.
  • Kit includes fender, zipties and protective/non-slip heli tape. Rear Fender Coverage
  • Ideal for most 29" and 27.5+ full suspension bikes with seat stay angles above 27 deg 
  • Approx 640mm long. 
  • Approx 100mm wide at the widest part. 
  • Braces are approx 140m long. 
  • Compatible with our 100mm rear extender! 


DaveUndoubtedly the best rear mudguard available, it might seem like overkill but for someone like me who uses the bike on and off the trails it really fits all purposes. A doddle to fit, feels secure and well built. If you want to keep more than just your seat clean, this is the guard for you!
RobI bought the longer 29er version for a 27.5 full-sus (Vitus Sommet) and it works really well, lots of mud protection. Doesn't even get clogged with the thick clay-y mud we get around here. I put the protective tape on with a heat gun and plan to keep an eye on it as I hear the guard can still rub the paint off
MartyI bought this for my mtb ebike. Was able to fit in a few minutes. Basic but sound mudguard. Happy.
Mr BeardmoreArrived in a couple of days and fitted no trouble. It would have been nice for some more cable ties (6 supplied) as I ended up using my own to utilise all the holes (10 holes). Probably overkill but I like it to be properly fastened on.
DavidThis works well.. you have to apply heli tape first and it's a very large ugly mudguard but works good to keep dropper cleaner and your backside dryer and seems solid.
David McNI have tried a few mudguards and this one is head and shoulders above all others. Easy to fit, stable and incredible at keep the mud off.
Mr WhighamExcellent, robust product. Does the job well.
Mr BrennanBrilliant!Great bit of kit straight forward to fit and keeps all the muck and water of my back !
RichVery good, but would be better if there was a tongue at the front to stop the mud going onto the suspension linkages, instead of the cutaway. I think in time I will rivet an extension onto it.
philEasy to fit and very strong. Gets rid of the mud aimed at your back, but misses the area of the bottom bracket. Would be better if they covered all areas.
MattFitting was easy although had to buy some extra cable ties to secure fully - haven’t used it it the wet as yet so can’t comment on effectiveness.
Mr CornerThe film stay protector is a bit fiddly to fit but otherwise fairly simple. Used once and restricted water and mud splashes to a minimum.
Dave KennedyA brilliant rear guard, especially if you have a full-sus. Easy to install and very sturdy.
SebastianGreat item, excellent fitting to my Focus Jam 29er.
MarkVery good in 29 version. Already seeing the benefit and a more comfortable dry riding experience
Mr CaneGood quality and easy to install.
Mr McAleerA welcome addition to my hardtail 29er, a little bit fiddly fitting the tape to the frame prior to fitting the mudguard ( I am a bit of a perfectionist) and I did fit extra cable ties to secure the mudguard. Well worth the effort
NigelDoe's exactly what its supposed to do ,stops mud and water wetting your backside
JohnVery effective rear mud guard, but the small tie wraps supplied (x6) 3 snapped on first ride, and the ones remaining rubbed through the helitape and scratched the paint work.. Not a nice surprise when I washed the bike. In hindsight, I should of elongated the 10 holes on the guard and used larger tie wraps. Not sure why they only came with 6 skinny ones... Good mudguard, bad fixings..
TimHave this mud guard on both my mountain bikes. The best rear mudguard available.
MikaIt works as advertised: it keeps your behind dry. Sturdy design and hardly noticeable while riding. Easy to install and fit well on my 26" full suspension.
Mr caldergood mudguard and easy to fit. Great tyre coverage. Looks good too
StuartThe best rear mudguard I’ve tried, easy to install with the supplied zip ties, comes with some hellitape for protection follows a perfect line round the wheel
VinniebikerMudhugger in Canada is very hard to find and very expensive, Merlin offers an super value for these premium guards. This fit both my 29er bikes perfectly. It's the only thing I have seen that works properly with a full sus bike and has unreal good coverage. I used to own a 27.5 and this guard looks like it would work equally as good on that wheel size also. (it would be pretty long and not look right on 26")
AndyExcellent product after re moulding as per instructions it was easy to fit and works very well . Good value
martinGood sturdy mudguard, easy to fit, would definitely recommend
PatrikUse hot air for the installation of heli tape as shown on the Mudhugger website. As it has two attachment points with a relatively big area, it is better than options with a mount for the seat post, as it is more stable.
Mr HarrisonExcellent at keeping the crud off and easy to fit, great service from Merlin
Mr DinizFabulous rear fender, that protects well and it's light enough not to over weight the bike, although not suitable to all bikes, due to it's way to have it in place. If the bike has it's cable on top of the swing arm, both suspension bikes or hard tails, there's no way we can apply this part. This was the situation with my Mondraker Factor R ( 2009 ) version MTB. On my other bike, the Merida One-Twenty 2012, it has fit like a glove
NiallSo much better than anything else I have tried - wide enough and long enough to keep your bum dry in the worst of conditions!
Mr DeanGreat quality! The best mud guard for bicycle! Super fast shipping
Mr martinWorks brilliantly easy to fit and fits my Trek Rail perfectly
Mr SavilleSolid piece of plastic. Comes with some helicopter tape to protect the frame. Supplied with not quite enough zip ties for all the holes. Works well catching the spray before it hits your backside!
JoshVery stable, keeps me dry
Jim CathcartBuy one if you love filthy winter rides.
StuartEasy to fit and provides great protection. Cheap, effective and looks ok too
AndrewAbsolutely the best mud guards, I now have these on all three of my MTBs. Riding in all conditions so much more comfortable.
Mr DeanSuper fast delivery! Item was wrapped well! Arrived in perfect condition. The fender is very strong and does the job.
Jim CathcartThe best mudguards on the market not cheap but very effective.
Mr RautiainenEasy to install but not enough zip ties to cover all holes, stays in place regardless.
Stephen WilliamsExcellent mudguard that is well built, easy to fit and very secure. Very effective at keeping backside dry.
Jimbolinaok, so we know its ugly but so is a wet backside. it covers the brown streak areas almost completely. mines mounted to a low slung rear traingle (banshee rune v.1.5 with a 26" wheel) so it would have benefited from another inch in length, i'll just fix something like a section of old fold up mudguard to increase the length though. that should be easy enough given its a plastic thats easily cut and machined and otherwise generally easy to work and manipulate. but dont be mistaken into thinking its some floppy cheap plastic. it holds its rigidity and shape well. onto weight. not the lightest but its nothing horrendous. ive had heavier rear fenders just due to the clamps and plastics used. its not intrusive in its weight. the one area i will have to work with is the coverage of the bikes pivots. i already have a carbon piece that fits my bike there but the shaping of the mudhugger leaves an annoying gap above the seatstays/triangle. this can be remedied with tape or something but getting it to look pretty might be a mission. (google pics of it viewed at a 45degree angle and youll see the gap). overall im happy with the structure quality and design. ive figured the main ugly point is the bottom of the curve near the fixing points. and as its easily workable with tools i'll be reshaping that. its a good buy and with over 30years playing with bikes and building and modding parts i can happily say its worth purchasing if your tired of wet dirty clothes and excessive bike cleaning.
HarryBest product by far the best Rear mudguard for mountain bikes. Top Produkt das mit Abstand Beste Heckschutzblech für Mountenbikes.
Jeff JonesPerfect fit and the product is solid!
LorenPut this on the rear of my Sur-Ron MX and it works great. I had to do a little heat molding as suggested by Mudhugger and it fits well.
MichaelWorks great on my 29er
AndreVery easy to install. I used a blow dryer to help with the clear film that comes with. Place the film and align the mudguard and tighten the zip ties and you're done.
Steve HGreat product, well made. The heli tape is thick so use a hairdryer or similar to help it mold around the seat stays. When fitted on a 26 wheel was very snug and doesnt move around like seat post mounted guards.
J MPerfect for my levo. Not pretty but does the job. Fits secure and forget it.
Mr VenterMudhuggers are expensive mudguards which work pretty well. It wouldn't be reasonable to expect to ride a bicycle on a rainy day and not get muddy, but these keep most of the mud off of the rider. All mudguards are noisy, these aren't an exception, they flap about a bit on rough terrain and make some noises. I have fitted both the front and the rear mudguard and saliently I had no problem with mud in my eyes or on my riding glasses and my back was only a little muddy after a few hours of riding on wet off road terrain. What they do do is stop most of the mud from hitting the rider. What they don't do is shift around, fall off or miss a lot of the mud and water being thrown up by the tires. Pro's: They're easy to fit, they work pretty well, catch most of the mud and water and stay in place. Con's: They're ugly, expensive and noisy.
Mr Ng Gek HuatProvides enough protection against the elements, hope it will last
kimSolid mudguard, doesn't rattle and covers your rear end.
Mr järvinenAbsolutely the best rear fender for Orange 26" MTB bikes and others with thick rear swingarm. Easy to install and made out of nice plastic, not that brittle and hard stuff.
NicolasThis product is not suited to all bikes as I have found in my experience because of the design of the guard and the layout of the bikes. Doesn't quite provide adequate coverage of the rear suspension components as I would have liked, however this is hindered by the design of the bike. Mudhuggers have produced a quality product, but there are limitations to fitment based on the available real estate based on what the bike manufacturers have left behind. Mudhuggers Shorty Front Guard is fantastic, however this one is much more difficult to successfully develop as different bikes will have different challenges. Will not work well on all bike designs.
Steve Watson. BMBO.Fully tested in the soggy Pentlands over the weekend, kept all the crud off my rear end. Looks a well made, solid item. Well packed in a strong box and swift delivery again. Well done Merlin.
Mr PARKNice, solidly made piece of kit , comes with helicopter tape to protect your seat stays should you need it. Attaches with supplied cable ties in seconds and you are ready to go! So far my rear end stays dry on my commute into work through mud and road spray. I would say it does the job and looks good doing it!
MuzzI've finally found the best rear Mudguard. I've had several over the years and had decided that there wasn't one that looked OK and did a great job. I found the perfect front guard too, from a different manufacturer but the review for it will be similar.
Mr JensenLets start with the obvious, it doesn't make your bike look good/better! It does however provide a more comfortable ride since I don't get all that cold mud/water from the rear wheel on my ass. Biking when it is often cold and wet it is well worth the ugliness, I do take it off asap when the weather permits. Using the frame protectors included there is no trace that it has been mounted. The fact that I broke my last one closing the garage door on it (while not mounted) and still buys another one is probably the best verdict!