Orange Seal Versa - Valves
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Orange Seal Versa - Valves
Code: OS-608
Orange Seal Versa Tubeless Valves

Valve stems with a large, sturdy base plate that can be fitted with different shaped rubber grommets for an airtight universal fit to any all shapes and depths of rim.


  • Universal fit - one valve for all rims types
  • Ideal for any cycling discipline
  • Four lengths available
  • Replaceable grommets
  • Removable valve core for easy sealant installation
  • Pack includes VersaValve stems, two types of grommet, extra valve cores, RVC tool
Mr WilliamsonCame with instructions and I like the different coloured washers. Very good quality.
Mr SmithEverything you need to set up tubeless. I liked how the valve removal tool could screw on so you always have it with you.
JustinNice quality valves paired with Orange seal endurance. Nice to get spare cores and fittings. The conical washer worked best with my WTB i27 rims. Also comes with about 8 colours of nuts if you like colour co-ordination
NicholasA versatile choice for different inner rim shapes. I have had no trouble with leakage from either the valve core or between the valve and the rim.
Mr WalmsleyNice looking valves but would not let tyres seat on my Mavic Cosmic Elite wheels and reverted to old mavic valves. Will try again next time I fit new tyres. Not recomended with Mavic UST road wheels