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Pedros Bye Grease Bike Degreaser

Say goodbye to grease and grit, this new degreaser is fast, efficient and friendly. It dissolves grease and oil immediately, wait for a few minutes and it will also dissolve dried and sunburned grit which is otherwise really hard to get rid of.

Simply apply on metal parts, scrub and rinse with water. It also works beautifully with the Chain Pig chain cleaner.

Bye Grease is completely biodegradable and has negligible environmental impact.


How to use:

1.  Apply to chain, cassette, and chain rings using a brush or use the Chain Pig for the chain

2.  Rinse well with water using low to medium pressure

3. Let dry and apply new layer of lubricant

Mr Morillo Best degreaser I have used.
Mr Štefanec Works great
Mr Cahill Gets rid of all grease but you do have to scrub quite a bit.:)
Mr Tong Decent degreaser, not as good as some of the industrial ones I have, but good enough