Pedros Chain Checker Plus II
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Pedros Chain Checker Plus IIPedros Chain Checker Plus II
Chain Wear Check Tool, Chain Hook Tool, and Chainring Nut Wrench


Checking your chain for wear is one of the simplest things any cyclist can do to maintain drivetrain performance and minimise maintenance costs.  

The Pedro's Chain Checker Plus II makes this task quick and easy offering a simple check of 0.5% and 0.75% chain wear.  To ensure the maximum life from your chain and accuracy of measurement, the tool employs a three-point design which properly isolates pin wear from roller wear.  Other two-point designs do not and can incorrectly indicate a worn chain, robbing the user of additional miles and money.  

The Chain Checker Plus II also includes a chain hook tool, perfect for simplifying chain removal and installation, and a chainring nut wrench, essential for removal and installation of chainrings.



  • Precision laser cut design accurately measures 0.5% and 0.75% chain wear
  • Three-point chain wear tool design properly isolates pin wear from roller wear
  • Chain hook tool and chainring nut wrench add functional versatility and value


OldGitStraight forward - does the job.
Mr TurnaGreat tool to have
Mr BillingtonAll of these chain checkers are fairly expensive for what is essentially a piece of laser cut metal but this one is very easy to use and accurate and I think it’s excellent!
gareth scottBest chain checker i have used. Super accurate too
jjh297Expensive but seems well made and happy to pay for quality.
M VellaNice quality chain checker.
CharlesGives accurate check but a bit awkward to use. Maybe the park tool one is better but will measure stretch accurately.
Paul SOnly minor gripe here is that Pedros don't provide images on their website or on packaging that clarify exact usage method like Park Tool do on their site for the CC4 (which is similar BUT not exactly the same in use). The written summary on the Pedros site is OK but no substitute for a short video or step by step images and unless it's held correctly it WILL give an incorrect reading. However once you get the hang of it after couple of goes it's pretty easy to use and this type of checker is supposedly considerably more accurate than a lot on the market which is why I specifically wanted this one.
Mr FitzgeraldLike their famous tyre levers this is a clever, functional well designed tool.
PiersEasy to use, longer than most so more accurate. Chain holder for working on splitting or joining chain a welcome extra.
Mr DWHSimple and accurate. Better than the ruler I'd been using for 20 years! Very useful it lets you see 0.5 and 0.75 wear. 4 rather than 5 stars only because a bit pricier than some, but seems well made and precise, so probably worth it - After all, if going to bother using a chain checker, this is paramount! Great service from Merlin too, arrived super quickly and great value.
Mr CadoganThoughtfully equipped and accurate chain checker.
JussiKOne of only two tools that gives you accurate wear measurement on any chain
Mr OngIndicator is accurate as compare with my other chain checker.
HowDEasy to use and read, great tool
Mr elliottAccurate and value for money
MarkClearly shows your chain stretch.
neilBNot cheap but this clever design checks pin wear only rather than the “normal” checkers that also read roller wear . Pin wear is what allows a chain to seem “stretched”
Mr hunterIdeal to keep an eye on your chain, simple and easy to use
Mr NicholasOrdered this after reading a review of chain checkers on CyclingTips web site. It's better than my old ParkTool version that can't cope with chains for 10-speed cassettes.
KMThe tool is good in that it isolates roller wear from chain stretch. I do find the notches on the wear checker hard to discern if it is showing no wear or .5. Thats my only issue. The chain holder part is a bit useless - a paper clip is more effective.
Mr ChiaAnother item that is multiuse from Pedros. Saves me space in the toolbox.