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Shimano Dura Ace 9100 11 Speed Cassette
Gears to match your riding style as well as your chosen terrain with Shimano’s new rider-tuned cassette sprockets. The new lightweight titanium 11-speed cassettes are available in various sprocket combinations, including the new 11-30T version. Fast, accurate and smooth shifting is guaranteed in all situations.
  • Rider tuned gearing
  • Lightweight
  • CFRP & Alloy spider arm
  • 5 titanium sprockets
  • Gear combination: 11-30T
  • 11-speed compatible
  • Weight: 182g
JT Light weight and durable. My second piece for my second Wheelset.
Howie D (AKA: CF_Racer) Beautifully made. Very light . INstalled with new DA chain. After backing off the "B" screw on the DA 9100 rear derailleur to bring it up as close as possible to the 30 tooth cog this is the quietest and crispest shifting setup I've ever used. Definitely better then the 6800 Ultegra it replaced.
Mr PARK I changed from the Dura Ace 9000 cassette to the 9100 cassete. The gear ratio is the same 11-28T. After riding after the replacement, it was not much different from the previous one. From the uphill to the downhill, to the flat, we confirmed that the Shimano Dura Ace cassette was a very well made product.
Joel L Price: 10/10 Dispatch & delivery speed: 10/10 Australias new GST laws: 0/10 Merlins clarity on the subject above and how this is now handled: 10/10 Simply stated, Merlin has made navigating Australias new GST rules obsolete. Its all handled up front by them, meaning that the product arrives with no delays or hassle. The product itself is worth every cent. I love the 11-30 ratio and will never EVER go back from here. Its clean in shifting, versatile and I never find myself thinking gee, I wish I didn`t have this 30t sprocket on this big steep hill. Whilst Dura Ace 9100 cassettes may not make sense over Ultegra R8000 the ridiculously cheap price that Merlin had them listed for made it a no brainer. Thanks Merlin. I`ll be back.
MJTanman Great value with a special offer & fast delivery as always; Merlin are a great company to deal with if you want to support a smaller bicycle retailer, highly recommend them and have dealt with them for years.
Andrew Excellent quality cassette - super light and purchased for hill climbs later in the season. Shifts beautifully and gives you a warm, fuzzy smug feeling knowing that you have a Dura-Ace cassette on the back.
Mr Soo hyun Light & durable cassette of Shimano. 12-28 option is best option for both flat and hills. Love this one.
Mr king Super light and silky smooth shifting
Chang Its a Dura-Ace. Works well and is lightweight.
KidKarbon The DuraAce 9100 cassette is light and strong with surperb quality shifting. It is everything you want from a cassette but you have to pay a premium for this quality
Schroeder My first 9100... I have been using SRAM XG1191's. This shifts smooth and runs quiet; very happy with it so far.
Mr Chaves Barboza Junior Dura-Ace 9100 is compatible with 9000 (my original group), becuase retains the same cable actuation. I has old 11-28 cassete 9000 but I wanted to run the new 11-30 cassette, to climb easier. So, the new 11-30 cassete 9100 is perfect to my condittions of trainning and races. Attention point: I needed to change a rear derailleur to run the new 11-30.