Shimano CS-M8000 XT 11 Speed Cassette
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Shimano CS-M8000 XT 11 Speed Cassette
Code: CSM8000
Shimano M8000 XT 11 Speed Cassette
  • High performance 11-speed Dyna-SysII cassette
  • Hyperglide sprockets have a computer designed tooth configuration with contoured shift gates, resulting in a crisp smooth shift even under load
  • Close ratio gearing allows a more efficient use of energy through finer cadence control
  • Largest sprockets are mounted on lightweight alloy carriers to reduce weight and increase rigidity
  • Sprockets are cut away and drilled to further reduce weight without reducing rigidity
  • Light and durable 40/42/46T sprockets
  • Chrome-plated finish offers hard wearing resistance to corrosion
  • Alloy cassette lockring
  • For 11-speed HG-X11 MTB chains
HerbertThumbs up!
ipvery good
DannyGreat durable cassette from Shimano, and fast shipping from Merlin to the USA :)
Mr braziotisIt's an over all pretty good cassette for the money. I have a long range of gears and it's really good looking too. My only problem is that it doesn't last as long as I would like it to last
Mikey KGreat quality wide range cassette. light, strong and slick shifting.
AndrewWell made quality cassette, light considering its size and shifts very well
Mr SeedallOrdered this in an 11-40 and it works just great. The Shimano 11 speed ultegra, xt equipment is just outstanding. I prefer the xtr cassette, but it cost a lot more.
GaryBought this cassette to replace an 11 /42 works faultlessly without having to alter the chain length usual shimno quality, can't go wrong for ease of use, and reliability
Chris GrantUpgrade from an Slx m7000. Very similar but lighter. Great price and great service from Merlin. Highly recommend
Mr SheenVery good cassette, this is my third one of these now. Long lasting with great drivetrain performance.
CraigUpgraded my set up up from 11-42 with a 30 chain ring to this 11-46 with a oval 32 chainring. It’s improved my riding . A little faster and a little easier climbing. The cassette is usual XT quality and with a little adjustment to my medium cage derailleur was easy to set up. Worth every penny.
Mr LucasVery happy with this cassette so far. Retiring an XTR cassette with a OneUp giant cog and while this is heavier, the shifting is precise and the range is slightly better while saving a few hundred $s.
GregXT, pretty well what you expect for XT componentry. Solid construction, nice range of gears and a great upgrade from the SLX 11-42 that came with my bike. All for about half of what these cost locally
KeithGood quality cassette, smooth shifting and reasonable wear life.
Mr HartCan’t go wrong with shimano, better range than my old 11-40 and a good upgrade
Mr CarballoAwesome
DamienProduct received in bulk packaging (plastic bag) rather than typical box packaging like in retail stores. Not a problem at all. Makes for lighter shipping.
JimJust an all around great cassette only two rides, but smooth shifting, and reliable, why spend three times a much, crazy good " XT "
Mr WheelerGreat cassette - extremely light - first one lasted about 1500km. Easy to fit with holder providing easy alignment to slide on.
FloydThe goldilocks of cassettes- price & weight in perfect balance and no functional deficit compared to xtr.
Mr ThomasGood cassette with the perfect range for my riding. Changes smoothly and predictably. Good product.
MattFantastic gear range and quality at an affordable price.
ChristopherLoving this . Was considering the 11-46, but this 11-42 works really well with my 30t oval chainring. Gives me a couple of extra low gears over my previous 1x10 setup with 11-34 cassette. No more grinding to the top!
Mr FoxThis cassette is great. Easy to install, wide gearing range, and shifts nicely with my XT shifter and rear mech. I only wish that Shimano would sell (as a separate item) the 2-3 largest cogs on the cassette. I do a ton of climbing on my bike, and as such I tend to wear out the 2-3 largest cogs while the others remain in great condition. It's quite wasteful to have to replace the entire cassette when all I need are the 2-3 largest cogs. Anyway nothing that Merlin can do about that I suppose. It's up to Shimano. But it would be cheaper and more environmentally-friendly!
WicusIt's a big improvement from the sunrace cassette I had for six months. Would recommend.
MarkJust great value, my last one did at least 4000klm and would have gone further if I hadn't been so slack on replacing chains....
Mr AguilarI like this wide range cassette. Excellent for climbing .
Mr CarmonaBest value cassette on the market! XTR cassette is lighter but doesnt last as long!
ChrisExcellent quality, smoth and precise shifting and all at the right price. The days of Srams superiority are long gone.
Mr savageJust blows my 8spd XT away! this monster thing is lighter and more durable than my old 8spd 12-32, as well!
neilThis cassette uses two alloy spiders for the 6 biggest cogs to cut down on freehub scarring and to save weight. Shifts really good and is durable. I use connex chains without any issues.
AshThis works a treat - smooth and decisive gear changing. Delivery was good and fast. Very pleased and recommend.
MartinVery good quality sporcket, the only thing I should change is the jump between the first and second shift, because you jump from 42T to 37T.
Mr van der MerweThese XT components are great quality and shifting is very smooth, very happy with my changes to Shimano!
RobExcellent cassette with good range of gears, nice shifting up and down, already have this on my bike but building up a second wheel set for different tires.
Mr PhillipsSolid product, does what you need it to do at a reasonable price. A lot more reliable then SRAM.
StephensonJust moved to 1x11 with a new bike and thought I'd get that extra bit of granny before racing at Glentress with the 11-46t. Easy to replace the 11-42t on my all-XT system, no other purchases necessary. Chain did not need lengthening. Shifting smooth as ever, yes a little bit of a jump in/out of the 46t but not disturbingly so, and I was very glad of that little bit easier gear. I've always been more of a spinner than a masher, and I'm sure it's better for your knees. If you pedal up steep stuff, recommended.
ginisStepping up from an 11-42, this cassette has allowed me to go up to a 34 tooth front ring. I've got a better top end with the new gear ratio and the steep climbs are even easier. Get on it.
Dan R11-46 gives a great range for a 29er in hilly places. Works fine and the increments between sprockets are more evenly spread than a 10 speed 10-42 with expander.
scotttAt last a cassette to enable proper mountain ascents, having made the transition to 1x this is a BIG help to winching my Wagon Wheeler up the Mountains.
Mr VExcellent shifting with kmc chain. A little heavy but much better value to Sram equivalent level. 11-42 great with 32T chaining. Merlin are tops.
Mr FunkGreat. Who would of thought that one extra cog would make a difference? The whole 1 x 11 drivetrain shifts like a breeze and easy to get dialed.
CastrenWorks well on my 1x shimano cross bike build. I am using the ST-RS685 STI shifter/ brake set with an Ultegra GS RD.. all purchased from Merlin... Excellent! Oh... and I get my parts from the UK to the US in 3 days... free shipping! The west coast of the US could learn a lesson from Merlin.