Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 Speed Cassette
Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 Speed Cassette
Code: CS6700
Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 speed cassette.
  • Lightweight 10-speed cassette with rigid alloy sprocket carrier for reduced weight and better shifting performance, even under the most demanding gear changes.
  • Hyperglide sprockets have been designed to reduce weight with improve teeth shaping providing accurate shifting and reduced wear.
  • Wide gear range to meet the demands of all types of rider.
  • Weight 208 grams (11-23 teeth).
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Lasts well, usually needs changing after 6000kms of hills/hard pedalling for me.
Shimano Ultegra series has always been a very reliable and fairly lightweight component. It offers a good mix of gear ratios for cruising on the flat stretches of open road and for climbing fairly steep grades, which is ideal combination for California terrain. Considering its inexpensive price tag, it is one of the easiest components to replace with every other chain change to keep your bicycle shifting smooth and delivering excellent power to the wheel.
Have been running an SRAM cassette for the past twelve months as part of my Ultegra gear set. Just changed back to Shimano and you can tell the difference straight away ie smoother and crisper changes. Didn't notice the difference when changing to SRAM but you certainly notice the improvement when you return.
Great light weight cassette with a good saving over DuraAce. Works perfectly, have used several of these over the years and they've never given me any issues. Clean efficient shifting.
Comes with spacer, which is nice. All things in order, works great with my dura ace shifter. Really no need to get a Dura Ace one, unless you need to pay triple the price for the weight savings of titanium cogs that wear down quickly.
I bought this cassette to pair with my new 105 compact chainset. As expected it is butter-smooth with the 28 cog making it much easier to climb the steepest hills.
Purchased to put on a new wheelset (old wheelset had 105). A little lighter than the 105 so decided to live a little. Works fine - I don`t have to think about it and that's what I want.
Great cassette. Never used anything other than this, but why should you. Great range of gear options, very quick gear changes, and smooth ride.
The benefits of trickle down technology, with out the high price of Dura Ace. While it's nice to run the full dura-ace 7900 group, you save a good chunk of money going ultegra without sacrificing much in performance.
Shimano value and quality. Integrates perfectly with my Di2 and the 28 has made hill climbing that much easier. I hardly notice the difference at the other end too.
Extremely smooth cassette. Fit my new wheelset without any trouble. Can't speak for the consistency overtime, however it is smooth as butter right now.
No need to buy Dura Ace unless you are desperate to save about 50 grams. Looks and feels a quality component, worth the extra over 105 for the finish alone.
Great cassettes.They last longer than most high end cassettes out there. Great price and fast shipping as well.
Easy shifting long lasting.
Great product, great price. Can't go wrong with Shimano Ultegra grade products. As expected and will always use Shimano Cassettes.
I bought this Ultegra cassette along with an Ultegra crank to match all my components, and the combination really does work better than what I was running. It's a tad lighter and its shifts real good really nice smooth shifting awesome cassette and of course with Merlin cycles awesome service as always.
Very good cassette, cheaper than Dura Ace and gear changes are just as smooth
Nice lite cassette, I'd like to see manufacturers offer sprockets more in tune with touring 14-27?
I upgraded from 105 and immediately the shifting improved
Works great with my SRAM Red groupset! Excellent price to performance ratio!
Shimano cassettes buy for several years and have always found them to be very good.
Lighter than 105 cassette, only have about 100 miles on them this far. So far no complaints.
Always use Ultegra cassettes as they are reliable and good value
Great product, normal quick delivery from Merlin. Smooth gear changes and with the 12-30 I can climb the side of a house.
The workhorse cassette!
It's a nice cassette. I changed from a 11-28 to a 12-25. So basically I dropped off the top and bottom gears that I never used; but I added some very useful gears in the middle
Great cassette....This is the second time I have purchased one.
Really happy with this product. Had been using an old Dura Ace cassette before this and I can't tell much difference to be honest. I also really like the range from 11-28. Had 12-25 before and the new cassette helps out both climbing and descending. Definitely would recommend it.
Picked up an 11-25 cassette on my road setup to compliment my 12-28 on my CX setup. Price between this and the 105 is only a few bucks...I went Ultegra and never looked back!
Arrived in really good time, proper boxed retail product. Light weight and really nice gear changing over my worn 105 cassette, very pleased.
Good value for money compared to Dura Ace. With proper maintenance easily can go up to 8000+ miles
Ultegra cassette is top quality, runs smooth and providing you clean cassette and chain regularly, it will easily last 3000 or 4000 miles. I did look at dura ace but cost vs weight saving was not justified.
I love this cassette. It's light weight, shifts smoothly, and offers a great gear ratio for both flat roads and mountain climbing.
Nice and light and fits perfectley with the new ultegra chain, service from Merlin was brill as expected
Not yet used in anger but this is my first experiment with different gearing from original. Sweeter changing compared to 105 on my other wheels.
Lightweight & functional
Excellent, flawless cassette. Shifts are noticeably smother in the rear over my stock 105 cassette with a bit of added weight savings. Great buy!
Great product! I had hesitation with ordering from the UK since I'm in the States but Merlin was quick to pack up and ship the order. Once I got the cassette on (at a great price, btw), the shifting felt so smooth I couldn't even tell if it shifted due to less feedback. The near gear ratios helped me PR on climbs on my very next ride.
Great service as usual from Merlin. You cannot really go wrong with Shimano, light weight, slick shifting, nothing to fault. Good gear range for Cyclo Cross.
Good value, quiet running reasonable weight
Excellent. Smooth shifting, reasonably light weight. Beautifully engineered. Great price from Merlin
This is a cracking cassette for price, use usually two a year and cannot fault, faultless gear changers with di2. One of best components I buy.
Good range for the average cyclist.
I purchase this Ultegra 6700 10 speed 12-30 so I can climb hills fast, and I love it!
A bit lighter than the 105 and handled downshifts under strain much better. Looks better too. The shifting action is also a bit crisper.
This is a 12-30 essential for older riders who want to climb hills.
Bought an 11-28 to cope better with the up and down nature of my local area. Nice piece of kit, quite light, but strangely louder used with my Ultegra 6700 drivetrain and Dura Ace 7900 chain than the 11-25 5700 105 it replaced..... Go figure!
Really nice light weight cassette. Very easy to fit for a novice like me. This is an upgrade on my previous cassettes purchased and the difference in quality, weight and the smoothness of gear changing paired with the Ultegra chain I purchased too is telling. Really nice product and a really competitive price.
Before I had 12-30 cassette which was not suitable for flat road. even the 2 teeth was a huge difference. so I decided to take this one 12-23 and what a change. pedaling never wasn't smoother, no gaps between the cogs. 12-19 is all what I need. and for climbing up to 12% is 34/21 enough, for Alps 23 or apply rule #5 ;)
I am now on my fourth Ultegra chain and cassette combination and they have performed flawlessly. There is no real difference to dura ace other than the weight saving for me so save your cash !! One massive difference I have found is that I replaced the Jagwire cabling on my bike with the Shimano PTFE kit and WOW ! It's transformed my Ultegra set up. The shifting is ultra smooth. When changing up or down it's a slight push to the click and it's changed. No more push and hold or push and push a touch more then oops it's a double click like with the Jagwire cabling. I never realised how good Ultegra really is until I switched to PTFE. Oh and thanks Merlin for your as usual excellent prices and delivery times !!
Great cassette. Reasonably light and very good quality. Shifts very well with 105 components (5700) and the range works for me with a regular short cage RD 5700 without any problems.
The usual shimano quality, way lighter than the tiagra cassette it replaced, shifts great and also seems quieter to me as well in the gear change, really don`t see the point in dura ace unless racing where every gram really does count.
Great range of ratios. Bigger steps between gears but if youre not racing it brings a compact close to a triple in terms of gearing so you can get up any hill.
I had wondered whether there was any real difference between the bog standard Tiagra group set and such as the Ultegra, if this casette is anything to go by there certainly is. Significantly lighter, manufactured from higher quality materials and better finished.
Excellent cassette, and beats the dura-ace upgrade hands down for value!
Replaced a Tiagra 12-28 with this Ultegra 11-28. Was a little concerned I might notice the jump at the lower gears but no. Good gear and noticeably lighter (in the hand at least) than the Tiagra.
Smooth Shimano shifting and well made, just as I'd expect. Holding up well under all the road grime too.
I got the 12/30 gear ratio for the peak district hills and its spot on for me aged 53, getting old. The shimano quality shines through as you expect and the gear changes are smooth and quiet coupled with 105 shifters and Ultegra chain. Merlins service and prices are the best on the net, I couldn't find it cheaper anywhere. Came through post next day. Brilliant service.
The sweet spot in cassette goodness
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Bought the 11-28, which is quite a spread, but it works beautifully, even under climbing loads.
Beautifully machined product. Easy to fit (especially with the icetoolz essence toolkit I've just purchased. A real step up from 105 in my opinion. I went for the 11-23 for flat out speed. I intend to order a 12-20(something) to help me on the hills when the spring comes along.
Don`t look any further the shimano CS-6700 cassette it is the best, it performs like a Dura -ace with a few grams more.
You can't beat Ultegra, can you! I bought this to go with my new Supra wheels and it does not disappoint. The ratios are exactly the same as the 105 Cassette the bike came with but there does seem to be a crispness to the shifting with this cassette that I don't get with the 105. Being Shimano, the quality is excellent and, out of the box, it looks fantastic (I love new bike components). Probably going to replace the cassette on my winter trainer with one of these - because of the great looks and slick shifting.
Great. Lighter weight, smooth shifting.
As an aging but passionate cyclist, I love how this forgiving 12-30 configuration keeps me going up the steepest hills without dying. If you are young, fit, and strong you may look askance at this item, but if you want a little help getting up the 12% grades, consider swallowing your pride and order one of these. It will ease your gasping, comfort your knees, and extend the life of your cycling career. Can't recommend it highly enough. PS--I mounted the 12-30 on frame with a short cage Ultegra rear derailleur. The derailleur handles the 30 tooth cog with minimal room to spare, but it works just fine. I found that chain length is critical though--you may have to fiddle with the chain length if your cog is interfering with the idler pulley. I took out a few links, and it was done.
Amazing value and very impressive! So much slicker than the sram one I took off. Don't waste money on any other cassette. I have and I've learnt my lesson!!
Replaced my 105 cassette with a 11-28 ultegra item in conjunction with new 6700 wheels. Saw a 3 mph improvement in my average speed which was unexpected, didn't think it would make that big an improvement. Also I live in a area with two category 1 climbs. Did both last weekend without having to get out of saddle, extra cog made the difference.
One of the best for the price Quick shifting and very sturdy.
The 28 tooth sprocket is just the thing for us older blokes - just makes things more enjoyable!!!
Definitely an improvement on the original 11-25 cassette factory fitment for me!Makes life in the hills that much easier with no noticeable loss in high speed use. Straight one off one on replacement. No adjustment needed with my Di2. Excellent service from Merlin - as we've all come to accept now!
Needed to replace 11-25 105 cassette. Fitted along with a Dura Ace 7901 chain, and now I don't dread hill climbing as much I used to. Beside the obvious weight saving, my whole drive mechanism is smooth and the gear changes are slick. Very happy :)
Very light and gear changes are smoother than my previous cassette.
Makes gear changes smooth and quiet.
Excellent value of this quality Shimano product - a great upgrade
The Ultegra cassette has to be pick of the shimano cassette range. A great price point and not much heavier than the Dura ace cassette. A durable product that keeps money in your pocket. Buy it cause at a glance your friends won't know it not a dura-ace.
Upgraded my 105 to the 6700 on my Trek Madone 4.5. Looks great and smooth changing with the rest of the Ultegra groupset. No only would I recommend the product but I thoroughly recommend Merlin Cycles. A* company and one I will be using for all my bike components.
Only ridden the once but it's light and allows a high cadence on steep hills with the 30T large sprocket.
No complaints.. works just fine. Shifting is smooth and precise although that may be more to do with the rear mech. Love the 30cog for hills just spin your legs for no effort climbing.
Typical Shimano quality at an excellent price with Merlin's top service thrown in. Couldn't be happier
A quality component that out lasts the pricer Dura Ace cassette because of its composition. recommended if you are not road racing but more of a sportive/training or leisure rider.
Excellent cassette facilitating improved &y smooth gear changing. Shimano's quality is outstanding.
A well made 100% dependable product from a rock solid manufacturer. Used with in tolerance chains they last for ages
Even without a shimano chain running on it it still shifts gears superbly well. Again a quality item
Ordered two of these in an 11-28. They run perfectly on both bikes. Purchased specifically for riding abroad, they offer a great range of gearing for getting up the mountains easily and back down quickly. I opted for Ultegra as in my opinion, this offers better value than Dura-Ace.
Bought to go on new set of wheels, much nicer shiting than 105 on other wheels. Only done few hundred miles as yet so can't comment on life.
Light weight cassette with great performance .
Well made & did exactly what I needed it for to build a bicycle that needed updating. Quick delivery too.
Easy assembly - great price.
Best there is.
Merlin always my first stop, don't try and stock everything, always seem to have the items I need at a good price. Delivery fast as ever. Thanks
Excellent. Gear was in perfect order.
Cassette performs well... quality shimano product.
Top product from Shimano. Best price and fast delivery.
Great product! Light and powerful.
Excelente product, and good relation price x quality...
Works perfectly with the rest of my DuraAce 7900 power train, and much more affordable than the 7900 cassette.
Great price break compared to the Dura Ace. I could not justify price difference, so I went with the Ultegra. So far so good, it's working just fine with the rest of my D.A. components.
Great product with an amazing experience getting it to the States.
Excellent! Light weight, smooth shifting comparing with my old Shimano 105.
Good racing cassette. Great price.
Smooth shifting and quiet what more can you say. Very similar performance to 105 if i'm honest hence the four stars instead of five. Excellent price and service from Merlin Cycles as always.
Excellent cassette works really well
Excellent product and service
What can I say? It's a Shimano Ultegra 10-speed cassette! Had an Ultegra 11-25 on the wheel for road use this year and bought the 12-25 for indoor trainer use as it has 12 through 17 tooth cogs in 1 tooth increments (11-25 skips from 15 to 17; no 16). Debated between this one and the Ultegra 12-23 which would also have an 18T cog. However I need the 25T cog for hill climbs outdoors if I use this wheel on the road again.
very good. Excellent smooth gear change. Well worth the step up from 105.
Absolutely brill!!! sorted my slipping gears and can now ride in comfort.
Easy to fit, changes are quick and smooth upshift and down. Very solid piece of kit for the money!!
Quality item at a competitive price. Bike now goes like new again.
Excellent purchase great price and came quickly very good service
I've just replaced one of these after 25000+ km. They're a breeze to fit, good value, shift well and last ages if they're kept clean.
Arrived quickly, instructions were easy to follow. Had my wheel set up and running in no time. Also best price on the Internet!
Correspondence of merlin cycles is early wonderful very much! It always uses. The cost performance of shimano ultegra is very high. A shift is smooth and exact.
Good cost performance casette. dura-ace is too expensive.
Great product at a good price. Merlin provide a great service, fast delivery and was one of the few sites that had the cassette in stock
for climber
In terms of ride quality, I cannot tell the difference between the Dura Ace and the Ultegra. And yet DA is 3x more expensive. Definitely a value for money cassette.
As always excellent service an delivery and a great buy
Great value from Merlin - the cheapest I've found it anywhere. Superfast delivey as well.
Bought this cassette because of the low weight & the price compared to some others, it works fine, not really much else to say about a cassette
Thanks Merlin for another seamless transaction. Your prompt dispatch enabled me to have the cassette on my bike within one day from ordering. The cassette was just as I expected from shimano. Thanks again.
Ideal cassette to replace a worn 10 speed cassette. Shifts reliableyas always with Shimano
Excellent piece of functional kit gives an all you need range with a compact 50 34 chain set
Quality product at a low price and fast delivery. Have bought from Merlin before and will buy from again
A friend of mine fitted this part for me, he kept checking the box to make sure it did not say Dura Ace. All Shimano components from bottom to top end range work well, long lasting and worth the money.
positive, reliable shifting, nice ratios (11-25) and a fantastic price & service from merlin, as always!
Absolute steal of a price from Merlin. Less than half the price of my LBS when on special.
This Cassette is fabulous quality, light weight, very durable and changes gear beautifully.
Excellent piece of kit and runs so smoothly.
Shimano cassette as always offers a high performance. Have never been disappointed with the Ultegra range. Would recommend this cassette.
Good product for the value. Happy customer. Many thanks for Merlin Cycles
Better and more reliable than the 105 model , plus a touch lighter, It may go to 11 but better still is the 28
Excellent product and service
as expected, great price
at last a serious upgrade the ultegra 10 speed is a joy to use the 11 to 28 gearing suits my sportive rides quality
Always use ultegra cassetttes ,as they are light and durable and for this price good value
Quality item and well priced.Great service.
Excellent service from merlin. Would strongly recommend
This was to replace an existing 11-25 Ultegra cassette to give me a hand up the hils and it's done a great job. The 28 tooth cog is just right for most hills I encounter and the quality of the cassette itself is excellent.
Superb product from a 1st class supplier - the service and delivery are absolutely world class.
does exactly as descibed
A brilliant product & very light weight. The 12-23 has been great in controlling my cadence during trainerroad "indoor training sessions & racing". The merlin service & pricing is second to none. I definitely recommend them. Merlin are now my first option when I'm looking for new or replacement parts & clothing.
Does what ultegra does. No nonsense sprockets with a 28t to keep the legs turning up the steepest hills... Best price I could find on the Internet, followed by quick delivery. Fitting is easy too, so long as you buy the right tool for the job.
Shimano. It has always been my preferred brand for their quality vs. price and aerodynamic designs. This Cassette what I like is the combination of teeth 12T, 13T, 14T, 15T, 16T, 17T, 18T, 19T, 21T, 23T (12T-23T) Crankset using a 53/39 combinations have the complete track down, flat and uphill. All you require is here just need is to train :) I'm very happy to have purchased this component (Cassette) for my new bike I'm assembling. Thank you. to merlincycles for their lowest prices, service and variety of components
Light, affordable, works well and lasts. What more could you ask for. Works well with sram also.
This was easy to fit with the icetoolz shImano cassette tool, the 11/28 ratios have given me the extra low and high I was looking for. It works well with my shimano 105 compact chain rings and kmc chain. When it's all clean and lubricated and the road is quiet it makes a nice sharp " ting " when you change just to let you know you've done it properly.
Ultegra cassette, not much else to say. You won't regret buying one.
Great product at a great price. Usual Merlin quality product very quickly delivered.
Well engineered lightweight cassette, long lasting top quality product and well priced at Merlin..
For only 45g more than Dura Ace and at a saving of nearly 100 quid this makes perfect sense if you're buying a second cassette for occasional use as I was. I wanted an 11-28T for mountain holidays so this was perfect.