Shimano Ultegra R8000 Cassette
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Shimano Ultegra R8000 Cassette
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Shimano Ultegra CS-R8000 Cassette - 11 Speed
The feature packed R8000 cassette is built on a rigid alloy sprocket carrier. This helps improve shifting performance while reducing weight. The R8000 cassette ensures accurate and quick shifts, even with the most demanding of gear changes.
  • Hyperglide EV sprockets have been designed to ensure accurate shifting and reduce wear
  • Hyperglide EV sprockets enable the cassette to be lighter
  • Wide gear range to meet the demands of all riders, from road to gravel
  • Designed for use with 11-speed HG-EV chains
  • Weight: 232g (11-25)
  • Note - 11/34 is HG800 (same quality as CS-R8000)
  • 11-25T - 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23-25T
  • 11-28T - 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-25-28T
  • 11-30T - 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-27-30T
  • 11-32T - 11-12-13-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32T
  • 12-25T - 12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-21-23-25T
  • 14-28T - 14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-23-25-28T
  • 11-34T - 11-13-15-17-19-21-23-25-27-30-34T  (HG800)
F. Chrétien Fast delivery in Canada, nothing is missing and in good condition. Will have to try my new parts soon. Thanks ! :)
A Superb!
A Superb!
Hashiem Not the lightest but good value
Mr Wong Used a Campy SR11 groupset with little issues. The shifts are not super crisp, but having the 32t cog is a blessing on steep hills.
Clifford Bought this as a spare after changing the chain on my current Ultegra CS-R8000 11-32. I have ridden the 11-34 to get 1:1 with a 50-34 front chain set but prefer 11-32 because the shift to the lowest gear is easier.
Mr Davison Butter smooth on my ENVE SES wheelset. Merlin is fantastic for processing and delivery of quality items.
MHS Ultegra 11-34 probably the best cassette in the world: lasts ages, massive range for hills and fast riding . Used by the Pro's in the World Tour for there value and quality. Good enough for me! That's why they're always sold out.
Mr Beaton Third R8000 Ultegra cassette I have purchased same slick changes as before, lightweight and a wide range of ratio options what's not to like.
coach con-Serwa Great value for a climber set-up.
SteveR Nice cassette. Build quality is definitely an upgrade over 105.
Mr Prince Fitted with out issue and runs smoothly
Mr Poissant Good quality casette. No complaints.
Mr Westmore Great value purchase for my new Bontrager Aeolus pro 5 wheels. The larger ring is a good get out of jail on longer climbs with tired legs. Price was great compared with other well known sites
Jules What can I possibly add? Reliable Shimano quality is a given. Fast shipping by Merlin is a given.
Paul So far, the only stable difference between my old 6800 and this is the extra gear (at 32 teeth). Haven't had to use it yet, but I'm sure it will be helpful when I need it.
Mr Robertson Changed chainrings, cassette, chain at the same time -what a difference!!
Mr nygard great for bigger range on the road bike. I use mine with Campy SR short cage and should not work, but sure does work. Perfectly as well!
Mr Greenhalgh Fantastically smooth offering from Shimano. Brilliant with a semi compact in the mountains.
terry The usual good quality and and gear shifting from the shimano ultegra range
Graeme Shimano is the go to product for drivetrain and the Ultegra is a top quality item without the Dura ace price
Kelly L. Byers The R8000 is everything that I expected it to be from a Shimano product; as a result of the quality that I have come to expect from Shimano, I expect many great rides ahead of me.
Richard The last one lasted 13,000 miles without a problem but I renewed all of the drivetrain at the same time.
MountainDog Much smoother and quieter shifting than the 5700 cassette.
Mr smith Buy the best and you will not be let down
L Gordon Solid gear range, and shifts very well, kind of a pain to clean even if you take it off the freehub because of the grouped cogs, having 11 speeds makes wider gear ranges very pleasant to use.
Colin Big difference on hills with the 11-32 cassette. Quick delivery as always with Merlin cycles.
Mr Coelho Best of both worlds, value for money with smooth gear changes and endurance
Mr. Skinner Shimano components are the gold standard and Ultegra level is the best value out there. Great range and gear spacing 11-34 for my gravel bike.
Mr Hernández All I use is shimano . Mainly the Ultegra line . Never an issue . I wear parts out before any issues occur. If you can't afford Dura Ace , you can't go wrong with Ultegra
mark Great value for money, never any issues with them
28 Days Later Works perfectly as you would expect from Shimano Ultegra. Worth the cash.
Mr Woodhouse After my A$400 SRAM 11-32 cassette wore out (slipping on the middle sprockets) after one chain (7000km) I am back to Shimano. Cheaper than SRAM Force and with a KMC chain it all works fine.
Ryun 11/32 was purchased for some climbing in South Eastern U.S. paired with long cage rear and 36/52 crank. Worked great.
Mr Lee 가볍고 튼튼합니다
Mr Southwood This is the standard for sprints and climbing. Affordable and lightweight.
David Easy to fit, works perfectly.
Anthony Excellent cassette, best value for something greater than 105.
Daniel Not much to say really - good value, top quality and a great price.
Mr Layson Great cassette. Very happy with the product and it’s longevity.
Gareth Bingham Bought to go on new wheelset so I didn't have to keep moving the cassette when I switched from road to off-road, typical smooth gear changing despite the bigger jumps that the 11-34 gives you rather than a standard 11-28/30 but I've had no issue, just superb Ultegra quality. Superb price and quick delivery from Merlin, great service!
Tom McCafferty I needed a wider range cassette for a hilly ride I’ll be doing in a couple of months. Merlin had the best price by quite a bit. It’s OEM Shimano, so it really came down to the price. Shipping was fast. All in all, I’m extremely happy with the transaction.
Mr Evans Hopefully this set of sprockets will last a long time – I've found that more expensive groupsets invariably pay back with better durability. Initial impressions are that it is very smooth with the matching Ultegra chain.
Mr Mc Manus I got the 11-34 cassette with a Hg701 chain as a bundle. I am using it with a Sram Force 34/50 chainset so I have a 34-34 first gear which is great for very steep hills. The sprockets have 2 tooth jumps from 11 to 27 then a 30 and 34 so takes a bit of getting used to on the flat sections as the 2 tooth jumps can make it hard to find exactly the right gear to use but it's light and works well.
Luc Amazing upgrade for the price. I was using the 105 cassette before and needed a new one for a second set of wheels. Shifts smooth and has the added advantage of being lighter than the 105 cassette.
Mauricio High quality, it is the 3rd of this model that I buy, good cost benefit.
Richard Great quality cassette and last a goodly while even on the winter bike they do two seasons.
JP roller I haven’t had a tight gear ratio before but had ultegra cassette almost on all of my bikes and it just works.
Paul Shimano is my go to in cassettes and chains. Ultegra is value for money and meets my needs admirably.
Charles Great ratios available on this cassette. 14-28 gives a straight chainline and close ratios in the area used most. Very smooth changes from this cassette. Only worry is that the 14 cog bigger so it is close to the drop out area.
Mr Higgins Best value cassettes on the market. And they perform beautifully.
Andy Very good price for a Long lasting casette
David Much better value than Dura Ace and you could hardly tell the difference.
Mr Ellis Love this new cassette goes well with my 52/36 front chainring for climbing and flats. Solid Shimano kit
Mr Birkin Not really better than 105 for shifting, slightly lighter than 105 but the additional spider really helps prevent the soft aluminium free wheel getting notched
Mervyn Woot! Gotta love an 11-30 for when you have to hit the hills. Smooth shifting, even under strain. I'm happy with this for my main ride.
Mr Cindro Smooth running and faultless gear change paired with DI2 derailleur.
Mr Gallacher Excellent service, prompt delivery, superb price, cassette as described, as always Shimano provides a quality product.
Mr tamaishi さすがのシマノ。問題ありません。5000km で交換していますが、チェーンの音が気にならないのであれば、倍ぐらいは持つかな。
Ross Easy shifting, with decent cog life.
Mr Lee good price. except the packing is relatively simple
Mr Gruber Typical Shimano quality with great prices as always from Merlin.
Mr oktar Verygood
Skwen Best bang for the buck. Didn’t come in the Shimano box but an unmarked brown box. Take off items or what is the reason for that?
Faik Nice cassettes and good price, cover a good range especially where I live.
Mr Delfs Great cassette, upgraded from 105 7000 and can already feel fear changes are smoother.
Mr Lagnado Unbelievable you feel the difference when riding also is a bit lighter
Stelian Shimano quality
Mrs SAUVAGEAU as ordered... perfect. very good when you do a lot of ascensions
Astrid Sasse Great cassette, love Ultegra!! Fast delivery from Merlin.
Glen This comes in at a good price point for the quality and weight. I’m happy!
Mr Hudon Fast shipping and Great Prices !!!! Very Satisfied
Mr Ridley who needs a triple with this bad boy
jonathan Excellent
DaveW Bought to replace a 11-28 for better hill climbing. Shimano quality although it didn't come in retail package but brown box, guess OEM version for bike builders.
Mr Freihat Great k7. Ideal for those who want low weight and high performance.
Mr Costa shimano is the best parts developer!
Thomas Good quality 11 speed cassette, light
Mr Rouleau As expected, smooth as silk.
Tony Good product,great price,shifting is as good as with Dura-Ace cassette.
Matthew Fantastic piece of kit, excellent quality, seamless gear changes
Mr Roe Perfect upgrade for the 11-28t cassette for hills, bike packing weight and hills. Worked well fitted and used on a 410km bike packing wknd in the hills. Made a difference
Jose Great product smother shifting than the previous 10 speed
Steven My old R8000 Ultegra Cassette wore out after a significant amount of use. I bought another one. In my opinion the most sensible balance of shifting performance weight and cost.
Jeff Switched from 105 cassette to this, I can't notice a difference but this one was lighter so can't complain.
Wal Smooth changes between cogs. Had to put on new chain to get the right length. Riding with a 52/36 crankset and found the spread of gears suitable for my riding style.
Mr Galbraith Dependable cassette which is ideal with Shimano chains. Still other brand chains marry well with this 11s cassette.
DanG 34T - best investment yet. Can knock out high cadence on steepest hills, don’t have to stand up as much. Awesome, less worries about the alps now!!
Pete Excellent cassette and true to its weight claim. Sounds noticeably different from the 105 version. In my opinion, the Ultegra version has a "ping" sound to it when gear changes are made while the 105 has more of a "thud" or a solid feel. In terms of performance, this Ultegra cassette performs flawlessly but after 3000 km I'm afraid that it's nearing its demise.
Christophe Good quality - as you would expect from Ultegra. Chose to lose top couple of gears to have close ratios - useful in the right terrain
Mr McCallum Just another great And reliable product from Shimano!!
Mr Ryan Replaced after previous cassette was beginning to wear out on my fourth chain. Easy to install and now perfect riding.
Miss Crockford Arrived quick and packaged well. Easy to fit. Hopefully I can climb some hills now
Scott Strong, Reliable, Efficient, Ultegra does one thing really well - It simply works!
Pete Wrobel This gives you that extra 30 teeth when running a 53x39 set to allow us sprinters to get over some steeper climbs in a timely manner..
Mr Olazo Installed and tested it myself. Quite efficient upgrade. Ultegra cassettes are always reliable.
marc They do eventually wear out, but these cassettes are durable and long lasting. A good compromise between Dura Ace and 105. I will buy again.
Justin Ervin Upgraded to this from Tiagra, needless to say significantly better shifting and weight savings a plus.
Mac-Attack Ultegra is always a great product. Same applies here. I use this cassette with both Sram Red and Shimano 105.
Calif_Roadie Replaced an old 11-32 that had been on there for about 3 years and the teeth were getting worn. This and a new chain has it running smooth again!. Merlin did a great job getting the items to us (Calif)
David Exactly what you would expect from Shimano Ultegra, smooth gear change, well made, delivery as notified.
Scott Lewis Compatible with the Shimano medium cage rear derailleur this offers important insurance on long, steep climbs.
Mr Hamwood If you like Shimano componentry and climb lots of hills , the 34t version of this cassette is for you. It combines all of the quality Shimano provides with the lightness other manufacturers are unable to achieve in a 34t cassette.
Mr Vreeken Shimano Ultegra cassettes are in my opinion the best cassettes that a competitive cyclist can buy. Best of both worlds, with great lifespan and reduced weight over lower spec cassettes, without paying the exorbitant price of a Dura Ace cassette.
Mr Wong Conquer the toughest hill climbs on your road bike with this massive 34T cassette. Check your deraileur range and chain length before installing, deraileur extender may be needed.
Shaun Good price. As good as Dura Ace
Dustin The Ultegra cassette is a workhorse! Lightweight yet still durable enough to last 6000+ miles, especially when you stay on top of chain replacement. Shifting is noticeably smoother than the 105 model and the materials are for the everyday rider.
MJG Quality cassette from Shimano which most of the pro's use in preference to Dura Ace. Big range of ratio's and a great price from Merlin. These last and are 100% reliable.
Mr BROWN Massive range with the 11x34 cassette when paired with the medium cage mech. This upgrade may make you slower but your knees will thank you.
Garry Light and fast, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg like Dura-Ace.
Mr Machell Typical Shimano quality, and makes buying Dura Ace pointless. Great value
Mr Chua Not much to say about these cassettes. Cheaper than Dura Ace almost the same weight.
Mr Osbourn Loving the range this 11-34t cassette gives me with my 52/36 chain rings - plenty of range for up and downhill. I always huffed and puffed up some of the more challenging hills here in South Wales with the 11-28t and 11-30t cassettes I've tried before. The larger 34t big sprocket gets me up most stuff without completely draining my legs, so I'm going quicker for less effort - it feels that way at least.
Andrew This cassette has been and will continue to be my go to for all my road bikes. Always smooth and quiet shifting. My only word of warning would be to be very careful of cross threading the lock ring. The threads are pretty fine and it would be easy to do some damage if you weren't careful.
Mr kongjun It weighs a little more than 6800. I think the shift is good and the durability is better.
Carl A lighter and nicer looking cassette than the R7000 equivalent. Was considering wether to get the 11-28, but it's better to have gears you don't need than not have the gears you do. If you're wondering if you should get the 11-34, you probably should.
altofiend Working perfectly. Not much to say that hasn't already been said!
John B Great price for this and the chain in the bundle! Always reliable chain and cassette at the Ultegra level. Go Dura-Ace if you want to save some weight and sacrifice some longevity, but these work great for my racing.
frank Good quality gearing from Shimano. Easy to fit, pre oiled, ready to roll. Make sure you have a Shimano socket and chain whip to put on / take off!
Bowen Shifts as well as DA! A little more weight for a lot less money
RVH No issues. I've been using 10sp Shimano cassettes for years and they shift flawlessly. 11-34 version comes with a spacer for use with 11sp freehub (other gear ranges do not), so don't lose/forget it when swapping cassettes.
stuzz552 Went for the ultegra version for my good wheels to save a bit of weight over the 105 version which I also use. TBH, I can't see or tell them apart as both are excellent at shifting. If you want to save weight of around 30/40 grams then go for the Ultegra if not then get the 105 R7000
Mr Pearce Nice upgrade from the 105, combined with the Ultegra chain it provided a noticable difference in gear shifting.
Mr McNamara Very good quality cassette. Im running this with Dura Ace for a bit of cost saving and not at all disapointed. I bought the 11-30 for a bit more high end for climbing and love it. The ratio spread on 11 speed is excellent, far nicer than the old 10 speed 11-28 cassettes.
Darren Great product from Shimano. Bought this to replace the one I had on the bike, like for like 11/25 as the other cassette had done over 20 k approximately and was showing signs of wear...
Andrew As with most Ultegra components, this cassette is undoubtedly of high quality and specification, but with a high price tag. To my knowledge, Shimano only produce this range of gears in the Ultegra line of components. The cassette dismantles easily which was my intention: to create a hybrid cassette by removing the 15, 13 and 11-tooth sprockets from my current 11-34 R8000 cassette, and replacing them with the 16, 15 and 14-tooth sprockets from this. My plan has worked well - no longer do I wonder why I need a 50/11 ratio when I'm 100 miles into a ride! Service from Merlin has been flawless in all experiences I have had with them. Their online prices are generally very competitive, delivery efficient and packages secure. My recent contact with customer services resolved an error I made with an order immediately and with courtesy. Many thanks.
Mr scott Chuffed with this as makes my 10 speed ZIP wheel usable, may be a touch heavier but well worth that price. good value as well.
Mr WONG Definitely an upgrade in terms of weight and ease of cleaning compare to existing 105 cassette. Good value.
Charles I changed over from a 11-28T because I rarely used the two smallest cogs. I'm also enjoying the closer grouping as I shift to the smaller cogs. Before I'd find myself either feeling I was spinning too much or grinding.
Tim Brought the 11-30 to accompany the mid compact chainset as this suits all my riding conditions.
Mr bigwood Big difference from the 105. Love it
marcus Great 11 speed cassette. Lighter than 105 and cheaper than Dura Ace, a very good compromise.
Mr Puttick Repaced a Dura Ace 11-28 which lasted less than a year. This is heavier but will be more robust. I was worried that 30 teeth would be a problem but its good; close but works perfectly. On my winter bike, which has Ultegra gears, it is perfect. I think that if I wanted 32 teeth (which I dont) that would fit too. Seems significantly better value than Dura Ace.
Mr Holland Needed the 11-34 for the bigger/lower gear range for my off road bike plus it's on 2 spiders where the 105/SLX isn't, so less chance of chewing my hub. Fits on a 10 speed MTB hub too, no problem. Merlin's price was even cheaper than the Germans and £14.00 cheaper than the UK's major online retailer...bargain.
Murray New CS-R8000 cassette is certainly an improvement on the old model, competitively priced. Nice and shiny too!
Mr AB RASHID I upgraded from CS-5800 11-28T to this one. Little bit lighter than the earlier and climbing now not a big hurdle for me. Thanks to the 11-32T cassette.
Steven Bullet proof and gives a silky change.
Mr RICE What can I say this is the go too cassette that is great for training and all around riding and gives good crisp shifting. Mine is 28-12 and only has one hole closer to the bottom which is okay cause I wanted it mainly for climbing.
Dr Lewis The 34 and 30 tooth sprockets are handy on poorly surfaced climbs. Works with my 6800 gs series mech. Yay!
Brendan I bought the 11-34 cassette to help my aging legs on 20%+ hills. Once I worked out what the extra spacer was for all was good. Paired with 105 5800 rear derailleur without any issue.
Torsten Matched with the semi compact crankset this cassette provides ideal range of gears for the flat bunchie while giving you spinning options when the gradients starts to head upwards
Mr Arslan Very very light. I bought 11-28 version, and can`t believe how durable but light it is.
Mr Dunn This 8000 is even smoother running than the previous Ultegra
Paul Light and cost efficient
John Great product, great price! I climb a lot a hills here in Northern California, few years ago I went with a 11-32, the 11-34 makes the really steep hills a bit easier.
Robert Arrived quickly well packaged and as per order. Installed on my bike and working well. Shifting gears is now a dream.
David Can`t fault the Ultegra cassettes, clean shifting and excellent durability. Bought this to replace a 6800 cassette which is only just starting to show signs of wear after 5 chains and 10000km. I wouldn`t consider any other product.
Neil Sarre Top quality cassette. The 32 being very helpful for an older cyclist with knee issues to spin up the hills
Brendan Finish appears even nicer than 6800. Shifts beautifully with my di2 setup. Recommended.
Mr Weekes Again smooth and precise. Lighter and an improvement on 105 cassette. Recommended.
Joel L Excellent value. I run the Dura Ace 9100 cassettes and now I`ve added a few of the Ultegra R8000 cassettes to my stable. I have multiple wheelsets and run numerous cassettes. The Dura Ace cassettes are great and a fraction lighter than the Ultegra. However, for the price of the Ultegra you`re getting almost 3-1 in terms of price. In terms of function, I`d say only the most discerning of individuals could pick the difference between the DA and the Ultegra in a "blind" test. It`s not discernably louder, shifts cleanly and crisply and in my opinion cleans up easier and appears brighter than the DA when clean. I`m a few rides in and there`s no meshing issues with the older chains. The functionality is spot on, which is why I keep coming back to Shimano Ultegra. On a cost per use basis, this is as good as it gets.
Mr Fieldhouse First time out big improvement from the Ultegra 6700, quicker and smoother changing will definitely be putting on my other bikes also not as expensive as the Dura Ace
Jonathan Did about 2500 miles on this and the Ultegra chain, rode it all through winter too. With regular cleaning and maintenance, I hadn't noticed that it had worn until the bike shop told me it needed replacing... Typical Shimano quality, smooth and silent shifting 90% of the time.
Robert Always a great way to save a few bucks without sacrificing performance vs. Dura Ace
Mr RYAN Ultegra R8000 presents a host of real improvements over the already excellent 6800 series groupset, performing just as well as Dura-Ace 9100 at the cost of a 260g weight penalty.
Tony Love the 14-28 ratio for Winter, no annoying gaps in cogs
Mr Byard A bit expensive but seems to be quieter with smoother shifting especially under load.
Andrew Want an 11-30 cassette, but don't care for the cost of titanium and carbon? Same tooth design as Dura Ace, but all metal, and bomb proof