SunRace MS8 Cassette - 11 Speed
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SunRace MS8 Cassette - 11 SpeedSunRace MS8 Cassette - 11 SpeedSunRace MS8 Cassette - 11 Speed
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SunRace MS8 Cassette - 11 Speed
  • Sram / Shimano Cassette
  • 11 speed wide ratio
  • Function: Fluid Drive Plus
  • Gear Combination: 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36-42
  • Spider material: alloy
  • Sprockets on spider: 6 sprockets on 2 spider carriers
  • Sprocket material: hi-tensile steel
  • Alloy spiders & spacers
  • Weight - 465g
Mr S Set up with a new SLX derailleur and KMC chain, so far I can’t tell the difference to my old XT set up. Appears to be good value
m All steel rings with alloy spider. Slick changing and longer lasting compared to alloy big ring version
Markychops Nice bit of kit. not overly heavy and changes better than my previous one.
Mr Charalambous Cheaper than Shimano xt and so far the performance is equal to xt I'm very pleased with this. 11-42
Jonathan Good value - shifting is not far off Shimano and it’s significantly cheaper.
Dr McLean like for like replacement on commuter bike - slightly lighter than shimano equivalent, original lasted well
Keith Strangely needed a spacer on my 11 speed hope hub seem great up to now
david like the price, works as good as the sram it replaced. Looks good too. Being steel should last well.
Mr Murdey-Green The cassette is great, order process was easy, delivery mostly good until it hit Australia.
Martin Great shifting, better spread of ratios than the Shimano ones - excellent value
Paul Excellent so far. Gone onto this from a ethirteen cassette at many times the price and I can't tell the difference in shift quality and it's an absolute bargain
dano Excellent, as good as shimano and sram
Jamie Condy Good quality cassette with a better gear spread than my old slx
simon This is great product for the price with a more even spread of ratios over the 11-46 from Shimano. So far it has been used with my xt group set and has had no issues under xc race conditions.
Daniel Really loving the wide range of gears with the sun race cassette, gives a better range of gears than the shimano cassette, not as many big jumps between gears. The only slight thing I can say is not quite as good although the gears index perfectly they are louder between shifts not really a problem!!!
Sean Excellent quality cassette. Been using these cassettes for years on different bikes and prefer them to using Shimano. Cheaper, lovely black anodising and looks cleaner for longer
Michael Super quality, why pay more for Shimano?
Mark Best cassette for and e-bike, steel gears and cheaper in price, I've tried them all and this is the best. Alloy gears strip the 10th and 11th gears very quickly. Thanks Merlin
Mr Allard Great product at an excellent price. Fitted to wheel and it shifts great. Cheaper than the equivalent Sram option.
Mr Walton Excellent cassette. I like that its all steel as I value durability over reduced weight. Good price and delivery time from Merlin.
Andy Lodge Love it, smooth changing, good ratios and the 46t climbing cog just gives that bit extra for a big lad like me.
marcus The best cassette I've ever owned I've got them on all my bikes now better than Shimano
Lee Having purchased a bike with Sram nx group set I found I needed a lower first gear for climbing, so not wanting to sacrifice top speed I decided to purchase this cassette, and it has been brilliant. I prefer the more linear spacing and the extra bit of climbing ability has made all the difference. Plus the shifting between gears seems to be very good. Overall I'm very impressed with it.
Mr Roberts Nice well built bit of kit, fitted nicely to my Hope hub. Would recommend.
ian A great price, good range and the steps between the gears is sensible. If might not be the lightest cassette but it should last and the price compared to other cassettes is fantastic.
Ms KIM This 11-46T 11-speed cassette from SunRace replaces my well-used/abused SRAM 11-42. The cassette is lightweight and smacks of quality design and engineering. The assembly is similar/same as the Shimano XT and shifting has been smooth as butter. Also, the 46T over 42 gives just a little more 'granny gear' for the extra-steep climbs. Overall, the SunRace cassette offers equal, if not superior, quality to the SRAM/XT at an unbeatable price. Recommended.
Mr Woodward Great alterative to Sram or Shimano cassette. I replaced an XT cassette and couldn`t really tell any difference. Smooth gear changes and I like the black look.
Mr Kirk Bought this cassette to replace an 11-46 shimano m8000 cassette that was only fitted in February. I have found the shimano m8000 really soft and have already worn out 3 in a much shorter time than any other cassette I have ever used. I was looking for an alternative and this seemed like the only option. I bought this cassette from Merlin because it had black aluminium spider as opposed to the red one that's commonly available. I only have two rides on this cassette which I have paired with a shimano 105 chain but have found the shifting significantly smoother than the Shimano XT cassette I was on before. I also prefer the more even gaps between the largest two cogs but I suppose that's just preference. The aluminium carriers have a much better tolerance than the shimano cassette that it replaced. It fits really snuggly on the shimano free hub body on my hope pro 4 cassette which is great although it did actually get jammed on my free hub body which gets a bit marred on hope hubs. Bear this in mind if you have a soft alloy free hub body, you may need to file down any marks to ensure you can get this cassette on and off smoothly. Ultimately so far I find this a way better alternative to shimano cassettes with smoother shifting, more even gaps between gears and I've found it quieter on the trail too. It's also black which is a positive, It's good value, not heavily branded and plays well with the shimano m8000 mid cage derailleur i'm using. I've only got two rides on it so far so can't comment on durability or how quickly the black finish will wear off but i suspect both will be good and if so would have no quams recommending this to anyone looking for a shimano compatible wide range cassette.