Unior 1625 Bottom Bracket Removing Tool
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Unior 1625 Bottom Bracket Removing Tool
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Unior 1625 Bottom Bracket Removing Tool

This tool is designed to remove the non-threaded bottom bracket bearings of the BB30 & DUB bottom bracket system. The removal tool will safely drive the bearings out of the BB30 & DUB bottom bracket shell.

BB90 / BB92

This tool is designed to remove the non-threaded bottom bracket bearings and cups of the BB90 bottom bracket system. It also supports other press fit standards with 24mm spindle, such as BB86, BB92, SRAM Press Fit GXP. The removal tool will pull the bearings & cup from the frame. Carefully insert the guide head of removal tool trough the bottom bracket cup.

Kevin simple to use and caused no damage to the frame during bb removal
Jason Quick delivery by Merlin. This tool was easy to use and popped by bottom bracket out in no time
Mr Feliciano I was extracting a very seized BB30 bearing with a Cannondale extraction tool, driver and hammer. And after hammering for a few hours I gave up and headed straight online to search for a 'better tool'. I'm very happy to have stumbled upon the Unior website and found it available at Merlin Cycles. This tool effortlessly removed the seized bearings safely and with no worries damaging my bottom bracket and frame. Its build is superb and seems to last. Highly recommend to home mechanics (or even for bike shops)!
Mr van der Kuijl Great 'simple' tool. Works fine, even in The Netherlands!
Ramshackle Bought this as I hate-hate-hated abusing my bike with my Park Tool whack-a-mallet flared pin BB tool. After a friend recommended this I was so pleasantly surprised with how simple, easy and satisfying it is to use. The only downside, as far as I can tell, is that, like the Park Tool, it wrecks the BB you are removing. But one assumes this is the case for all press-fit removal. TLDR = I'm very happy with my Unior BB.
Mr Hernando Great tool! No more hammer....
kevin This is an excellent tool for removing BB30 bearings. much better than knocking them out.Pulls the bearing straight out with no need to touch the circlip. A plastic edge protects the frame. Note this tool is only for removal a press is required for fitting the new bearings.
Tom Excellent tool to remove bearings which doesn’t involve a hammer. Really easy to use too.
Mr Oakes Works perfectly. The plastic edge of the outer cup protects against scratches to paint upon removal!
Mr Morley Was skeptical that this tool might damage my carbon frame. My fears were unfounded. This is much better in use than wielding a punch and hammer.