Unior Chain Wear Indicator
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Unior Chain Wear Indicator
Code: UN-1717
Unior Chain Wear Indicator
A worn chain shifts poorly and causes undue damage to the sprockets. The tool is a Ògo, no goÓ gauge designed to accurately indicate when a chain is worn out.
  • Made from precision, laser cut steel.
  • Measurement: 0Ð0.6% = no chain wear. 0.7Ð1.2% = the chain is worn out and it is necessary to replace it.
Mr GunesGood qualty tool.Fast shipping.
Mr BozzoI like having 4 indicators of the wear of the chain, it is great to monitor it!
GKamEasy to use and useful
richardA good tool which is great value for money for keeping a check on your chain wear
Mr SmithGood quality, exactly the same size as a friends Park Tool chain checker at a fraction of the price.
JasonA tool I’ve been meaning to buy for a while, glad I got it as my chain was way past needing a change.
Jon CoverWorks as described. An investment really so that you don't ride a bike with excessive chain wear causing damage to the chain ring / rear cassette
Mr CookGreat, perfect for the job it's designed for and the price is great. Why pay more when it does the job just as well? Excellent customer service and delivery too
BCNeeded a chain checker. Does the job, good price.
Dr ReesSimples. Cheap. An important addition to your toolbox..
Mr GrahamInvaluable piece of kit to add to tool box.Seems well made simple tool
JulianGreat price for a simple tool that measures anywhere from 0.25 to 1.0 wear
AdamSimple guide.
PanagiotisThis chain wear indicator has the standard indications of 0,5 0,75 and 1 and one could say, all in between... you can tell if the chain is around 0.6 or 0,7... and it is very cheap ! Can`t go wrong with this one
Mr TurnerGreat for checking wear on 11 speed as has the 0.5 indicator