Wolf Tooth WT-1 Chain Lube for All Conditions
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Wolf Tooth WT-1 Chain Lube for All ConditionsWolf Tooth WT-1 Chain Lube for All Conditions
Wolf Tooth WT-1 Chain Lube for All Conditions
The Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube is a premium synthetic drivetrain lubricant that lubricates, cleans and protects your bike chain, whether road, gravel or MTB.
Designed for optimal drivetrain efficiency in all riding conditions, the Wolf Tooth WT-1 chain lube does away with the need for separate dry chain lube, wet chain lube, chain cleaner and drivetrain treatment – leaving you with a clean, silent and efficient chain.
As well as improving the overall mechanical efficiency of your drivetrain, WT-1’s synthetic formula binds so well to your chain that it’ll last three to five times longer than most other chain lubes – giving up to 400 miles between applications.
As a drivetrain treatment, WT-1 will push dirt and debris to the surface of the chain, where it can be easily wiped away, leaving long-lasting protection. In fact, after the first few rides using WT-1 chain lube, you’ll see it working as the detergent-like additive gets deep into the chain to displace the grime. Wipe down, reapply and the more you ride, the cleaner and smoother your chain will get.
WT-1 can also be used on other moving pieces of the bike, including pulley wheels, hubs, cables, and more. Be sure to wipe away any excess chain lube after applying to other areas of your bike.
  • Cleans, lubricates, and protects chains
  • Peak performance in all conditions
  • Optimal choice for complex modern drivetrains
  • Available in 2.0fl oz (59ml) and 0.5fl oz (15ml) bottles
  • Easy to use; application takes about 10 minutes
  • Also works on other places of your bike, including hubs, cables, and pulley wheels
Miss HancockBest one I have tried so far.
Mr burgessReally excellent chain lube - have used for some 500-600miles so far - does not disappear in the rain - shifting all good - after every ride have done a quick wipe which clears any residues and the chain has taken on a nice pewter colour - throughly recommend