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BBB BTL-11 TurnTable Freewheel Chain Whip 7-11 Speed



  • Effectively holds the sprockets when removing the cassette lock-ring. Also removes freewheel sprockets.
  • 7 to 11 speed compatible.
Always wanted this tool and Merlin’s price can’t be beat. Solid construction overall great quality whip.
Solid and well made, recommend
Well made and with a nice handle
Great quality and finish. Neat new rubbersied handle.
Handy, does what you expect, good build quality.
Very easy and sturdy to use
Can`t really fault this. cheap and works flawlessly. Never owned any competing product but can`t see how it could be better.
Simple, solid and does the job.
I used the chain whip tool today to change out a Shimano Cassette. It worked just as it should - it looks like a well made tool and I'm sure that it will outlive me!! Thanks Merlin Cycle for the quick service, competitive price and quality merchandise! 5 stars all round!
This tool feels good and has a strong chain which is well attached to the strong handle with soft grip, works a treat and great low price from Merlin.
Very nice tool-comfortable grip and does the job just fine, so highly recommended.