BBB BTL-77 LinkFix Chain Link Tool
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BBB BTL-77 LinkFix Chain Link Tool
Code: 2977457701
BBB BTL-77 LinkFix Chain Link Tool
  • Chain link tool with dual function
  • Opens and closes SmartLink chain closing links
Mr BrannenPerfect tool, compact, easy to use, robust.
Mr WhelanGreat little tool. Works great.
RoyVery useful easy to clean my chain now.
Mr GunesVery fast shipping. Good qualty
Mr FieldingSuper useful tool which works really well. Great product, price and service from Merlin as always.
GeorgeShould have bought these years ago, effortless.
Phil CWork great! Recommended
SimonThis works to to release quick links and fasten again - great value compared to having to buy two different ones
WayneGood quality and easy to use. Including a chain hook with it would be an improvement.
RDGShould have bought one years ago. Takes a second to use, versus the skin-scraping, temper tantrum inducing test of separating a chain with finger dexterity.
neil HarrisonGreat little chain tool, works as intended
Mr McAleerHaven’t used the tool yet but it looks and feels good quality.
MarkoI wish I'd bought one of these years ago. Simple to use and works well.
SteveRWorked well to remove and reinstall my chain. Having the right tool for the job is always good
Mr RandallGood solid pair of pliers, at a reasonable price. Does the job well for fitting and removing Quick link.
TShieldSo far only used it the once, works well. Looks well made.Why pay more ?
MartinWith the need for a chain link tool for 10,11,12sp these pliers tick both boxes for instillation and removal
richardReally useful tool saving loads of times when swapping chains. Good quality and works well
Mr DunnThey work well making easy job of removing the quick link and giving reassurance that the link is closed.
JSRDoes exactly what it's supposed to at a very affordable price. Couldn't be happier with the tool.
Mr fawcettBrilliant tool and on offer too, cannot fault it.
Mr burgessPerfect , really useful tool for quick links
Mr CannA must have for KMC type quick links to open and close.
SloJoeVery useful bit of kit makes speed link removal and replacement a piece of cake
PaulDoes exactly what it needs to do, very pleased
MichaelExcellent product, does exactly what it says for a bargain, how did I cope without one of these before
Mr Louiegreat item and affordable price.... highly recommended
Andrew AYup - good item and works well
PGood quality with decent grip.
Ngoc SonGreat sturdy tool, good price. Opens and closes quick link easily.
Mr GrahamSeem decent quality.Havent used them yet but soon will.
MarkUseful tool, good quality and nice price.
FreddieGrips well and feels quality. Don't understand why most other brands need a separatettool for locking and unlocking.
SzabolcsGood tool, works like a charm.
Mr GQuality tool, feels sturdy and easily removes and replaces speedlink/quicklink chain connectors. Why pay more when this inexpensive tool makes a tricky or messy job so easy to do. No more struggling with pliers and getting covered in oil.
DavidGood quality tool that probably won't get used that often but makes chain removal and replacement very easy
PanagiotisAt first I thought only the parktools had a dual action chain link tool, but this one from bbb does the same job, same features, less money, aaand it is a well known brand! totally happy with the purchase !
JJGood and functional as per described. Quite a bargain for a discounted item
Mr DimaunahanIt do what it promise able to link and unlink the chain link :)
Mal WilliamsTop quality tool at a great price.
Mr KuystenEasy to use and value for money
ShaunWorks a treat! I like quality tools and I've never bought BBB tools, so I was a bit concerned about the quality, but it's a good bit of kit and sits nicely in my toolbox.
Mr EvisonNice quality at a great price. Can't understand why you'd buy two tools when this can open and close a chain. Good deal
Mr SimmesterPerfect tool for the job, good build quality.
Mr HaywardNice and easy to use and seems robust too
RogerGreat product, makes removing and replacing master links a doddle.
Mr FristadExcellent, indispensable tool
BMcMGood to have a dual purpose tool. And great value.
CaseyGood quality tool for opening Missing/Magic chain links.
Mr NieuwoudtExcellent tool and a must have for changing smart link chains.
Joseph eden boieGood quality, useful tool.
Mr BobisVery good tool with dual function to remove and fix chains quickly and easy. affordable indeed.
NathQuilA simple but effective tool. I should have purchased this a long ago, saves lots of time manually removing the pin. Plus the delivery method of Merlin is awesome.
AndrewJust bought a new stumpjumper and wanted to remove the chain and clean off the grease, could I get the quick link to part could I hell. Went on line bought the link tool and hey presto link open in half a second, brilliant piece of kit.
Mr SormaniPerfect for what I needed. Finally I can remove and clean my chain properly. Very solid tool.
PeterAnswer to the maiden's prayer! Solves all the issues in one tool for quick-links and power-links that are reluctant to click or to separate. Perfect
Mr ÜzgünThis makes chain link removal so easy and cheaper than others also :)
Mr LomborgDoes the job fine without a big price tag
nevilleExcellent bit of kit, I'd never manage to open a "missing link" without this
PaulThese work just brilliantly. Take off tight quick links and tightens new ones with ease
Mr MalolepszyGreat small tool for chain links, good for both separating links and joining them. Good quality and so much easier with this tool.
Mr RitchieEasy removal and connection of quick links. Works well.
Mr Andras TormaNice finish. Now you do not have to have 2 different tools for the chain, you can open and close the powerlinks with this one safely. Owning one is a must for every rider.
Mr Dave GreenwayInvaluable tool, saves much cursing and skin loss from fingers.
Mr burrowsGood product, will not go back to old Shimano pins, good service from merlin as usual
RaoulReally useful tool if like me you've spent years cursing as you wrangled with power links, just get one of these. Splitting and joining chains becomes less of a skinned knuckle cursing experience and more of a oh that's done. Really great tool should have had one years ago!
Mr eldridgeGreat tool , been struggling for years with powerlink etc ( never works like on youtube for me ) done in seconds now
Mr WaiteGood quality for the home mechanic. Delivered sooner than expected to the USA.
Mr GriffinThis is a very handy tool if you like to keep your chain clean it complements the KMC missing link . Very easy to use and your chain is really clean when you can remove it with ease.
MKKGood to have two tools in one versus a seperate tool to open & close chain links.
SullyHave seen people on YouTube effortlessly disengage magic links with a carefree two-finger slide. I must have the finger strength of a newborn as it's just not that easy for me. This tool is a joy to use and at 8 and a half quid much easier than a three month Bruce Lee finger push-up regime. Buy one.
Mr ALCARDEHad no problem removing the quick link that wouldn't budge by hand.
McMillanDoes exactly what it is meant to - makes it much easier to remove and refit the chain using the quick link. Seems good quality for the price too.
cerebisWorks fine with KMC 11spd chains.
A StewartWork like they are supposed in breaking and assembling chains. Only used on 10 speed chains so far.
Mr BrookesGreat value tool for removing and refitting the chain to be able to deep clean. Should have bought one a long time ago.
Mr Pyke of Perth Western AustraliaFantastic tool - easy to install and remove chain links
Dave PMakes life much easier replacing a chain.
Nik H.Chain link tool that does both functions, I really like it.
McKinneySaved me all that fiddling about trying to undo the link. This tool makes it simple. Good value and excellent Merlin service.
Chris MayDid the job - hope I don't have to use it more than once a year.
Mr WildSimple, easy to use no fuss or faff
Mr ChaseUseful tool that performs both functions. Feels like good build quality at a reasonable price. Thanks Guys and Girls...
Mr YatesMust have piece of kit, saves loads of faffing about.
JakoolisPerfect tool for the job. I'd previously struggled with sticky master links when removing a chain. This makes life so much easier.
GrahamExcellent tool, I use KMC chains but this is still ideal + cheaper
Mr BurnsWorks great. Low cost, high quality tool that greatly simplifies chain removal with a quick link. Anyone who uses a chain with a quick link should have one of these.
Mr coupeShould have bought these a long time ago, instead of struggling. Great piece of kit
Mr chapmanGreat piece of kit, makes popping off connecting links so much easier, wish I had brought a set earlier
Mr SaxbyNot used it yet, but it appears to be of sturdy quality and design. A useful tool to have to hand, even if I never use it!
Mr GrayNever thought I'd buy a pair of these pliers but now I wouldn't be without them. Saves a lot of time with removing and replacing links.
Mr clarkeWorks perfectly, great trail or workshop tool, bonus that it closes as well as it opens the smart link on my chain. Wish I'd got one sooner!
Mr DransfieldUsed a couple of times and works perfectly
Mr Ribeiro da CunhaGreat tool, not the no 1 in your list of priorities if you are strating a decent toolbox, but a great addition, facilitates chain maintenance/serious bike cleaning definitely
WilkyVery reasonable price, good quality and dual function (opens and closes links). Comfy grip and a great addition to the tool kit