Bike Tools Workstand
Bike Tools Workstand
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Bike Tools workstand with a comprehensive toolkit.
  • Bike tools fully adjustable workstand
  • Reviewed in Cycling Plus and got 10/10
  • Alloy construction
  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable to a compact size
  • 360 degree adjustable clamp means you can put your bike in any position to allow easy maintanence

Box contains:

  • New hollowtech 11 bottom bracket tools
  • Crank extractor
  • Pedal spanner
  • Rivet extractor
  • 1.5 - 6mm allen keys
  • 8mm long allen key
  • Spoke key
  • 2 x Srewdrivers
  • Cone spanners
  • T-25 torx
  • Puncture kit & tyre levers
  • Chainring bolt spanner
  • ISIS/Shimano bottom bracket tool.
  • Chainwhip
  • Shimano cassette tool







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Yes I was very impressed with the stand, solid construction well put together, easy to use. Tool kit is good though some of the tools may not be as robust as top of the range ones. Excellent service, quick delivery great price.
Stand is very good for the price, don't know why it took me so long to invest in a stand cleaning and servicing so much easier. Tool kit is sufficient for periodic maintenance, chain tool is very basic, however, I now use quick links so not a big problem.
Well worth it! holds the bike solid in various positions and the tools are good quality
Arrived very quickly. Bike stand and toolkit great. Easy to put together and already well used!
Really pleased with this. Holds both mountain and road bikes securely and makes working on them or just cleaning them much easier. Tools seem of a decent quality but haven't used them yet. Stand does not creak, groan or slip when adjusted properly which is very easy to do. Folds down quickly for storage. Merlin service was excellent.
Pretty decent quality and excellent value for the home mechanic, contains everything needed for basic maintenance. No more excuses for a dirty poorly maintained bike.
I'd been toying with the idea of a workstand for a while, but the cheaper models never seem to be of good quality, and couldn't justify the cost of the higher priced stands. This got universally positive reviews, however, and it's clear why. Really solidly made, with of the worrying creakiness and badly fitted parts that other affordable stands seem to suffer. A real bargain. The tools are also of impressive quality given the ludicrously low price of this pack (though I haven't had an opportunity to use them properly yet....) Service as swift and reliable as always from Merlin. Very happy. ;-)
As an amateur enthusiast with a bike building project, I found this kit to be excellent and fully suited to my needs. The stand is robust and the tools are of a decent quality. There are more expensive kits out there but this is perfect for general work.
The set of bike tools plus the bike stand provide everything, probably more than enough on most occasions, you need to take care of your bike. The price is quite decent as well with the heavy discount. I would still recommend getting a separate torx, as that's all you need most of the time.
Extremely impressed by the quality of the work stand. Simple to use. Makes working on, and cleaning, the bike much easier
Very impressed with the build quality of the stand very strong and looks great!
Brilliant value. If you're still struggling along turning bikes upside down to work on, or finding someone to hold the back wheel up so you can adjust the gears, buy one now! So far, the toolkit has been perfect for changing a crankset and bottom bracket, and fitting new brakes. It won't take long to pay for itself!
Nice quality workstand and toolkit with everything you need to work on your bike.
Just what I needed to fix & maintain the family bikes. Tools are of a good quality and are defiantly not made of 'cheese' which was my fear and the stand is very sturdy.
For the price, a very good workstand
A very well built and adjustable workstand ideal for every task.
Initial impressions were good, lightweight easy to set up and fold away. Used the stand for the first time this morning to give my bike its pre clock change service and it's fantastic, feels more like a
Have used the stand once so far and difficult to assess as this is my first workstand. However I can confirm that having a stand makes cleaning your bike much easier. Stand is solidly built with simple components so should last a long time. Seems good value for the money. Great service from Merlin as ever.
Good workstand for the price, definitely better than I was expecting. Seems very robust and does the job it is intended to.
I was pleased with the prompt delivery service. I have yet to open th box as it is a Christmas gift for my husband-he sent me th link
Nice and steady work stand. adjustable in all necessary positions and a very good pris. Minoura Multi-Tool contains what you need for regular adjustment on the trip.
Workstand excellent value for money and really good to use. Can not find any faults with it when you consider how much it cost. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to work on their own bikes.
I was pleasantly surprised with this work stand which is very well built, well finished and holds my road bike with ease. I'm quite sure it will also hold my heavier MTB without any problem and as it folds down to a small size it's easy enough to store in a shed or garage. Why pay any more when this does the job perfectly!
Now maintaining a few bikes for Friends and family I decided it was time to take the plunge with a work stand. If you are fed up of crouching, bending over and kneeling down to work on a bike you should invest in one too. This work stand is a very nice to have accessory for the amateur / enthusiast cyclist, it's lightweight construction and fold away capabilities make it ideal for occasional use. From its packaging it looks to have been produced by cycling giant Raleigh. It features quick release clamps to lock out its height, stabiliser legs, and reach arm. The jaw itself is made from a strong plastic construction with an easy to operate quick release jaw with soft rubber inserts to protect the frame. It also can be adjusted to any angle through 360 degrees to clamp most sections of the frame or seat tube and has a small cut away in the rubber to allow a rear brake cable to run through the jaw. The only negatives I can comment on for this product is because of its lightweight and portable design it's never going to be as stable as a shop fixed clamp and there for can jiggle about a bit even with a 8kg road bike clamped in situ when operating the drivetrain. It's important to clamp the height adjustment nice and tight or it tends to gradually slip downwards with every jolt. Otherwise a very good work stand, for the price compared with the competition I don't think you can go wrong! The multi tool is a nice to have edition, but isn't likely to be as good as one you currently own if any...
Nice bit of kit - I was expecting something cheaper looking!
Good, solid workstand. The clamp opens wide to accomodate a good range of tubes and the rubber pads keep the bike secure without having to overtighten it. Very easy to put up with quick release levers and compact when folded.
Stand appears to do everything it says on the tin, so far. Easy to assemble and easy to use. Clamps the bike securely and is fully adjustable. Build quality is good and it is very sturdy when compared to some I have seen online. I recieved a free tool with this purchase which was a bonus and make the price paid even better!
Good quality, as expected. 5 Stars
This is a great bike stand for the price probably not sturdy enough for professional use but a great tool for the amateur doing occasional work wondering why i never bought it earlier. Would strongly reccomend
Can't fault it - cheap as chips (@
This is the first workstand i`ve used and i`m really impressed with the quality and versitility of this product, its well balanced and solid when in use making service work less back aching! Could do with a device to stop the bars turning tho. Absolute bargain for the price!!!
You cannot fault this stand at all even if it costed 3 times as much. Yes it can be bought under a varitey of different name, mine said Raleigh on the box but it is sturdy enough to hold my mountain bike and road bike easily. Has a great range of motion and folds up easily and is small enough not to take up too much space wherever you may want to store it. Tubing is all coated in a durable finish so should last a long time. Ideal stand for the person who likes to service there bike/s at home.
Good stands for basic maintenance. I use them for maintenance workshops and they go on the back of my trailer as they don't weigh too much. You need to make sure the quick releases are done up tight. Stand creaks unnervingly when you put some force on a tool but I've not had any problems in three years of regular use. Clamp has large rubber protectors on the inside with grooves for cables - not good if you have an unusual cable run. The head is turned by releasing the 'clutch', twisting and re-engaging the 'clutch'. This is probably the reason for the creaks and is the worst part of this stand. I'd recommend this for anyone who wants to get into maintenance or does the occasional fettle but doesn't want to pay Park Tool prices. Merlin service (post free!) great as usual.
A really robust, well made stand. Recommended.
Excellent value workstand. Securely holds my large (20") full-sus mountain bike. A god send to save your knees and back when working on your bike!
An excellent product and very easy to use and also comparible to other similar leading products especially for the price. Merlins new pay on receipt of the product also very useful. Big thumbs up to Merlin Cylces.
Great value, does the job well.
Really pleased with this stand. Seems solid, folds up nicely, easy to use, and great value.
difficult to judge as I have never owned a workstand. It is well built but does seem to be less sturdy than I would have liked. However the upside is that its light and easy to carry. Overall good value for my first workstand, checkout more pics on
Excellent work stand for the price, very sturdy and well made.
This is a very solid and high quality bike workstand and the pictures do not do it justice. It is stable, height and angle adjustable with quick releases and you can fold it away in seconds. It can hold a bike either by the seatpost or frame. I have a fairly chunky hydroformed toptube on my Marin Rocky Ridge and you can just clamp round it but I prefer to use the seatpost method. I now leave my bike clamped up on the stand in the garage when I am not riding which makes life much easier. Great service and a great product by Merlin as always.
Excellent value for money workstand - strong fittings and fully adjustable with easy to use clamps