10 Tips – Get ‘Tooled-Up’ for Winter

Basic bike maintenance is a great thing on many levels; It leaves you not relying on other people, saves money on mechanic bills and best of all, your bike will be in tip-top shape all year around.

Here at Merlin we have our own range of top quality tools, ideal to keep your bike finely tuned and ready for action. Click the photo of the tool to go into the detailed page.

Cassette Removal Tool

This lovely tool will make cassette replacement easy with its centre guide pin and grippy handle. Cassette’s wear out. How long this takes depends on the conditions it is used in, and how well looked after your drivetrain components are. Get into the habit of de-greasing and lubing the chain and cassette to maximise its life. Cassette removal tools should be used in conjunction with a chain whip (see below).

Quick Link Chain Tool

A quick link tool makes it so much easier to remove a quick link fitted chain. Simply find the quick link joining pin and use this tool to squeeze the pins together and remove the joining pin plates. The Merlin Quick Link Chain tool has a cable cutter / crimper built-in – BONUS!

Tyre Levers

While it is possible to get many tyres off the rim with your bare hands, nobody likes the caveman look. These neat little levers do the job without any fuss and will not damage the rim or tyre.

Merlin Allen Key Set

Looking almost like a work of art, these Allen Keys will add a real touch of class to your workshop or tool box. Featuring the popular 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6mm sizes and ball ended 4 /5 / 6mm for those bolts at tricky angles.

Chain Checker

The best way to ensure long life of your drive train components (cassette, chain, chainrings, derailleur jockey wheels) is to regularly check your chain for wear. Chains wear out fastest. This is easy to understand – each minute of riding at 90 RPM your chain goes through around 30000 metal on metal movements. As the chain stretches and gets worn through use, it causes wear on the other components. Checking and replacing your chain when required should ensure a long life for all the drive train components. Remember to clean and re-lube your chain.

Chain Whip

While not as tasty as a walnut whip or a mr whippy, the chain whip is more functional and has a lot less calories. The chain whip works in conjunction with the cassette removal tool to stop the cassette turning while it is being removed.

Cable Cutters

Proper cable cutters last a long time and give a reassuring ‘snip’ sound as they dispense with the excess cable from your bike. Inners, outers, gear or brake, these cable cutters will cut them all!

Bottom Bracket Wrench

Usually after a few thousand miles, bottom brackets get worn and need replacing. A good sign that your bottom bracket is in need of replacement is a knocking or clicking sound while pedalling. Removing and replacing a bottom bracket is simple with this tool. The bottom bracket wrench fits Shimano Hollowtech 2, Campagnolo Ultra Torque and Truvativ Howitzer. It comes with a cap removal / adjuster tool too.


Torque Wrench

If you are secretly a little ‘cack handed’ or prone to mess jobs up or simply want the reassurance that you are torquing-up your components to manufacturers recommended settings, then a torque wrench is ideal. Never strip a thread again!

20 or 31 Piece Tool Kit

If you are bike tool deficient and need quite a few tools for all those essential jobs, invest in a tool kit and get everything in one box for storage. Check out the 20 and 31 piece tool kits, ideal for low and high level tool deficiency.

To see the full range of Merlin Tools click here.

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