Top 10 blog posts of last year

Listicles dominate the er, list. Old races, unimportant things, bike tweaks, bikeporn, reviews, How Tos and arguments.

January is a time for auditing and assessing. Believe it or not some audits can be fun, such as having a delve through the blog stats to see which blogs received the most traffic in 2015.

If you’re a regular visitor to the blog you’ll be interested to see if your favourites made the top 10. If you’re new the Merlin Cycles blog then here’s a perfect introduction to what it’s all about.

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1. Seven defunct bike races (that should be brought back)

Bring back these fabulous – and bonkers – bike races! If only we were in charge of the UCI.


2. The crazy world of pre-WWII extreme cyclists

It’s hard to believe some of the things that our cycling ancestors got up to – and got away with! Here are some of our favourite misadventures.


3. 10 things that are more important than bike weight

The weight gap between normal affordable road bikes and top end expensive road bikes is getting narrower and narrower all the time. You can pick up a sub-20lbs road bike for under £1000 now, easy.


4. When car manufacturers make bicycles (U.G.L.Y.)

25 examples of the wild world of bicycles that have been designed by car brands. Why did they make them?


5. 10 things that are more important than wheel size

Are you really, really bored with hearing people bang on and on about wheel size? So are we. Yes, wheel size is important. But it’s not everything. Here are ten things that you need to consider way before the size of your wheels.


6. 12 cheap and pleasing bike tweaks

Little spruce-ups that you can do quickly and simply to your bike to make it feel like new again. Almost all of these upgrades come in at less than £20 too. Cheap treats!


7. Review of Zwift – first ride impressions

A friendly fan gives us his verdict on the virtual reality bike racing game that everyone’s talking about.


8. Core Bike 2015 bikeporn gallery

We went down to the Core Bike Show to see the latest 2015 shiny products from the best bike brand distributors in the UK.


9. How to prevent cycling aches and injuries

Paul Sanderson from PS Physiotherapy gives us his tips on how to prevent aches and injuries whilst cycling.

Fighting cyclists

10. Top 10 arguments in cycling

When two tribes go to war. There’s only one thing cyclists love more than riding a bike and that’s bitching about how fellow cyclists are wrong about something.

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