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Campagnolo Potenza 11 Speed Groupset
Campagnolo Potenza 11 Speed Groupset
The newest member of the Campagonlo 11+ Revolution
Campagnolo doesn’t produce different grades of performance and with this in mind every product leaves the factory only when it has proven to live up to the Campagnolo quality standard. This range wide performance standard is Campagnolo’s way of ensuring an improved cycling experience for all those who choose its products no matter if they are at the pinnacle of the range or situated somewhere lower. Another factor to consider is the “trickle down” effect of top-end technology and solutions originally designed for the benefit of our World Tour level athletes. This effect brings several technologies found on Super Record to more accessible groupsets in the Campagnolo range and there is no groupset that has benefitted more from this than the newest group in the Revolution 11+ family: POTENZA 11™.
Potenza 11™, which in Italian is a noun which means strength or power, is designed around the strengths that made its higher tier Revolution 11+ brethren so successful. So evident is this shared DNA that many components of the groupset will require a close look beyond the logo to identify any significant difference which often is represented by a mere change in material.
Groupset Specification:
  • Chainset: Campagnolo Potenza 11 Speed
  • Cassette: Campagnolo Potenza 11 Speed
  • Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Potenza braze-on 11 Speed
  • Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Potenza 11 Speed
  • STI Levers: Campagnolo Potenza Ergo-power 11 Speed (all cables included)
  • Brake calipers: Campagnolo Potenza
  • Bottom Bracket: Bottom bracket is EXCLUDED unless stated "English (BSA)" which come with standard English cups
  • Chain: Campagnolo Potenza 11 Speed
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Nice group set -- so far it seems on par with Shimano Ultegra. The medium length rear derailleur with 11-32 cassette is great for the riding I do. Wish they'd brought Ultrashift down to Potenza but the Powershift is still very nice. The redesigned Power Torque+ is a big improvement over the older design -- no more special extractor needed!
Potenza brings the well-known Campagnolo's quality to the level of Ultegra 6800. The groupset works in a way pretty similar to its direct rival but adds the beauty and the italian style to the riding. It works better than Veloce (10 speed campy entry level) and slightly better than the most recent Athena 11s groupset and although being a little bit expensive compared to shimano's counterpart, it's still worth it.
Excellent groupset. This set delivers smooth precise shifts, excellent solid breaking and is a great reflection on Campy quality. I have always preferred their style of shift levers over the competition and this set is an excellent choice for the serious rider who has less than an unlimited budget. Specialty tools needed to assemble include bottom bracket tool, 14mm hex tool, chain tool for Campy 11 speed. Yes I would recommend this to others.
Great product and easy to install on my new bike, I rate it better than ultergra
Great groupset that compares favourably to its more expensive stablemates. Works faultlessly .
A great groupset from Campagnolo, smooth shifting with the new designed ergo levers make this a reliable and comfortable groupset. A fine alternative to Shimano's Ultegra.