The finishing kit on your mountain bike is where you get the opportunity to be fine tune and be creative with your bike build. Some components have more of an influence on a bike handles than others but it's still surprising how the small things can end up dominating your experience if they're not quite right. Stems, bars and saddles are the obvious items that are important to get right. But an uncomfotable pair of grips or a rattly pair of pedals are hard to ignore. Some things are more important than others but everything is important in its own way.

  1. MTB Handlebars


    Riser bars, flat bars, wide bars, narrow bars, carbon bars, aluminium bars, 31.8mm clamp, 35mm clamp, in lots of different colours too!
  2. MTB Headsets


    Tapered or straight. 1 1/8th or 1.5". Integrated or standard. All types of headsets are stocked here. Spacers and spares too.
  3. MTB Stems


    From 40mm stubby stems to 130mm lengthy beasts, 31.8mm and 35mm clamp standards, in all sorts of rises and colours.
  4. MTB Saddles


    Every bike needs a saddle - even a downhill bike. Take a look at our extensive range of premium perches for pedalling.
  5. MTB Seatposts


    Static posts in all materials. Dropper seatposts from all the key brands.
  6. MTB Pedals & Cleats

    Bike Pedals & Cleats

    Clipless pedals and flatties and all the spares and cleats to go with them.
  7. MTB Handlebar Grips

    Handlebar Grips

    Traditional slide-on and modern lock-on grips in all sorts of colours and styles.
  8. MTB Bar Ends

    Bar Ends

    Standalone bar ends or bar ends integrated into grips.
  9. Seatpost Collars

    Seatpost Collars

    Quick release collars and fixed bolt seatpost collars.
  10. Headset Spares

    Spacers, top caps, star fangled nuts and that sort of thing.