DMR Single Speed Conversion Kit
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DMR Single Speed Conversion Kit
Single speed conversion kit for vertical dropout frames.
  • If you?ve got vertical dropouts, grab the Simple Tension Seeker and Spacer Kit combo pack.
  • Many riders when changing their geared bike to single speed, wish to save a lot of weight by removing their cassette and fitting a single speed spacer kit to their free hub.
  • This nifty combo pack does it in one hit, and saves you money to boot!
  • For use with 1/8" x 1/2" Chains ONLY (BMX Chains).
  • Sizes 16T Weight 190g
Mr BROOKERvery pleased. the item does just what it is supposed to do and is quite simple to fit.. it is not expensive and works well in practice on a 40x16 or 17 or 18 rear sprocket.
Mr StephensNot a bad kit. Tensioner is a bit limited in how much tension it can take up but works OK
Mr RussellGood kit,easy to install. My only criticism is trying to understand what chain I should use. I plumped for an 8 speed SRAM chain which seems to be fine.