1. Bike Accessories

    Bike Accessories

    These aren't the essential components of bikes but they are rather darned useful. The majority of this fascinating category is devoted to either protection or prevention.
  2. Bicycle Lighting

    Bicycle Lighting

    Lights for being seen by others as well as lights for illuminating the way ahead. All cyclists will need some sort of lights at some point along the line. Whether it's for commuting, going to the pub, dodgy dusk riding or full-on night riding, you're going to feel the need for some lights.
  3. Hydration


    We stock a variety of products to help you re-hydrate quickly and replace those electrolytes lost in sweat. Bottles, backpacks with bladders and everything that goes with them.
  4. Cycling Gift Vouchers

    Cycling Gift Vouchers

    The classic gift for the cyclist who won't tell you what they want! Also good if you just want to contribute some funds towards someone's dream purchase.
  5. Bike Gadgets

    Bike Gadgets

    It's the 21st century and we all like our electronic gadgets. Speedometers have been a part of cycling ever since the early but the bike computers of today can do a whole load more than just tell you how fast you're riding.
  6. Bike Luggage & Transport

    Bike Luggage & Transport

    Luggage for putting your bike in and luggage for carrying things whilst on your bike. This section also contains casual rucksacks and larger hydration-ready packs.
  7. Training


    We have a lot of different types of trainer in stock. From smart trainers, with either fluid or fan resistance, there's also basic turbo trainers and rollers - ideal for warming up before races or for keeping the legs spinning through winter.
  8. Child Bike Seats & Trailers

    Child Bike Seats & Trailers

    Individual rear-mounted seats, seatpost-mounted pull along half-bikes and rear axle mounted child trailers. You don't have to leave the kids behind any more or find a babysitter - they can join in with the ride.