1. Cycling Turbo Trainers

    Cycling Turbo Trainers

    Turbos are what most people think of when you say indoor trainer. Take your pick from magnetic, fluid or wind resistance designs, with or without electronic connectivity.
  2. Cycle Rollers

    Cycle Rollers

    Turn your bike into a spin bike with a simple set of rollers. Ideal for keeping in shape without the excess stresses on your body.
  3. Training Guides

    Training Guides

    Expert books about how to best train for cycling and racing. Available for road riders, mountain bikers or triathletes.
  4. Trainer Accessories

    Trainer Accessories

    Wheel riser blocks, trainer mats, sweat covers, steering frames, ANT+ dongles, spare skewers. Anything and everything trainer.
  5. Breathing Aids

    Breathing Aids

    Breathing technology than increase the airflow, improving your breathing whilst out cycling.

It used to be the case that indoor trainers were expensive and noisy affairs that only the truly dedicated racing nutjob would entertain having in their home. Things have changed. Trainers are sleeker, quieter and just plain better. Indoor trainers are not just the preserve of hardcore racers any more. Any cyclist can benefit from the structured training and stats they trainers can offer. A simple set of rollers may be all that you're looking for, to keep you warmed up at an event or to help you recover back into fitness and form after an extended period off the bike. At the other end of the spextrum there are all-singing all-dancing turbo trainers that can connect to your various devices - heart rate monitor, power meter, smartphone, PC, tablet etc - to give you access to a previously unhead of level of stats and analysis. You can even hook up to one of several virtual reality racing simulators and race people from all around the world from the comfort of your own home. Well, we say comfort... once the red mist descends you'll be foaming at the mouth.