To convey their message of outdoor defiance Sealskinz obsessively make items that ensure protection in any landscape and in any climate.  What guides them is AQUA DYNAMIC DESIGN which is the sureness of the human structure pitched against the vulnerability of nature, to conveyance "dry" innovation and sit beside the skin.

A.D.D. improves execution that stays lasting throughout the year. A.D.D addresses the progress of climate and cool, by controlling; temperatures, wind and waterproofing.  AQUA Element DESIGN drives development in the quest for unsurpassed protection and structure.

Socks, Gloves & Hats define who they are. This is not an afterthought, this is their obsession. Everything they do is driven by producing the best performing endurance accessories on the market today. From the materials they choose, the cut of the product, through user testing, to Sealskinz innovative liner techniques, we obsess over the small details.

SealSkinz are exceptionally proud to say that in excess of half of their items are hand made in Great Britain and 100% of their items are designed in Great Britain. Sealskinz are enthusiastic about all their products and they need their clients who wear Sealskinz to be similarly pleased.  Consequently they test, separately all of their weaved sock & glove items to guarantee they are 100% waterproof. Not one in one thousand, not one in one hundred but each and every piece.

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