1. Gear & Drivechain

    Gear & Drivechain

    Gears and Drivetrain components wear out through regular use. For maximum life from drivetrain components, keep them clean and lubricated. When it comes time to replace your bikes gears and drivetrain components, we stock a wide range of products for all bikes, from the worlds leading manufacturers.
  2. Bicycle Braking

    Bicycle Braking

    Bike brakes provide controlled slowing or stopping for your bike. Most bikes use rim brakes or disc brakes. Discs can be cable actuated or hydraulic. Rim brakes use inner and outer cables which run from the lever to the caliper to operate. Touring bikes, hybrids, cyclocross bikes and older MTB bikes use V brakes or centre pull brakes, these are also operated with cables. Whether you are looking for cables, pads, blocks, calipers or levers, check out our extensive range.
  3. Cockpit


    The cockpit components are the parts that finish your bike, they are also easily changed to help you get the perfect bike fit. Cockpit components are also the easiest ones to customise on your bike. Colour matching your bar tape or grips to the frame is a great place to start. Changing stem length, handlebar shape or saddle can add comfort and make longer rides much more enjoyable.
  4. Forks & Suspension

    Forks & Suspension

    Forks are an important part of any bike. Road / Cyclocross and Gravel bike forks are usually made from carbon fibre which is great for 'smoothing out' rough road and trail surfaces. Mountain bike forks provide suspension and play a large role in the feel and handling of the bike. When replacing any fork it is important to make sure the stearer tube fit type and size, match the fork it is replacing.