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    Mountain bike (MTB) grips

    Like saddles, grips can be a personal thing. Some people get on with fat grips where some people prefer a skinny grip. It depends on the size of your hands and the type of riding that you do. Thinner grips are generally good for offering a lot of feedback and so are prized by riders tackling technical terrain. This feedback can be a negative aspect too however and lead to discomfort. Riders with larger hands unsurprisngly find fatter grips more suitable and comfortable. Mosr riders should stick with a middle of the road grip, ideally in a lock-on version. As with tyres, the rubber compound and 'tread' pattern varies amongst grips. Tacky grips offer lots of grip but don't last as long as regular grips. We have grips from brnads such as Hope, Race Face, Lizard Skins and more.