Hope Tech 3 E4 Disc Brake
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Hope Tech 3 E4 Disc BrakeHope Tech 3 E4 Disc Brake - BlackHope Tech 3 E4 Disc Brake - Black
Hope Tech 3 E4 Disc Brake - Black
Hope have kept the key features of the Tech Evo master cylinder and worked to improve the ergonomics and integration on the handlebars. The Tech 3 master cylinder can operate all the calipers from our range and offers a slight increase of power of about 5% over the Tech Evo.
Popular design features of Tech Evo remain the same, such as the reach and bite point control (BPC)adjustability. The piston is actuated by a cam and a roller system to eliminate any free play and initial friction. The classic split clamp design makes the master cylinder easy to install on the handlebars without having to remove anything else.
Hope Tech 3 - Some riders have previously commented on the relative bulkiness of the Tech and Tech Evo master cylinders, sometimes making it hard to fit the master cylinder around already clogged up handlebars (shifters, fork and shock lockouts, telescopic seat post controls etc). Hope have worked hard to make the new Tech 3 master cylinder easier to integrate on the bars although it does entail losing the ambidextrous design.
The Tech 3 master cylinder is now directly compatible with any Shimano I-Spec type shifter meaning no extra mount is required to attach the shifter to the master cylinder. For those using SRAM shifters we have designed a slick and minimalistic direct mount adaptor.
E4 Caliper
  • The one piece caliper is CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aircraft spec aluminium alloy.
  • The E4 caliper uses four identical 16mm phenolic pistons which gives more usable power to the brake,
  • whilst keeping our ledgendary "feel".
  • 'On the fly' BPC (bite point control) and Reach adjustment
  • Direct compatibility with Shimano I-Spec shifter
  • Direct mount available for SRAM shifters
  • 5% power increase over TECH Evo master cylinder
  • Handed master cylinders for better integration on the handlebars
  • New piston dust cover design
  • New reservoir diaphragm design
  • CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England
  • 9.74 caliper with all mount options
  • 2014 T6 aluminium alloy
  • Wide angle hose connector mount
  • Top entry pad fitting
Mr DuongAwesome craftsmanship. Will indeed buy another set for my other bikes
Mr Neo2nd time Purchased. Item came in 3 days with express delivery from UK to SG. Very happy with the products as always!
LeighHope brakes are perfect components: they are well-designed, functional, durable and serviceable - I've been using the same set of mono-minis since 2003; they still have plenty of life left, and parts are still available. The tech3/e4 combo is a worthwhile upgrade for the increased power and the improved performance on a long downhill when the smaller pads and caliper would get hot. I brake with one finger and can lock the wheel up easily, but I can avoid locking the wheel up too.
Mr CruzBest brakes in the market for Enduro even in DH
Mr BoardallGreat power and modulation and are really high quality. Look great too, I like the adjustability of the lever particularly.
BrandonWhat can I say, Hope brakes deliver on all fronts. This was my first set but have been impressed with the attention to detail and cnc machining. Modulation out performs shimano's on and off feel. Looking forward to riding these for years.
Miss ThackerThe best brakes and this is my third set and I also have V4s. However, this latest set has removed the recess for the bolt required for I-Spec B mounting, This is not a problem for my shifter, but it means I can no longer mount the Wolftooth remote. I'm not sure why or when this changed, but it messes with my bar setup.
Mr EdmondsReplaced XT brakes with these, bite adjustment is great after the XT. Fitting straight forward, calipers have markings to align central on the disc, levers took my XT I-spec shifters (with optional nut). If you are going to shorten the hose you can reuse the bits at the end, it is easier not to try to avoid air entry and get the hose just right with the lever fitted and then bleed. Bleeding can be a little messy, but just like bleeding car brakes. Stopping power good, slightly different feel to the XTs.
Mr EdmondsReplaced XT brakes with these, bite adjustment is great after the XT. Fitting straight forward, calipers have markings to align central on the disc, levers took my XT I-spec shifters (with optional nut). If you are going to shorten the hose you can reuse the bits at the end, it is easier not to try to avoid air entry and get the hose just right with the lever fitted and then bleed. Bleeding can be a little messy, but just like bleeding car brakes. Stopping power good, slightly different feel to the XTs.
ChristopherThis is the 3rd pair of E4s I currently own. Nothing else comes close in modulation, adjustability, feel and reliability to Hope! Servicing is super easy. Pads can be changed in seconds.
Mr AguilarMy number one choice of brakes, won`t let you down. Excellent braking power.
MarcI love Hope`s products- the most reliable adjustable brakes on the market and the easiest to live with
Mr ParkAwesome modulation. Great WORKMANSHIP. Bling! Only thing is that you need additional adapters if using with shimano ispec II shifters. Out of box compatible with older ispec though
Mr HuffThese Hope brakes are everything they are hyped to be. It was immediately apparent how much better they are than the Elixir 5 that came with my bike. They will take a little getting used to because they are so easy to modulate the pressure, the immediate impression is that they don't have as much power. But, you just need to squeeze the lever a little farther.
TrentGreat brakes, plenty of power once bedded in. Nice modulation and beautifully made.
guidoThis brake has it all! In use I have found them to be as powerful as my Shimano XT but less grabby and leaky! They need some faffing to set them up but this is worth doing. One note was that the calipers are huge and you may need Hope spacers due the the calipers shape.
WickhamCertainly the best brakes I've ever owned. I started riding in 1996 and I don't know why I've taken so long to try a high quality brake. For the past 10 years, Shimano and Avid have been my go to brands with my bikes being kitted out with XTs, Saints, Elixirs and Juicys. So far, These put all of those to shame on build quality and only the Saints have more power. However, the Saints gave such an on and off feel that I only found them useful at Whistler. These Hopes are phenomenal. Tons of power, exceptional modulation, precise lever position and consistent bite point. If I had one thing I dislike, it would be the end of the lever where my finger pulls. It's a little uncomfortable due to a more knob like shape instead of the swoopy shape of the XTs. But, at the price Merlin is offering them and their overall quality, I might pick up another set and modify (shave down) the lever a little. Keep up the great work Hope.
douganThere are no better brakes available than Hope.
Mr WilkinsonThis is my first time on Hope brakes after always being on Shimano for many years. I was getting tired of the inconsistent lever feel on the Shimano XT and previously the Saint brakes, so decided to try these on my new build. After a few rides, I will say that the fabled consistency of Hope brakes seems to hold true - they feel the same every time I grab the lever so far, at any point in a downhill run. Compared to the Shimano feel, they require quite significantly more effort to pull in - it's taking some getting used to, as I was so used to the light feel of those brakes. They have plenty of power, but it takes a bit more effort to reach that full-power point. It might be making my hands a bit more sore than usual, but the more I'm riding with them, the better I'm getting on with them, and the level of adjustment is awesome - I'm still playing with this to get the feel that I want. I'm running them on Shimano ice-tech rotors, and aside from a bit of high-pitched squeaking (maybe due to running sintered pads) the braking is fine. In all, based on the consistency alone, I would happily recommend these brakes to anyone!
HandQuite simply the benchmark- the best and most consistent brake I've used.
Mr BarrusExcellent quality. Great modulation, incredible stopping power. If I could order again, I would skip the braided hose... ugly, and no real performance benefits (by Hope's own admission). Also, the caliper mounting doesn't work with all bikes. Looks pretty sloppy on my Canfield EPO.
Mr SalasThese brakes are incredible, first of all they look amazing, the cnc machining is spectacular. The adjustability is great, you can set them up just like you want changing the bite point and reach. There's so much effortless power available, and the brakes don't feel mushy or anything when pulled back, the stroke is smooth and modulation is the best in the market.
JardimThe must powerful and progressive brakes for enduro. Hope quality, as expected.
AzzaAbsolutely amazing brakes. Upgraded to these from Zees and they are night and day, much better lever feel and excellent modulation. They are unbelievably well made.
Marc HandI`m really fussy about brakes, the last couple of years I've had high end sets from both the majors and been unhappy with them. After reading countless glowing reviews of Hope`s brakes I took the plunge, and while its still early days - I love these things.
Wilasaurus rexHope never ceases to exceed expectations. This is my third set of Hope brakes. The braking power is almost as reliable as kanye going on a twitter rant about something noone gives a crap about. Coming from the 6ti's, I noticed the modulation wasn't as prominent, but that is something I'll get used to. Build quality is excellent as per usual. Able to buy the braided line kit as Merlin had a discount on hope products which worked out well for me.
Mr Contini-HillThese are not just brakes - they're works of art sculpted from billets of aluminium. Quite apart from working better than other brands (and I've tried several models of Avid and Shimano before), they're much better made, easier to maintain and best of all, made in Britain, by people who care about what they do.
Mr RouseThe E4 brake is a replacement for my Avid Exiler 5's which are rubbish. The E4 has full adjustment for bite and lever. The brakes are brilliant, they have the right power and look fantastic.
GP74Beautifully made brakes with even modulation and great power to rotor. The bit point and lever reach work well, and so easy to bleed. Despite being just run it and the four pistons benefits they are a great investment in control and confidence.
Mr CrabtreeMany times I have read reviews where they say the brakes made them faster. I never understood that. I have ridden many types of AVID, SRAM, and shimano brakes and was for the most part with the brakes I was running at any given time.I usually had really good luck with whatever brand I was running at the time and had no complaints. Now that I have experienced Hopes I feel like I have cheated for many years. The brakes feel is amazing the levers feel great and has more modulation than I ever thought possible. The bleed procedure was simple and required no special tools. On the trail is where the true beauty of these shine. You always feel in control and while it does at first feel like they don't perform because I was so used to the lack of modulation others offered I soon realized how wrong I was. It's insane how much power is on tap and that mount of modulation they have. The craftsmanship is a thing of beauty and really adds to any cockpit. I am so glad I decided to drop the big names and attach these to my bike. As long as Hope continues to manufacture brakes I will be a customer.
guisado gonzalezThe best brake used by me. Manufacturing quality. Much better than my previous brakes.
Mr Guisado GonzalezThe best brakes I've ever had. Quality craftsmanship.
SharkGreat brakes, been using these for years (have the older version in addition to these). Best thing is that parts are available if you ever need to rebuild/freshen the seals. Have a very high quality feel to them, both machining and modulation/use.
Mr DuthieBest brakes I have ever had. New design even better allowing reverb actuator to be mounted under the bar.
Mr haighI've had this brake for a week now and it has proved to be excellent! The response is spot on and the power is superb!
mtbriderstnrFantastic brakes. I have used Magura MT6 and MT8, Formula (Various), Avid (Various), SRAM 9 & XO and Shimano XT /XTR In my opinion the best brakes on the market are Hope & Shimano. Shimano if you want instant on / off braking and Hope for more modulation. I love the look of the Hope with the CNC machined parts. I have Hope on 4 of my 5 mtb bikes. (The other has Shimano XT) The Tech 3 fit alot better than the 2's now they have a reservoir on the top only. I personally cant tell that they are slightly more powerful than the 2's and they feel the same. For me they look great and fit really well. The stopping power is excellent in all weather conditions. I use these with the floating discs and Hope pads. Would buy again in a heart beat.
Mr BeesleeExcellent product again from Hope, excellent brake feel and power with better pad contact for the winter wet rides. Again brilliant service from Merlin second to none on price
Mr TestaVery happy with these. Compared with the XT shimano brakes I used to run, the HOPE Tech-3 E4 are superior in all ways. I especially like how I can modulate braking power, and the feel is rock solid on my Knolly Chilcotin. Very good product. I went with the braided steel cable and I'm glad I did. Great price too!
Mr HewettExcellent quality powerful brakes with great modulation and on the fly adjustment. Highly recomended brakes. Lighter than expected too.
Del PiggReplaced an entry level Japanese brake on my Scott Genius with this model, and the increase in stopping power is to the power of ten !!. Fits perfectly on the bars with my shifters, is easy to fit and bleed and will tear the earth's crust if you pull hard enough on the lever !. A very usable brake that gives good feedback during operation. Great service and price from Merlin cycles. Cheers.
Mr NichollsThe service from Merlin was first class and the brake is just amazing. I replaced a Tektro Agura front brake after destroying the leaver when I fell off. Decided to support British industry and bought a Hope Tech3 E4. The difference in performance is enormous, so much so that I think I'll have to replace the back brake now! The quality looks superb and it was very easy to fit, no bleeding required, just 2 bolts on the calliper and 2 on the lever.
Mr BoughtonSuper brakes powerful & control. You know these will do the job if you need a sudden change of pace. Made in Britain and the build quality is on another level.
BenGreat quality again from hope, the tech 3 levers make setting up very easy. There is so much more stopping power in the new brake then the old mono. Which means light one finger braking (although there is space for two fingers if u want). No problems with over heating either as I'm running floating rotors. Personalising lever position and modulation is as simple as turning a dial. Bleeding is a little more difficult and uses slightly more fluid than my old mono brakes but easy enough. These are my third set of hope brakes, replacing my 7 year old hope M4's looking at the quality of these I have no doubt these will last just as long.
Mr WilsonHaving just upgraded from M4's which I have been running for a few years, I feel well placed to sing the praises of this brake. Excellent power; more than enough to handle anything on full enduro stages here in Scotland and modulation forever! Buy them!
Samwise!I originally preferred the look of the tech 2 levers from pictures but once these brakes turned up I immediately glad i decided to make the upgrade. You have much more room to mount the gear shifter to get a perfect setup and another added bonus is the ability to directly mount the shimano Ispec shifters without the need for any additional mounts! The callipers look better then ever and come already bled, I had to shorten one of the cable, it was a doodle and didn't require having to bleed the brake again! Highly recommended!
Max GnarcoreAfter several years of Avid and more recently Shimano I was looking for some powerful stoppers that weren't just for gravity bikes and the E4s fit the bill perfectly. The combination of the Tech3 lever and E4 caliper is superb, similar to XTR levers and Saint calipers but better. Whereas the Shimano action is precise and light, the Hopes are precise and firm there's a very tactile connection between your fingers and what's happening at the wheels. Although the Hopes are dinky little brakes like Shimanos the machining and lovely pivots gives the lever a moto feel and the way the brakes respond is quite addictive. Fitting them is straightforward and for once the brakes don't come with miles of hose that requires immediate shortening the back one was 1600 mm and the front 900. Take care to follow Hope's installation instructions the bit about setting the pistons equally is the difference between a slightly mushy feel and a proper precise set up. In use the power is just awesome but not at all wooden. One finger resting on the lever is enough to scrub off a bit of speed and a slightly firmer pull (again with one finger) starts to slow things down properly. A definite pull is stick-through-the-spokes territory and suffice it to say I've been able to go down from 200/180 rotors to 180/160 and there's still power in reserve. Really nice brakes that look and feel as though they've been carefully made in a big shed in Lancashire and not just churned out of a machine, hugely recommended.
vmgscotMoved back to Hopes after a few sets of 'disposable' makes with no spares availability. Took some patience to setup but liking the progressive feel of these and plenty powerful enough for me.
JumboBeautiful CNC craftmanship, great feel, easy to shorten hoses, and bleed. One of the main selling points on hopes for me was that replacement parts are well priced and available for years to come not like the other major players.
Mr HudsonAs always Hope prove to be head and shoulders above the competition, same performance as the previous M4 tech's but with improved lever design allowing better shifter positioning on the bars, the revised bleed valve position also prevents the risk of fluid finding its way onto the pads during bleeding and offer far easier access than the previously rear mounted valve. My only gripe is that as yet Hope have neglected address the issue of the reservoir lid bolts which are made of cheese, I have yet to own a pair of hope brakes that haven't caused me problems arising from trying to remove a lid held in place by bolts that have become rounded off with barely enough torque to prevent fluid seepage, this issue is long overdue revision and would so easily be rectified with harder bolts. All that said, I wouldn't use any other brake, unequalled looks, flawless braking and modulation, and an array of bling available in the shape of anodized bore caps, lever blades, reservoir caps etc etc, all coupled with an after sales service second to none, keep it British, keep it the best, keep it Hope :)
Glenn BlakeI changed to these brake from Hope's Race Evo M4's. I thought the Race master cylinder was very good but I wanted the adjustability of "on the fly" bite point control and tool-free reach adjustment. The new Tech 3 master cylinder is fantastic. There is also a noticeable increase in braking power, something which you should take note of. I ride trails in BC, Canada: a mix of gnarly, rooty, slippery, steep and flowy. Think North Shore, BC Bike Race, Vancouver Island type enduro / all mountain trails. These brakes and their power have allowed me to enhance my bike control and speed along the trails. As always Hope's top-of-the-line quality is evident, the set up was straight forward and the feel of the lever was superb. The calliper mount tabs are marginally thinner than previous models so you may have to cut down the supplied mounting bolts. The modulation of the brakes is top notch and allows controlled braking without locking up a wheel, particularly the rear on steep descents. I would say that the braided stainless steel Goodridge hoses are worth the small cost increase over the standard black plastic hoses. Having run both hose types the braided stainless steel do exactly what Hope say: provide more power at the calliper. The change in location of the hose mount on the calliper is a neat touch. I snagged a brake hose and bent the banjo fitting ending a ride on the previous M4 calliper, so moving the attachment point to the wheel side is another positive upgrade on the E4. I also bought and fitted Hope's new shifter adaptors for the Tech 3 master cylinder (note the older adaptors do not fit the Tech 3) which keeps my bar tidier and cleaner looking.
Miguel QueirosVery nice brakes, compact, slim and with reasonable weight, much more than previous Tech versions. The lever has a very "moto" look, IMO this is how a master cylinder should look like. Finishing quality and details are typical Hope. Merlin was the first to have these Tech 3 E4 brakes available and with a great price too. Excellent service Items dispatched promptly and safely. One happy customer.