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    Hydration packs

    Hydration packs are essentially rucksacks with a specific place to hold a drinks bladder and drinking pipe. Hydration packs vary in both size and in abundance of features. You can get small, minimalist packs. You can get massive, compartmentalised, feature-laden packs. The size of hydration packs is usually measured in litres of capacity. Most hydration packs feature a larger main compartment with minimal compartmentalisation. This is used for stowing your larger items (spare clothes, pump, inner tubes etc). Then there is the smaller, secondary compartment which is often compartmentalised into different pockets and sleeves for various smaller items such as tools, puncture repair kit etc. Some hydration packs come with bladders supplied. Others require you to purchase a bladder separately. The bite valve on the end of the drinking pipe usually has some sort of locking/off mechanism to stop any liquid coming out when it shouldn’t do (when the bag’s lying on the ground or in the back of your car etc). We stock loads of packs from Camelbak and also other brands such as Evoc.