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Mudhugger Front Guard is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Mudhugger Front Guard
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Mudhugger Front GuardMudhugger Front Guard

This item was discontinued 19th April 2023.

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Mudhugger Front Guard
The FR (Front Race) was designed with the help of World Cup and Enduro World Series riders during 2014. Weighing in at only 80g but measuring 450mm in length the FR provides awesome mud/spray stopping performance.
From the likes of tomorrow’s champs in the Rippers category to 2015 World Champion Loic Bruni, along with team mate Finn Iles, 2016 Junior World Champ, who choose to use the FR when the conditions require maximum mud protection. With various holes for fitting to different fork braces, the Fr Hugger is suitable for all wheel sizes, 26er 650B and 29er wheel. It also works on Plus wheels with tyres up to 3 inches wide in a ‘Boost’ fork.
Mr Parker I couldn't help thinking: £21 for a piece of thin moulded black plastic?! It's okay but I think there should be a 29er specific version that's a bit longer at the rear. Yes I know you can get an extension. But 2p's worth of plastic would make it more effective, as spray still comes up vertically from the wheel. Overall: Okay (And I bought the rear one as well which is huge and a bit more effective but £45+ for two bits of plastic is a bit pricey IMHO).
Deborah Excellent Mud Guard Very Light and Sturdy
phil Easy to install, a bit short for the bigger version, downtube still gets splattered with debris. Would be better longer in this area, although for a MTB it works.
Mr Oliver Awesome mudguard, offers very good coverage. I got this to use in the rear of my bike (GT SANCTION 2018) to protect the shock from mud/stones. Some other bikes can work with this setup as well.
Mr Cane Good quality and easy to install.
Vinniebiker I ended up buying two of these along with the shorty because I just didn't know how much coverage the short would give. This is the perfect guard if you ride in wet conditions a lot. it extends the front area about an inch and the back about 4 inches. this adds a lot of extra dirt flinging coverage and it still looks good on the bike.
Andy Very easy to fit and works well Good value too
Mr Hodgson Best front fender ever. Love the added touch of providing the frame protection!
Patrik Flexible mounting options, not too much space on an XC32 fork, but it fits without touching my 2.25" tyres and provides very good protection.
rupert Very easy to fit - but shuld come with reusable double sided velcro rather than cable ties (you can get this online/at homesbase etc). Fits well, could do with a flatter bit on top to better fit to fork crowns, but covers the fork seal area fully (unlike the Crud one) and provides good coverage and good looks. You can buy an extention piece - but really it shoud just be 30-50 mm longer on the rear from the off (and comes with cable ties not velcro) so 4 stars.
Mr Harrison Great for keeping the muc off and easy to fit. Excellent well made product
Niall Just gets on with doing the job! Clean face and grit free eyes at the end of the run reminds you what you’re not missing!
G Duffy Keeps mud off me and off my bike, pretty happy with that.
Josh Keeps the mud out my teeth
Jim Cathcart The best front mudguard on the market.
Mr Hussain Really pleased with this mudguard. Just stays put and my specs and eyes were nice and clean from a 200km mtb ride
Loren Put this on the front of my Sur-Ron MX and it works great.
Mr MORNIN Using this as a rear guard on Specialised Kenevo bike. Works a treat, preventing the majority of mud building up
Simon Evans Great product, easy to fit with the 6 zip ties provided. Provides just enough clearance for my 2.5" WTB convict tire and Lyric fork (non boost). Can't believe how much more protection it gives, I've had hardly any mud splashes despite many wet rides recently. Make your bike look a bit clunky but worth it for clear vision!
Mr Venter Mudhuggers are expensive mudguards which work pretty well. It wouldn't be reasonable to expect to ride a bicycle on a rainy day and not get muddy, but these keep most of the mud off of the rider. All mudguards are noisy, these aren't an exception, they flap about a bit on rough terrain and make some noises. I have fitted both the front and the rear mudguard and saliently I had no problem with mud in my eyes or on my riding glasses and my back was only a little muddy after a few hours of riding on wet off road terrain. What they do do is stop most of the mud from hitting the rider. What they don't do is shift around, fall off or miss a lot of the mud and water being thrown up by the tires. Pro's: They're easy to fit, they work pretty well, catch most of the mud and water and stay in place. Con's: They're ugly, expensive and noisy.
Jack Just the thing to keep the muck off your face now winters nearly here
Mr Francis Very happy with the mudguard, as it helps protect and maintain my mountain bike forks.
Mr harkness Fits my 29.6 wheels perfectly, stops projectiles hitting your face and looks smart .
dennis Very light and easy to fitt