Rockshox XC30TK Forks - 26" - 2014
Rockshox XC30TK Forks - 26" - 2014
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Rockshox 30 Silver TK 100mm 9mmQ/R Black TurnKey Crown Adj 1 1/8" Rim/Disc Forks - 26" - 2016

You’re a no-nonsense mountain biker. You push yourself hard and your equipment even harder. You want a lightweight fork you can count on to raise your game.

You want a fork with the performance that’ll help you beat your riding buddies without beating up your checking account. With its sturdy 32-millimeter stanchions, stiff, forged aluminum crown and the traction-packed feel of its coil spring, our Recon Silver is just the fork you’ve been looking for.

Specifications for Rockshox 30 Silver TK

  • Travel: 100mm
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Weight: 26": 2180g
  • Damping: TurnKey lockout
  • Springs: Coil
  • Adjustments: External rebound and TurnKey lockout, Spring Adjust: Preload
  • Steerer: 1-1/8" STKM steel
  • Crown: Forged 6061 T-6 externally pocketed aluminum
  • Upper Tubes: 30mm, STKM straight wall steel, Satin Nickel finish
  • Lowers: Magnesium, 9mm QR, post disc mount, V-Brake boss
  • Maximum Rotor Size: 185mm
  • Colour: Black


This exclusive technology works a lot like the Secret Service.
If you happen to hit a big rock when you have your fork locked out,
TurnKey’s patented blow-off design takes the bullet for you, absorbing the unexpected hit instantly.
When you think about it, it’s kind of noble. Compatible with both PushLoc and PopLoc remotes.

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OVERALL: Adjustable preload, rebound damping and a compression lockout make for a great entry level fork for the price, so long as you fit its weight rating. USE: I purchased this shock to replace the clapped out fork which came with my 8 year old bike, not only to rejuvenate the it, but to add some trail ability. I mostly ride around town - popping curbs and riding down stairs, so I needed something which could ride smoothly down the street but also take a hit after a jump. PROS: This shock is well put together and, while not buttery smooth, is a big step up over bargain brand units that often ship on new bikes. The preload offers 18 steps of adjustability. The knob itself has a quality feel to it. Large cutouts make it easy to grab as you rotate it through its smooth yet well defined indexing.. The rebound damping can also be adjusted between 1 of 4 levels using a plastic "key" that sticks out of the bottom of the right lower. This is not a particularly fine adjustment, but it does work effectively and covers a large range of "strength". The addition of a compression lockout is also a nice touch. While it's not quite rock solid, this is more of a pro since it lets the fork absorb small road imperfections that might otherwise get sent to the handlebars. RockShox included a small plastic brake line holder at the top of the lower that is held in place by an allen bolt. It's a small feature, but one I really appreciate. Zip ties are great and all, but this really makes everything look clean and professional. Full service manuals, parts diagrams, and recommended setup are also provided online by the manufacturer, which seems like a rarity these days. CONS: The spring that comes in this fork is a RockShox "Red" medium spring recommended for riders between 160 and 180 lbs. Being about 195, it was far too soft for my liking. Even with the preload maxed out, it wasn't enough to keep the shock from bottoming out on a heavy landing. RockShox provides a chart on their website which includes recommendations for springs, air pressure, and lubrication. If you don't fall within the weight range of the stock spring, it's likely you'll need to consult with the chart and purchase a replacement spring for around $33. While not extremely difficult, it's a massive pain to change out and gets proprietary fork oil everywhere. So, considering the hassle and additional cost, I'd recommend buying the solo air spring version of this fork (which is infinitely adjustable on the trail with use of a $30 hand pump you can strap to the side of your bike) if you are at all worried the stock spring won't match your weight or riding conditions. The rebound damping works very well, but when you turn the setting up (such that it actually does some work), it makes a very audible sucking sound. It doesn't effect the performance, but it is kind of annoying and suggestive of the construction quality.
Good shocks. I commute tens miles a day on them and they have been brilliant. Very smooth and made going up inclines much easier than my old budget forks. They were easy enough to install myself and I am totally pleased with how they look and perform on my bike.
Sticking with V-brakes limits options when choosing a new front fork. However these forks perform very well for their price, with lockout and rebound adjust as a bonus! Highly recommended.
Great forks - much better than the price may suggest. I wished to keep v-brakes, which limits the choice in new forks severely. Without that limitation, I might have spent more. As it is, I'm very glad I bought these. They work on an older hard-tail superbly. Don't be put of by the weight: on a severe up-hill a bit of extra weight up-front has it's advantages!
Great starter fork at an incredible price. This replaced the worn out OEM Manitou on a used Trek 6500. I find it to be up to the task for cross country - very responsive and controlled.
Great forks, got them to replace some cheap RST junk that came with my bike, what a difference, the feel & quality is superb, I got more than I expected for the $ ,lots of adjustments, Best entry forks on the market.
Basic, entry level fork with not much sophistication but perfect for the hybrid bike application that it was used for. Upside is that its finish is the equal of high spec RS product so it might be cheap but doesn't look cheap...
If you're wanting to rebuild and keep your old 26" wheels you don't have many options for new forks with v-brakes mounts. The xc30tk are chunky and cheap and come with lock-out, so great for mixed commute and a spot of mountain biking with the kids. Good value for money, especially with an extra 10% off at Merlin.