No Tubes - The Injector
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No Tubes - The Injector
Code: 850.AS0001
Stans No Tubes - The Injector

Makes application of tyre sealant quick and easy. Minimizes waste and mess of tyre sealant. Allows you to measure the amount injected into each tyre. Can be used to draw tyre sealant out of a tyre and re-inject into a new tyre. Saving from waste of tyre sealant when switching to new tyres.



  • Makes application of sealant quick and easy
  • Minimizes waste and mess of sealant
  • Allows you to measure the amount injected into each tyre
  • Allows transfer of sealant to new tyre without waste or mess
  • Can be used over and over
  • NOT compatible with Race sealant


Mr CampbellMade putting the sealant in so much easier.
Mr sellenhow much easier is this! should have got it sooner. add sealant with much less fuss and mess
Tricky WigginsGood for injecting sealant but poor for extracting it.
SteveMade measuring in the sealant an easy job.
Mr PowellWorked very well, never spilled a drop.
Mr MannionMakes the job a lot less messy and far easier than trying to squeeze a small bottle down the removeable core.
Mr PoissantNo complaint, work as described. I wish there was a quarter turn valve at the opening to keep the sealant from coming out while screwing the end to the presta valve.
JosephGreat, no more waste and mess on the floor.
VinnieBikerI change rear tires fairly often so bought this just to make life easier for install and fluid top ups. It's a STANS product so it should work good. It has a threaded end which is better than the others on the market which just slide onto the valve.
Mr WillcoxUsed this with my new Beto tubeless air tank inflator and together they make going tubeless so easy.
PepitoEasy to use, eliminates the mess.
Mr Jon PickupI needed to siphon off some latex solution to reuse in another tyre so this seemed the best solution. I didn't find it the easiest of processes but that was just me. As far as getting the correct amount of latex solution into a seated tyre this works very well.
Mr TakahashiIt is an essential item for adding sealant. The sealant that uses the sealing crystals will clog, so pour it directly onto the tire.
Mr DesaiBest method of getting sealant into your wheels.
Mr ReynoldsEasy to use saves excessive mess all over the work bench!
Mr ChooIts a tube injector so u know how much sealant you're putting in. no more guessing. Very pricey though.
junkyjunkyCan't wait to try this out, hoping this will save me the mess and work of unmounting and mounting a tubless tire.
MikeMakes it easy to install REGULAR SEALANT, NOT Race Sealant
Mr san pedroMust have tool specially when fitting a non tubeless ready tire
Mid-Sussex CycleThis tool is critical to reducing mess and waste when adding sealant. it is possible to go without this tool, and it is pricey for a simple tool. However, simply remove the valve core, screw this on, add fluid and inject the required amount. Recommended but costly.
Mr CrawfordExcellent product and saves a lot of mess
Mr RyanQuick and easy to use leaves no mess
NigelThomasReally helpful piece of kit; strongly recommended
JBSimple and easy to use
Mr PeglarI had watched a few videos online reviewing how you can put Stan's sealant into a tube and put small cuts into it and the sealant will 'heal' the tube. Needless to say I was intrigued and sceptical at the same time. I went ahead and purchased the sealant and Stan's 'The Injector' to put in my tubes. Luckily or otherwise I ended up with a puncture from a thorn in a tube (with removable core) the previous day. So I figured this would be the best 'test piece' as it wasn't fitted to a bike anymore and would replicate a 'good' type of punctures I get. I 'injected' half a syringe of sealant into the tube, pumped it up so the tube was hissing loudly, I then closed the valve core (after disconnecting the pump) and span it like a hoop around my arm (to mimic how it would be if fitted to a moving bike). To my amazement the hissing stopped nearly immediately and the tube kept the majority of air I had put into it. I then left it over night and checked the tube, it was still pumped up and sealed (has remained that way for around a week now). Needless to say it was promptly applied to all my bikes with removable cores. I have covered approximately 1000 miles on various bikes, both on and off road and have had no preventable punctures (stone cutting tyre side wall doesn`t count). To remove presta style valve cores you will need a seperate tool, however everything else you require is included. As a foot note, the sealant can make a mess when 'The Injector' is removed (no matter how careful you are) so make sure you keep a rag handy.
Mr FosterQuick and efficient delivery and makes the application of the sealant hassle free
PlummerThis works well for adding sealant via the valve. Just screw in the black connector to the valve (after removing the core) and use the measuring marks on the side of the syringe. Easy.
kelsallGood for measuring the correct amount but this does not come with the tool for removing the valve core on Stans valves so had to take tyre off rim and use it to pour in sealant. Was less messy than before..
parkEasy to use.. no spillage
Mr MurrayDoes the trick, makes topping up with sealant a breeze! :)
Dave PWorks fine with Schrader valves (includes tool to remove valve core) - not tried with presta yet
TomRI have successfully used conventional syringes previously. The Stan's is physically expensive, but makes the the job quicker cleaner, and less of a chore. So well worth the money if you are into tubeless.
Matt WHelps to make changing or refilling tubeless tyres a breeze!
BrianMakes adding No Tubes fluid into tyres and inner tubes very easy, no mess or waste.
Mr RobinsonSeems expensive but it works really well. Getting the slime in with minimal disturbance to the seal is worth it - given the frantic pumping I normally need to get them reseated!!
Mr ThorpMakes adding sealant a less messy affair!
BC_DogClean and easy to use. I bought this because the picture has a brass connector, but it came with the black plastic connector that everyone now carries. The Injector works well and makes the job of filling sealant a no-brainer.
Mr BaileySeems expensive but makes life so much easier - if you run tubeless get one!
Mr WakelinAs others have said, have the right tool for the job makes it much simpler and this injector just makes the job of filling the tyre with sealant so much cleaner and simpler.
Mr CrookExpensive for what it is put makes using stans sealant very easy. Good tool for the job
Mr PelleyMakes going tubeless effortless. Don't settle for less. Yes it is a 'nice to have' and not essential but for the hassle free stans injection it is perfect.
Mr MooresSo much easier than trying to pour into the tyre before completely installing it. A prime example of having the correct tool for the job and making life easier for yourself.
Mr JordanMakes a messy job simple
Mr ForsythThe screw down cap with this saves mess and also gives a good seal to remove liquid. Super service from Merlin and delivered next day
Mr HeyesIf you have hard to fit tyres, you know the ones that take two people to fit because they are that tight, this saves you and the floor from becoming covered in sealant. Even if your tyres are easy to fit it make setting up a tubeless tyre so much easier.
Mr MooreUseful and much easier than partly removing a UST tyre to top up the Stans fluid. Also works very well to inject Stans fluid into innertubes.
Frank ReidGreat idea no more breaking tire bead to install sealant
DavePerfect for adding more sealant to a tubeless tyre without having to unseat the tyre from the rim.
Mr ArmourWorks well and saves partly removing tightly fitting tyres. Easy to use . Pleased with the purchase.
Mr taylorWow v pleased with this, I know it's 'just' a large syringe with a hose and adapter but it does th job perfectly . Just make sure you wash it out carefully!! Beats levering the tyre off and trying to pour goop in through a small gap!!
Mr LogPerfect item for purpose Schrader and presta valves included
Mr worleyGood product. Helps to save the old liquid left in the tyre when you change them.
Mr HoyleVery easy to use
Mr SewellRecommended, saves mess and makes job easy.
Mr EncarnacionThe Best Tubeless Kit, I bought from Merlin Cycles and excellent value as well!
Mr WhitworthHandy for replacing old sealant without having to de-seat the tire.
Mr thorpeGreat product does the job
Jon MooreVery useful for using sealant with existing tubes. Couldn't use with the tubeless setup as Mavic valves don't have removable cores, but there you go... live and learn as they say. Have used with tubes in other bikes, so still a useful addition to my toolbox.