Vittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Folding Tyres With 2 Free Inner Tubes - Pair
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Vittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Folding Tyres With 2 Free Inner Tubes - PairVittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Folding Tyres With 2 Free Inner Tubes - Pair
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Code: TYV3CX002-PAIR
Vittoria Corsa G2.0 Folding Tyres With 2 Free Inner Tubes - Pair
The Vittoria Corsa G2.0 Foldable Clincher Tyre offers you the most cutting-edge tyre technology to hit the market in years. This comes in the form of its brilliant G+ Graphene construction. This ultra strong material offers 19% more rolling resistance than previous models whilst increasing puncture protection and lasting grip.
  • G+ Isotech rubber compound
  • 4 compounds for best speed, grip, durability and puncture protection
  • Kevlar reinforced 320TPI Corespun K casing for increased sidewall protection
  • Corespun K 320 TPI has a mixture of Kevlar® threads for casings where strength is of the essence
Mr YuIt is my 2nd pair Corsa. I like its comfort and safety .
AdrianUsing these with latex tubes and they're very nice indeed. They look grerat (when new), make a nice sound, roll very well and dry weather grip's excellent. I'm usiung GP500s on another set of wheels and these just feel nicer although it's a subtle difference. Can't comment on wet weather performance as it's been so dry. Tough to get on until I swithed the rim tape to a single wrap of TL tape pushed well into the spoke trough and then they were fine.
BarrieGreat value, good product, arrived promptly, very pleased.
Mr DaviesBrilliant Tyres fast great rolling ristentance, have used them for crit racing too.
RichThe old Corsas were fantastic but didn't last as long as similar priced competitors, hopefully the new version will. Grip and comfort is as impressive as ever, no punctures so far but hopefully the Graphene will take care of any issues there. A serious upgrade from the stock tyres your bike may come with as standard, try them !
JimmyVery good tyres, fast.
GideonGrippy, light & look good - can't go wrong
Mr KirwanSuperb tyres, grippy & fast rolling. Tan sidewalls look great when new, best to keep them dry if possible to preserve appearance.
PLMPrompt delivery. Direct replacement for my previous vittoria corsas so can attest to the quality of the tyres. Good price
Peter19decent tyres fast rolling.
Mr SimpsonRoll nicely - two 60km rides and so far so good - the main thing is -unexpectedly - these are the best looking tyres I have ever put on a bike - honestly - they will make your bike look better.
Mr StewartRolling resistance spot on, vfm spot on, and stick to the road, great tyres, bargain deal...
Mr GreenReally good tyres. After several bad experiences with schwalbe pro one tlr (punctures that won’t seal) I’m back with inner tubes. They look cool too.
Mr NunnExcellent bundle deal, easy to select for beginners who dont know much about tires. All fits and quality is perfect.
Mr MiddletonThese tyres so far seem ok, I've only done two 30 mile rides on them but they seem fine, I got the 25mm width and mounted them onto some mavic open pro's rims and they went on fine and ride well. I've got gp5000's on my summer bike and these don't feel noticebly different. I have noticed that they grip well on wet climbs, the rear wheel doesn't spin out like the tyres these replaced (Schwable Pro 1's) . Tan wall looks cool in my opinion as well. It does get dirty on the winter roads, but they clean up ok.
Chris Rowleysome of the fastest testing tires out there, and they look great!
richardGreat tyres, excellent rolling resistance, very grippy. Cheapest deal for 2 from merlin.
Mr Ostlergreat update from my previous vittoria Rubino tyres. Really happy with the grip on these. Need to go for a longer ride to give a better feel for these tyres
Mr ChoGreat tires, perfect balance of durability, grip, and feel!
Mr ShackletonOnly one ride in so far, but very comfortable and grippy. Super price, very efficient and quick shipping UK to South Korea, will definitely use Merlin again. Branded cycling good here are usually very expensive.
IOSIFI've just had my first ride with Corsa G and they rolling very well. I was expected that would be even better than Continental 4000 I usually ride with but I didn't notice any big difference. The are in the same level . Very good tires.
Phil DilkesGreat tyres, fast with great grip. Very good puncture resistance. Even better at this price.
DuaneLove these tyres. Great rolling resistance and very resistant to punctures. I used to have all kinds of issues with flats. Especially flats two or three days after my last ride. Not with these though. Been riding on them for 2 months and haven’t had a single flat. Pretty impressive since I used to get them at least every two weeks before.
robertNice posing cafe ride tyres but gumwall easily gets dirty. You'll get a season out of them if you're lucky or don't ride on UK roads.
huwRode 110 miles on these tyres to start,love the way they roll 👍
Mr ScannellLove theses tyres 👌😊
ChrisGreat tyres. I havet the 25s and use all year round. Amazing grip when you lean the bike.
Charlie PSo far so good with all Vittoria tyres. Finally found a reasonably priced tan wall option!
ChristopherFirstly these are really easy to fit to my Roval CLX 50 wheelset, I did not need a tyre lever. I can feel a big difference in the way the tyres feel compared to the GP4000 I previously used. Highly recommended and an excellent price from MerlinCycles
CjGreat deal from Merlin with the tubes included. Vittoria tyres are superb value and these look great. Fast delivery as well.
Mr LauzonExcellent price and excellent tire. Felling like a tubular tire.
Mr BaeGood tyre!! Second purchase!
Mr SiasatPerfectly fits my classic road bike. The comfort of a 25 mm tyres is very evident on this item. Used another brand before I changed to these Vittorias, it may look sturdy but really, it is very comfortable to ride on. Haven’t yet tries long ride but I guess, it would be a smooth ride for me. Thank you Merlin Cycles! More power!
TarynceGreat looking tires. They ride pretty smooth so far.
AlexLove these tyres. Purchased to replace worn ones of the same. Run at around 60 psi with latex tubes they are super smooth, fast and grippy. Never punctured.
Mr BirdAn excellent tyre that grips well in most conditions. Appears very resistant to punctures and sits well on the rims. Highly recommended.
Mr BlaserExcellent tires, good control and feel.
amicibiciThe best tyres. Great rolling, grip and aesthetics. I will definitely be purchasing more when these run out. As long as there is a good deal on!
JeanAfter 200 Km I have to admit its a pretty smooth tyre and fast too. I don`t feel a big difference with the Corsa CX which was the top of the line at 250 G its not the lighest but the 320 TPI is still there. Time will tell if the flat resistance is up to th task
Mr StretchGreat tyres. Nice and grippy and look good on the bike, although I think that they will wear fairly quickly. Seem quite wide for a 25mm and nice and snug on the rim. Fast delivery and excellent price
RussellGreat product, used many times. Usually expensive but a great deal at Merlin even in Canada.
Mr CrawfordNice fast tyres at a competitive price. 28mm width gives a smooth ride. I use the 25mm version on another set of wheels and have, so far, proved to be durable and perform well.
NorbertoExcellent grip, soft and puncture resistant tyres
DuncanFantastic tyres, great price and fast delivery! Had these for a while and never had a puncture! Awesome stuff
Mr bladonThese are the worst tyres I have ever bought. They were impossible to put on by hand and I had to resort to tyre levers costI got me the 2 free inner tubes. Now I know why you get them. They also cost me a great deal of skin on my fingers, thumbs and palms. They wont sit correctly on the rim at the valve. The tyre wont bed into the bead properly causing a slight hump which makes for uncomfortable riding as it feels like you are going over s bump each revolution. On only second ride in Majorca got a pinch puncture and neither I or the ride leader could get the tyre off. Had to rely on someone with builders hand to get them off and on. Now have no confidence with these especially when riding on my own. So will be going straight int the bin and Ill get some Michelin endurance like those I did thousands of miles on and no punctures.
Mr liebenbergBeen riding Vittoria Corsa CX tyres for racing for over 20 years. With the new Corsa G+ Vittoria has raised their game. Excellent tyres now available in 25mm provides a more comfortable ride
Mr MayerMy favorite road tyre ever. Great grip. Last forever. I've never had a puncture with one. I have them on four different bikes.
Mr HoughGreat tyres, great looks, seem to be pretty puncture resistant so far
DavidSuperb tyre for spring & summer riding. I find them to be fast rolling, plenty of grip and puncture resistance. Not high mileage but my last set saw nearly 2,000 miles, so thats plenty for the performance.
Loose cogThese tyres are great looking on most older retro builds. Ride quality very good
Tom DumpulinPeople have had problems with punctures. These people are not riding their bike correctly. Stay away from the gutter, inflate daily, make sure there is no glass / other crap in your tire once or twice a month and remove it with a small screwdriver if there is any problem with them. 4k miles on bad California roads and I have had 0 punctures. If you are fat, you will get flats, lose weight on a more durable tire then but faster tires like these.
joeyReceived my tires just recently and went for a 40 miles test ride. I was little sceptical of the gray; however, they look great. They are amazing. They are the lightest ive used and the rolling resistance was as expected. Great tire, great price and best of all fast delivery. Thank you!
FrankBest road feel of any tire I've ridden (Conti, Michelin). They do wear faster than GP's, but it's worth it to me.
RHMVery happy with these tyres. Feel fast and give you confidence in the corners. Tan sidewalls look great too.
Mr GramaThe best tyres I ever used. Brilliant look on my Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon wheels. The rolling resistance is awsome, also the grip in corners.
MarkThese are the best clincher tires period, this is my 4th set. Merlin`s special price only makes them that much better, Merlin is my to go to cycling mail order house.
Mr AYDINI've been using it for about two years (700x23mm). I used it on two different bikes. One was a road bike with disc brake. I used it with DT Swiss R23 rim set. I was very pleased with the handling. The brake distance is also quite good. It stays within a short distance. I used it with Cole Rollen Elite for a year. It gave good reactions with these rims. I was very pleased. Soft, comfortable and fast and very safe. I now ordered the 25 mm.
MattGreat tires. Super fast, grippy and so far pretty durable. Even better deal getting them from Merlin.
Mr XOne of the best clincher tyres out there. Roll fast, decent puncture protection. Reasonably light!
GabrieleA very usefully combined, well priced set. The tyres roll really smoothly (and look good, too).
BenThese tyres are great. The look the part, roll beautifully and - in this case - were nice and easy to mount.
Mr Sprague aka gMoneyAs this will be my third pair of Corsas I can only say one thing, these tires are simply the best for my riding which is mostly urban with a fair amount of country roads thrown in the mix. Supple, Strong, with plenty of Stiction in the corners. Buy em .... Amen!
VinceGreat quality, easy fitted on my mavic kysriums, feel grippy and 25mm soak up the small bumps and bargain price.
Mr CarlosBest competition clincher tires I've used, not really for training since they are not the most durable ones
EricSuper tires! Installed easy, setup perfectly on the bead with no fiddling. Immediate KOM on a local segment I had ridden 20+ attempts. I ran these with the Vittoria Lite tubes, and the feel is superb. Smooth and speedy. I did have a puncture on my 2nd ride, which was a little unfortunate. It was a rugged road, with gravel and glass, and these being purebred race tires, I would not hold that as a strike against them. Very good looking as well!
Mr JonesFantastic grippy tyres, look great too.
NickWhat more can you say about these that hasnt already been said? Pretty much perfect tyres for the summer..
Mr BradleyA very nice pair of tyres that compliment any bike looks wise, they really do look good on a bike. Very easy to fit onto my wheels and roll very well. I've not put a lot of miles on these tyres yet, so time will tell how durable and puncture resistant they are.