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Schwalbe Pro One TLE Addix-Race Evolution Folding Road Tyre - 700c is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Schwalbe Pro One TLE Addix-Race Evolution Folding Road Tyre - 700c
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Schwalbe Pro One TLE Addix-Race Evolution Folding Road Tyre - 700c

This item was discontinued 12th March 2024.

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Schwalbe Pro One TLE Addix-Race Evolution Folding Road Tyre - 700c
Tubeless Easy high-end road bike tyre. Speed and control at the highest level. The best road bike tyre Schwalbe has ever developed. With the latest Souplesse Carcass construction that integrates Tubeless Easy technology in the most progressive way. Pro One is the benchmark for Tubeless road bike tyres, because no other tyre provides the rider with as much control and safety as the Pro One. The riding characteristic is similar to the smooth behavior of a classic tubular tyre. And it's fast. The integrated Tubeless Easy technology and the new ADDIX Race Compound are an unbeatable combination for maximum speed. At the same time, the Pro One remains controllable at all times - on the fastest descents, in extreme cornering, in all conditions. In addition to the high protection level of the TLE technology, the high-tech fabric V-Guard protects against cuts and punctures.
  • Evolution line tyre
  • TLE (tubeless easy)
  • Addix-Race compound
  • Folding tyre
  • Available in black
  • Weight: 245g (700 x 25mm)
  • 127EPI  
Mr McClelland These tubeless tires were easily installed on my Reynolds rims ( 21mm inside diamter ), contrary to what some reviewers noted. I believe they are good value for an excellent race quality tire.
Ally Booth I bought these on the back of having just covered 3200 miles on my last pair. My previous pair were the 25mm versions and were set up tubless on my hunt 50 carbon wheels. I had 3200 care free miles on these, with no punctures or blow outs. This was the reason i went straight back to these but opted for the 28mm for a bit more comfort and arguably not at the cost of any speed according to the science. Anyway these arrived on time and i got them for an absolute bargain at 34.99 each. Fitted easy, just like my old pair and off i went out on my first ride. Then thats when disaster struck. I got a massive blowout on the rear tyre after about 28 miles, first ride on these and i couldnt beleive it, sods law. Forunately i wasnt far from home and the stans race sealant done a pretty good job so i managed to ride home. I immediately inspected the tyre and there was a large lasceration about half the size of a 5 pence piece (remember them). So a bit of a mixed review, my previous tyres were obviously amazing and on that basis i would highly recommend these, extremely disappointed that i managed only 28 miles out of a brand new rear tyre, obviously bad lukc played its part and i suppose having 3200 miles out of my old pair i shouldnt grumble! The biggest problem however is that there is no stock of the 28mm left on merlin or on the internet it seems. Patiently waiting on these to come back in stock and hopefully at the bargain price i paid.
Dan These are my go to tires for all around commuting and general light gravel. Living in the PNW I've ridden these for 1000's of miles in all sorts of conditions and tarmac. Only 1 puncture that was rapidly stayed off by sealant. A big return on investment!
Andy Piece of cake to install on Roval slx 24 rims on Specialized Roubaix. Used track pump didn’t even need to take valve core out to get seated. Now run at 75psi instead of 100psi.Bargain price at Merlin.
Auldmanbob Easy put on... track pump only to set on bead ..sealant in .. happy.. fast rolling comfy tyre ..... not so happy when punctured .. the sealant did work eventually as it was a 2 /3mm cut .. got me home .. decided to patch the hole to be on the safe side ... half an hour to brake the bead on one side and was unable to get the tyre of the other ... I have changed many tyres before but never had a problem like this...just so tightly mounted on the bead .. hence only three stars
Mr Scotcher Brilliant tubeless tyre. Easy installation, on my wheel in a couple of minutes, no need for tyre levers . I can't recommend these enough.
David Great tyres, very supple and gives a comfortable ride, I run the 28c at 65psi front and 70psi rear, bike and rider weight of 82kg
Mr Cole Wonderfully supple tires. Purchased these to go on my Campagnolo Shamal wheel set. The tubeless set-up was effortless...really.
Mr Minelli I love the new Schwalbe's. They are soft and supple and they come as advertised and look forward to many great miles.
Mr Khryshcheniuk tires are really light 280g in size 30. sizing is way smaller than before: on my rims size 30 measured smaller than previous generation 28. Putting the tire on the rim is very easy, didn't even have to use tire levers. Easily popped the tire with a floor pump. used 50ml of sealant per tire. The tires constantly loose air through the sidewalls: very slowly but you have to pump the tires up every time you go for a ride. Didn't manage to get the sidewalls to seal completely. Adding more sealant didn't help. The ride quality is fantastic. Super comfy, grippy and roll fast.
Ian Good tyres. Slightly faster than the older Pro One. Generous sized for 25c - mine measure about 27mm on 19mm rims compared to the older model which measured slightly wider at 28mm.
Russ2.1 Really easy to get on to the rim, they feel smooth and the grip is brilliant.
John Bought 30mm to fit on 18mm rim. Front went on first attempt. Rear took at least 10 attempts with an Airshot @ 160psi to sit and leaked a lot of sealant. Once fitted though have had no issues.
Mr Jackson Bought in 25mm for TT set up after using 28mm on a super wide set of wheels. The tyres wear in after a few rides, fast, comfortable and confidence inspiring. True to size on 19/20mm internal width wheels and very easy to set up tubeless. Merlin are my go to independent bike shop online. Very good as always
Mr will 届いて直ぐにwh6800 に装着。かつてはfusion3チューブレスタイヤを泣きながらつけたのは遠い昔。チューブレスレディとはいえ此処までブラッシュアップされてるとは。装着は手で余裕。ビードもフロアポンプで難なく上がり、これなら普段使いは怖くないですね。走行感は、付近を試走した感じですが、転がりは程々に感じましたが、最大空気圧で全く跳ねないので、多分早いタイヤと思います。ここ最近一気にチューブレスタイヤが各社発売し始めていますが、十分その需要を感じられる製品でした。チューブラーも使用してますが、チューブラーとはやはり違い、どちらも素晴らしいですね。価格だけが国内価格ではおいそれとは手が出しにくい価格ですが、こちらの通販価格であれば、お値段以上かと思います。チューブレスカーボンホイールだとどうなるのか新たな物欲が湧いてきます。
Andre Decided to convert my Campag Bora WTO with 19mm internal rim from clinchers to tubeless but read and viewed many horror stories on problems with fitting Schwalbes. I had bought slightly older 28mm Scwhalbe Pro One tubeless and they were very tough to get on, needed levers, loads of soapy water and another pair of hands but managed it. My mistake, they didn't clear fork and rear brakes so replaced with the 2020 25mm version and fitted easily, only small help with a lever. Don't know if the 2020 28mm would be as easy. I can't comment yet on their longevity but no punctures yet. But the biggest plus for me is how much better they are compared to my Schwalbe Pro One clinchers. I guess I am comparing pretty much the same top end tyre from the same company so it's a good comparison. I feel myself going faster so rolling resistance must be lower, and there is more grip in corners. They use the word souplesse in their blurb and although this could be just marketing guff, I do feel they provide more connection with the road and give you more confidence. So far very pleased with my purchase.
Mr Jordan Superb tyre, latest version of this tyre, and feels sublime as a tubeless tyre, I ran this with 45psi and it soaked up all the road bumps so it feels like nothing is there.
Mr Goff Fantastic ride from these 30mm tyres - not sure if the big improvement is down to the increase in width from 25mm or switching from Mavic to Schwalbe, but either way I'm very pleased. Easy to fit onto my Mavic Ksyrium elite wheels too - just a little soapy water and a standard track pump was all that was needed.
Mr Sogrowiczuk Easy to get on rim, inflates tubeless very easy and rolls really well , what more do you want , have this compound on both sets of wheels I have and works well on road and loose gravel
Yoon I haven't compared this with other high-end tires, but it seems to roll well. It is light as well, very close to the weight claimed. Easy to install. The only downside is, as well known, that it is actually narrower than 28mm. I am using these with 19mm inner width rims.
Phil T Only put ~100km on these so far, but grip and comfort seem good. Tubeless setup with Hunt 4 season wheels was straightforward.
Ms Voisey Arrived speedily and they are fantastic tyres. They definitely reduce road noise are a comfortable ride, big thumbs up would recommend
Mr lloyd Superb tyre, very easy to fit and fast rolling.
Graham Easy to fit, and inflated with a normal track pump. Very comfortable feel with the 30 mm tyres. Little sign of wear and no punctures so far, after 1000km. Faster than the tyres that came with the bike, but I have no comparison with equivalent from other brands e.g. GP5000.
Mr Rogers Fitted by hand!. Pumped up by normal track pump!. After fitting I've done 350 miles with no issues. Tires haven't punctured over lanes/main roads. Was confident enough to buy a back up set while on special offer. I've run tubeless for 2 years and these were a joy to fit compared to previous tires.
john Excellent tubeless tyres,easy to fit and fast
gavin Went from vittoria corsa speeds to theses, omg what a difference, less road feed back like riding on clouds, roll very well and handle great too, great service from Merlin once again thanks
stuart Moved up to 30mm from 28mm and has added to an already comfortable ride. Great grip too.
Andrew Always use these tyres. This latest version are easier to mount than the previous ones.
Mr Saga These are a really great all rounder tyre, I use them on light gravel pavement etc, and when used tubeless as I do you can lower the pressure and the ride comfort is awesome, price is slightly high but you get a great tyre, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Mr MYAZK Very well balanced tires. Rolling resistance, grip performance, puncture resistance, etc. are all high quality.
ys 箱なしのバルク品ですが実測重量246gとほぼカタログ通りの重量でした。乗り心地も旧版より良くなっていて、タイヤのインストールもスムーズです。更にグリップも良くなっていて、とても気に入りました。
Peter Fitted easily and seem much more durable than the previous Pro1. A great tyre but 28 measures as old 25 so size up if you want wide tyres.
NaoR134 チューブレスレディ(シュワルベはチューブレスイージーの呼称ですが)としては非常に軽量です。6 Bar運用ですが乗り心地も良く、漕ぎだし、ヒルクライムでの軽量さと相まって非常に良いタイヤです。一方で空気は今まで使っていたGP5000 チューブドタイヤ(チューブはブチル)と比較して空気は抜けやすく、同じトップグレードのレースタイヤなのになぁといった感じ。ロット間差のようですが、1本は1週間たつと3~4 Barまで低下してしまいます。乗る前に空気を入れる習慣があれば問題ないとはいえ、もうちょっと持って欲しいところではあります。週当たりの低下が1 Bar程度で済めば、日常使いやブルベにも最適と思います。
Mr Large Excellent grip and for the performance, if the last set are anything to go by, last quite well, .
Mr Green No problems mounting these with a regular Joe Blow track pump. Not even leaking without added sealant. The first solo corona ride was 37.2 km/u avg, so rolling resistance must be low. Now hoping for longer life than its predecessor.
Galen Great tire, and now fits more accurately on normal rims. The 30c of this is exactly the same size as the previous generation 28c. As far as ride feel, it is noticeably more springy, I would recommend dropping tire pressure slightly compared with older tires. Cornering performance is great as you'd expect and seems to roll smoothly.