It is one of the ironies of cycling that the better your brakes are the faster you can ride. Knowing that you have powerful and controllable brakes on hand really helps you have the confidence to tackle challenging and steep terrain and to ride at high speeds that you wouldn't really fancy doing if your brakes were a bit ropey. The majority of mountain bikes these days run hydraulic disc brakes and they are indeed a modern marvel. There's no going back to any rim brakes or cable actuated system once you've experienced proper disc brakes. Whichever system your bike takes, buy the best brakes you can afford. There's no other component on your bike that is as important or influential to your ride experience.

  1. MTB Brake Pads

    Brake Pads

    Sintered, organic, resin. Official replacements pads from Shimano, Avid, Formula and Hope as well as quality aftermarket pads from EBC, Ashima, Jagwire and others.
  2. MTB Brake Levers

    Brake Levers

    Mountain bike levers and cyclocross cross top levers.
  3. MTB Brake Cables & Hoses

    Brake Cables & Hoses

    Disc brake hoses, braided hoses, olives, inserts, barbs and complete kits.
  4. MTB Disc Brakes

    Disc Brakes

    Hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes from Shimano, Avid, Hope, Formula and other premium brands.
  5. MTB Disc Brake Rotors

    Disc Brake Rotors & Spares

    Rotors, mounts, brackets, mineral oil, bleed kits, bar-shifter mounts and various adapters.
  6. MTB V Brakes

    V Brakes

    Standard V-brakes, mini Vee brakes and linear pull brakes for cyclocross.