Kask seemingly came out of nowhere and in just over ten years have earned themselves a place at the top table of cycling helmet brands.

They are an Italian company that started up in 2004. And when we say Italian we mean Italian in manufacture as well as in design. Kask helmets are all entirely made in Italy. They make helmets for other markets than cycling – skiing, mountaineering, construction – but it’s cycling that has become their biggest focus.

Kask helmets are among the lightest available but they don’t compromise on protection, adjustability, comfort or durability. This lack of compromise does mean that Kask helmets ain’t cheap.

A key factor in Kask’s helmet design is aerodynamics. Their helmets are among the most aerodynamic helmets currently yet developed. This is especially true in the market of decently vented helmets. With Kask you don’t have to wear a hot ‘potty’ on your head to be efficient against the wind.

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