1. MTB Handlebar Grips

    MTB Handlebar Grips

    Traditional slide-on and modern lock-on grips in all sorts of colours and styles.
  2. Road Bike Handlebar Tape

    Road Bike Handlebar Tape

    It's always nice to slap on some new bar tape. Treat yourself to some of the good stuff.
  3. Handlebars


    Drop bars in carbon fibre or aluminium in all sorts of widths, drops and reach. Also includes integrated stem handlebars.
  4. Headset Spares

    Headset Spares

    Spacers, top caps, star fangled nuts and that sort of thing.
  5. Headsets


    Make sure you choose the right one! There are lots of different headset standards and they aren't interchangeable.
  6. Pedals & Cleats

    Pedals & Cleats

    Clipless pedals and cleats for Shimano, Look, Speedplay, Campagnolo, Time and many others.
  7. Saddles


    Saddles are a personal thing but more often than not it's getting the correct shape and support that's key, not going for the most padded one.
  8. Seatpost Collars

    Seatpost Collars

    Make sure you measure the outer diameter of your frame's seat tube. Don't just go off your seatpost's markings.
  9. Seatposts


    Layback or inline? Alloy or carbon? Black or bling? We'll have a seat post to suit.
  10. Stems


    Changing a stem can transform how a bike handles and fits. Different lengths, different rises, even different materials are available.
Road Bike Hadlebars, Stems, Seatposts, Pedals & More

Chances are some of the components that your bike came supplied with aren't exactly to your specification or taste. You may want to try a wider bar, with a shallower drop. You might be thinking of switching to a different type of clipless pedal. You can tweak the pedalling efficiency of your bike by swapping to a seat post with less layback. Then there's the jewellery opportunities of upgrading to a shiny new headset or slapping on some fresh new bar tape. And let's not forget the seemingly endless earch for The Perfect Saddle!