Rockshox started out in 1989 in North Carolina before moving a few years later to California.  Its founders were Paul Turner and Steve Simons, Turner worked for Honda as a mechanic for their Motocross team.  It was this job role that gave Turner all the contacts he needed to Start Rockshox.  
Simons was also involved in Motocross and designed a Shock that went on to form the back bone of Fox Racing.  The two hooked up together and began Rockshox in Turners garage along with his wife.  In 1989 Greg Herbold became their test rider and went on to be the first downhill champion to win a race using suspension forks.  The company gained some finance and quickly knocked up 100 forks based on the winner’s model and they were snapped up in an instance. 
After just 8 years in operation Rockshox had notched up sales of over 1 million forks and in 1996 was listed on the U.S stock market.  In recent times SRAM bought out the company and Rockshox are now part of the same family as Avid, Truvativ and Zipp.
Rockshox make a number of products for the cycle market and their suspension can be seen in use by Professional riders all over the globe. Rockshox recognise that every rider is unique so they have made sure that their range of shocks are the most adjustable on the market. 
User-friendly engraved adjusters, measuring gradients, trail tuning pocket guides and downloadable instructional videos featuring all their own STU mechanics which make all their features incredibly easy to use.  Rockshox know that great suspension means a great ride. 



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