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Forza Cirrus Road Clincher Wheelset
Forza Cirrus Road Clincher Wheelset

This item was discontinued 17th June 2016.

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The Forza Cirrus wheels are a great set of aluminium clincher wheels, weighing just 1.6kg, with flat aero spokes and fully forged hubs, this wheel set preforms incredibly well considering the price range.  These wheels react well and accelerate when you need them to, holding speed well and   exercising excellent control against more expensive wheels.


Cycling Weekly comments:

Getting a decent set of wheels for under £400 is a tall order – inevitably bringing the ‘strong, light and cheap’ equation to the fore.  


  • Good acceleration
  • Stiff
  • Robust
  • Reasonable price


  • No much

So at £169.99 this is a great offer!


  • Lightweight, high performance wheelset
  • Flat aero spokes and fully forged hubs
  • Cartridge bearings front and rear
  • Weight : 1.6kg
  • Weight front wheel : 675g
  • Weight rear wheel : 925g
  • Max. recommended rider weight : 95kg
  • Max. recommended tyre pressure: 8bar (115psi)
  • Use : Road, triathlon and TT


  • Type : Clincher
  • Brake surface : CNC machined Brake surface
  • Rim height : 27mm
  • Rim width : 19,4mm
  • ETRTO size : 622
  • Recommended tyre sizes : 19 to 28mm - Wheelset does not include rim tapes


  • Material : Cold forged lightweight alloy hub
  • Bearings : Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Cassette body options  : Shimano/Campagnolo: 10/11s, HG: 9/10s
  • Axle : Alloy
  • Spoke type : Stainless steel butted aero spoke
  • Nipples : Alloy

Front Wheel

  • Spoke count : 20
  • Spoke lacing : Radial
  • Spoke length : 270mm

Rear Wheel

  • Spoke count : 24
  • Spoke lacing : 2 Cross laced (drive and non-drive side)
  • Spoke length drive side : 278mm
  • Spoke length non – drive side : 282mm

Please Note: Wheels Supplied Without Skewers

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Fantastic price - as light as my old ultegras - they seem to be pretty strong too, I hit a bit pothole yesterday but no sign of the wheels going out of true.
Paid for next day delivery - worked perfectly. Wheels themselves are amazing - they look great, spin well and weigh less than the Fulcrums they replaced. Cornering is pin-sharp as well. Faster, lighter, hopefully more durable hubs too, from the look of them. An absolute bargain.
Having consistently had spoke breakages with one bike and then the same issue with the fulcrums on my road bike I was looking for something with some strength. The other reviews on this wheelset were good enough to tempt me and I've been very pleased. They seem strong and good quality. Performance wise they give me what I need, I'm not the fastest rider anyway, but I haven't noticed any change from the fulcrums in that regard.
Very good wheels are spinning great, feel for them, acceleration, recommendable, low weight
I genuinely achieved an extra 2 mph on my top speed on a stretch I know well, with all other variables being the same. At this price, a bargain and performance enhancing upgrade from the Shimano CR20's that came with my Ribble Gran Fondo. Thanks, Merlin!
Absolutely fantastic wheels. After taking weeks to decide on a wheel upgrade I decided on the 4ZA Cirrus and so pleased I did. I have done a couple of hundred miles now on these wheels and I can honestly say they are the best wheels I have ever used . The build quality is excellent and the wheels are beautifully balanced with the rims machined smooth and true. They spin forever true and smooth. The clincher tyres could be fitted with little effort due to the slightly wider rim. They are fairly stiff but this gives you good acceleration and speed and they hold the road beautifully. The freewheel is fairly noisy which might not be to everyones taste but the looks and quality of these wheels are excellent and a bargain price from Merlin. Merlin service was exceptional with the wheels arriving beautifully boxed less than 48 hours after they were ordered. Highly recommended
I am Captain sceptical when it comes to a lot of upgrades and have probably read too many posts re wheel upgrades as there are so many variants. I've had these wheels for a few weeks now. I needed a set of wheels which were first and foremost strong and rigid - my frame has very little gap between the tyre and the area by the brake mount, anything above that in terms of reducing rolling resistance and weight is a bonus. First of all brilliant service from Merlin and the courier. I ordered the white set which look fab on my black/red Pinnarello. Just by holding them against my current rims I could tell they were lighter. Set them up and spun the wheels and they just kept spinning - nice noise from the freehub too. Anyway I've racked up a few hundred miles now and all I can say is wow! Its night and day comparing with my old Shimano R500's. They don't flex (I'm 13.5 st, 6ft) like the R500s did, I can't believe how quick they accelerate as well. I'm a reasonably competent cyclist and based on my experience of how these have significantly improved my performance and more importantly enjoyment of the sport, I can't see why you'd want to spend any more on a wheel upgrade than this. I love them.
Lively and responsive. Good training wheels and good enough to race also. Five star
My first set of wheels with cartridge bearing. They are outstanding such a smooth ride after the old wheels. Would not go back to the old type.
Fantastic set of wheels. Ridden many pairs costing upto 5 x as much & I can honestly say these are as good. Was a bit iffy about paying so little but would highly recommend them.
Only just had these out on the icy roads, but so far so good - super fast, super light and at a remarkable price.
Superb value at discounted price. Rock solid wheelset, quality build. Great service - arrived within 48 hrs. Highly recommended.
Arrived in perfect condition. I checked the weight of the wheels and they are as claimed which makes a change. The rims on both wheels are perfectly straight. The spokes seem to be of even tension helped by the shorter spokes on the drive side to achieve the right dish without too much drive side strain. Spokes will be easy to change or adjust if needed in the future as they are simple j bend spokes. The hub axles feel smooth and well packed with grease so should roll well once they are bedded in. Overall the wheels have a nice finish and look a cracking deal even at a much higher price than I paid.They are now on my best bike being the lightest wheels I now own. Waiting for a fine Spring day......
Nice wheels. Light, stiff, attractive & quality seems good. I got black so I don't have to clean my bike so much. Using mine with 10 speed SRAM rival without any problems. Just need to put some miles in now.
At this very reasonable price you're well served with a perfect set of wheels for a medium sized guy (75kg). The design is nice, small, no nonsence hubs, easy rolling bearings and the best performance I have experienced in years. Reference is Bontrager Lite-X at x3 times the cost. A great bargain.
Great wheels for the money. Plenty stiff enough when out of the saddle and very light considering they are deep ish in the rim. My weighed in at 1680 grams without skewers.
Excellent wheels, Big difference compared to my old set (Easton EA30). I weigh 98 kg and manufacturer's recommendation for weight is max 95 kg, however, I do not have problems with the wheels.
Really happy with the wheels. They look brilliant on my red/white bike (got the white ones). Bearings are really good, however, the free wheel makes some periodic noise which I'll have to inverstigate a bit further. Not sure where the 1600 g comes from though. Mine weighted in at 730 + 960 g = 1690 g. Still, 500 g shaved off my cassette-upgraded stock wheels (with lighter tyres and tubes helping with about half of it I would guess), reducing the total rotating mass (incl QR) from 3.1 kg to 2.6 kg. Weight and free wheel noise reduce one star, but overall, a great value upgrade from stock wheels (from now on aka winter wheels).