Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels 2013
Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels 2013Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels 2013Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels 2013Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels 2013
Code: FULCRUM-R3-2016
Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels 2016 model, Front & Rear set - clincher fitting

2016 Racing 3 wheels are ideal for both racing and for everyday training.

  • Differentiated rim heights – 24mm at front for optimal manoeuvrability; 30mm at rear for optimal power transfer
  • Oversized hub body in aluminium, painted white, gives strong lateral stiffness while reducing weight.
  • Fulcrum 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheel, double the number of spokes on the drive side for greater wheel stability and improved power transfer in the rear wheel. 16 straight pull aero spokes on front wheel, 21 on rear.
  • Fulcrum Dynamic Balance keeps the Racing 3 wheels perfectly stable but is achieved in the rim milling process rather than spokes in the Racing 5.
  • Milled rim to reduce the peripheral weight of the rim, increasing reactivity.
  • Weights: Front 670g, Rear 885g


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These are an upgrade of sorts to previous OEM Fulcrum Racing 4. I have only ridden about 200 km with these but first impression is that tyres seem solid and responsive. Most significant difference to my experience is better uphill power transfer. I use Specialized Roubaix Armadillo Elite 23 mm tyres as roads I ride are riddled with maintenance work and so far no flats or other problems with this combo.
Nice wheels light, roll well with a light tyre on, aero spokes do make a difference! Campag record cup cone adjustment..No cartridge bearings to hammer in! Only gripe if your frame is stiff the wheels do flex a bit on a climb when power goes in..but something got to give on a stiff frame. Good price, good delivery from Merlin. Net shopping has it should be!
These wheels have not disappointed. Light and seem faster than my previous wheels. Seem to be making my hill climbing easier and acceleration is good. Others say they look nice and the white paintwork matches my white bike. Early days but happy so far.
Done 300 + miles on these and really happy. Roll and accelerate well and appear to be tough enough-would suggest that they are for heavier (80 kg and over) riders. They look good too!
Merlin's service was outstanding. I received the day after ordering and was kept updated with the delivery cycle. The wheels are a delight. I replaced my stock wheels on my 2013 Allez Elite and the decrease in weight and increase in speed is significant, I gained over 2kmh on my average speed on a short 30km loop.
First wheel upgrade I've ever had, I took them in to Yorkshire and rode some 20-25% climbs and they were noticeably easier than the previous wheel set. When you stand up and dig in they just start to have that 'whoosh' you get from the deeper rimed wheels. I am very happy.
Exceeded my expectations. These and the Ultegras are probably the 2 best low spoke wheels for heavier riders like myself, 109 kg. These are a little stiffer than the Ultegra 6800 they replaced and look much nicer. Installing Michelin Pro Race 4 SC tires didn't require tools but requires a little patience and knowhow. Keep the bead's centered on the rim as your working around and your hands will thank you. I can't comment on the aluminum hub's durability yet but I'm sure it won't hold up as well as Shimano's steel hub.
Replacing Shimano RS10 on my Cannondale Synapse. These are lighter stiffer and true. I`ve ridden 400km on them attaining a significant number of Strava PB's on familiar routes. Slightly more jarring ride, seems stable and gives confidence on speedy descents and in crosswinds. Only disappointment is some swarf within the front wheel whichrattles if you gently spin the wheel-I'm not sure if it is possible to get this out-I haven't tried. Super quick delivery. Overall very pleased with purchase.
I bought these as an upgrade for my son's Trek and he loves them. Every week I get at least one text saying how great these wheels are. They came fitted with Continental's at a very good price - my son's impressed with the wheels, I'm impressed with Merlin.
Had been running 100 miles with this new wheelsets, it is really responsive, faster than my GIANT wheels. The wheels is really strong, stiff, highly recommended.
Best factory clincher wheelset I have ridden. They outperformed my expectations in a recent training race, which included windy flat sections, steep climbs and twisty descents with weathered pavement. Stainless spokes keep the ride comfortable and the hubs are basically Campag Record, so all around just a very high quality wheelset.
Bought these to replace my stock Mavics aksium's that came with my cube. They made such difference that I could keep up and overtake my group I ride with. The Merlin team were very helpful and it was nice to be able to pick the phone up to chat prior to my purchase, something I could not do with the so called "big online retailers"
These wheels really shine after putting a couple hundred miles on them. They're stiff and responsive without being overly harsh. Dropped about a pound and a half from my bike immediately upon install. On a freehub loudness scale of 1-10 (10 being the Loudest Zipp's) these are about a 4. The white hubs look great. I have a 10-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain and chainset with a 10-speed Ultegra Cassette and these wheels fit fine without the supplied Fulcrum spacer but be sure consult a mechanic if you are not sure. Overall, I'm very happy with these wheels. Probably the best aluminum wheelset at this price range. It definitely rivals some of the mid-to-upper end Mavic Wheels.
Fantastic set of wheels! Spin up very quickly and are just 180 grams heavier than my climbing set. Awe inspiring descents as they're stiffer. The ride doesn't suffer though; not a negative thing to say on these wheels, very pleased with the quality and price.
Upgrade from Fulcrum 7. WOW! Huge difference. I can feel and time the difference. (5+ minutes off of 20km commute. Other rides less easy to nail down specific time saving but pace is up about 1.5 kph) They spin up faster and I climb better. Yes, I know that's what was supposed to happen; it's basic physics, but I am so happy with the performance. Plus, they look great and the free hub is not as loud when coasting down hills. Thanks MerlinCycles for supplying great products and service.
Good solid race/training wheel. Roll smooth. Responsive enough. Nice q/r skewers. Haven't used them tubeless yet so don`t know about that. .yep recommend them
This is my second set of Fulcrum 3 racing wheels, weighing in at 110 Kg, I need something solid to ride on
I bought these wheels on the basis of the reviews in magazines and on Merlin and they are fantastic. The wheels are light and very responsive and have made a great addition to my Focus. I absolutely love them and would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a top quality wheelset without spending huge amounts of cash. Highly recommend Merlin service as good as ever.
Excellent wheels. Very light and run true, but are a slightly harsher ride than my last Bontrager rims
I have been riding 2011 Fulcrum Racing Zero tubular wheels for three seasons and like them so much I decided to add a clincher set to my collection. The racing 3 clinchers with the white hubset looks awesome on my celeste~white 2012 Bianchi. The hub is practically silent which is really cool! That surprised me because my racing zero set has quite a ratchet sound. These spin and ride nice and are a great set of wheels. The Merlin price was by far the best I have seen anywhere for this wheelset.
I upgraded stock wheels of my Giant TCR 1 aluminium bike with these bad boys. What a difference! Climbing is not a torment now, I tend to use 2 gears lower than usual. Craftsmanship is superb, freewheel has a nice sound it the wheel has a nice humming sound while rolling. These are good training wheels without spending a fortune.
Awesome wheels. My average speed increased on my first ride with these. Light, strong and they look good. I weigh 180 lbs and didn't notice any flex. Good service from Merlin. Would highly recommend.
These were bought as an upgrade to set of Mavic Aksium Clinchers (2013) for a Stevens Izourd (2013). Ive been pleasantly surprised at the reduction in rolling resistance provided by the excellent bearings and the overall weight proving far easier and punchier to accelerate up to speed. Another surprising aspect is how well they maintain speed. Poles apart from the Aksiums. I was anticipating these would be my training / all round wheel as I begin to venture into competitive cycling - and seeing as they maintain speed so well, I think I will use them for Tts as well. I live in Lancashire and so climbing is second nature to me. On a nearby 20% climb I decided to sit in and power up this climb to test these vs. the Aksiums and was amazed at the responsiveness and how I could keep digging all the way up this ramp without having to stand. Gladly, new Strava PB followed and I was convinced I had made a good wheel choice. Better value clinchers in this price range, I could not find.
Beautiful high quality wheels bought as upgrade to my Specialized Tarmac - immediate improvements and delighted with how they perform.
Exellent wheels, very stiff and responsive, great for climbing.
Very glad with my purchase - wonderful wheelset. Light and strong. Here is a thing, I happened to fall during the very first ride with them... however the wheels were true! Can't be happier.
I received my wheels a few days after placing the order. This is my first time using non mavic wheels, and the Fulcrums are as good as, if not better, than all of my previous sets. Being hand made and having a QR code so that I could view the build process, was very impressive. Great wheels and a great service from Merlin.
Like everyone always says, I`m amazed how much difference these wheels have made. Pick up speed so much quicker than my old ones and in general have added about 1mph to my average speed for what seems like no extra effort. They are stiffer on climbs too. Plus the bearings make a nice zipping sound when free-wheeling, rather than some of the deafening roars you get from other brands. Would recommend to anyone looking for their first venture into proper wheels. Price was great and the service from Merlin exceptional.
These are truly superb wheels and have transformed my bike. I would not have believed the difference of a wheel upgrade until I tried it. They look great too. Fantastic price and service from Merlin. Delighted.
Wheels were cheaper by a fair bit to every other shop I looked at. They are exceptional wheels.
Value for money I am really happy with these wheels, hard to beat at this price range.
Awesome wheels, love them. Made a big difference to my times.
Really pleased with new wheels. Added 1mph onto average speed! Will definitely buy from Merlin again - could not be beaten on price and delivery was fast. Overall 10 out of 10.
This is my second set of Fulcrum wheels, before this I had the 2011 R5s, The R5s had the best rolling ability, often out pacing the others around me on a decent. They were smooth and quick, they're downfall was the flex, the would flex and brake rub when driving up hills out of the saddle, so I decided to go a bit stiffer. I loved the R5s so it was a no brainer for me to go to the next in line which after a lot of research told me they were a stiff wheelset. Well the 2013 R3s arrived at Merlin (one of my most watched sites) and the price was nice so I pulled the trigger and proceeded to wait (2 weeks to the day of ordering for here in OZ). Well I have put about 200km into the wheels now, they are a lot stiffer, not as smooth as the R5s, the roll maybe a touch quicker, the wheelset is 280g lighter than the R5s and you feel lighter on the hills. There is a sweet whirring sound given out by the rims as you whip along, the free hub, silent to start, now has that distinctive Fulcrum/Campy buzz, nice! The areo spokes cut nicely and at speed you can feel them working, they are very prone to catching a cross wind though, but every wheel will do that to you. The deep section of the rear wheel is quite stark as you look at it, shown up more by the super low section of the front. The hubs have that nice bearing adjustability to them (I've had to touch them though). The rims have no Spoke holes so could be converted to tubeless if one wanted to. On the finish side, these are a stunning wheelset, the milled rims are mm perfect, the finish is top notch, the decal is super-sweet, now neutral with Black/White and a touch of grey. The hubs this year are white and the rear is a big beast which will standout on your bike, for me with a predominately white frame with black/silver decal it was always going to work beautifully.
I have done 400kms on these now and they are great. Good delivery, wheels packed really well for delivery to Australia, there was some damage to the box but it didn't matter. As for the price no one was better than Merlin.