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Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels 2013
Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels 2013Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels 2013Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels 2013

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Code: FULCRUM-R5-2013
  • Racing 5 are designed for everyday use and training. An optimum proposal from Fulcrum which guarantees excellent quality.
  • New oversized hubs with flanges for blade hammer-head spokes, and sealed high-quality bearings ensure smoothness
  • The rear wheel incorporates a new single-piece body which embodies the freewheel body and pawl carrier in a single component resulting in a considerable weight reduction.
  • Fulcrum 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheel, double the number of spokes on the drive side for greater wheel stability and improved power transfer in the rear wheel. 20 radial aero spokes on front wheel, 24 on rear.
  • The wheels have two oversized spokes to balance the concentration of the rim joint material during wheel rotation, Fulcrum call this Dynamic Balance.
  • The Racing 5’s also have a deep upper bridge on the rim to facilitate clincher tyre fitting.
  • Weights: Front 775g, Rear 985g
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Great training wheels. Big improvement over stock mavics that were fitted. Once up to speed they do roll well and are strong as they survived big pot hole strike hidden by water this morning!!! Overall for the price recommended
Brilliant purchase, fancied seeing how much better these would be compared to the mavics that came with my entry level specialised sectaur. They're very good, stiffer, lighter, faster. Good buy
I read the reviews for these wheels and bought them to upgrade an Specialized Allez. They made a huge difference on the original wheels being smooth, light and made it feel there was an additional gear. Stiff and responsive they have made a huge difference to the bike. I bought these over the Shimano RS31 due to the great reviews I would recommend the wheels but do make sure you have some long valved tubes to go with them.
Great set of wheels for the money. Ive always been a Fulcrum fan. Decent weight saving over the basic Mavics on my bike. I know you can get lighter wheels but for me, the strength to weight ratio of the Fulcrum 5s is ideal for everyday use on the UK (bad) roads. The white hubs might not be to everyones liking. Top service from Merlin as always.
Awesome product, made a huge difference to the stock wheels on my Trek Madone 3.1 - fitted my Conti GP3000 tyres and the rolling resistance was hugely reduced, much faster up hill also. Very happy. Fantastic price and delivered next day - well done Merlin.
Bought a set of Fulcrum Racing 5s about a fortnight ago now after much deliberation between the Shimano RS30s and the Planet X AL30s. Not being too fussed with shaving loads of weight as these are mainly a commute and winter wheel I plumbed for the Fulcrums as they get good reviews for being pretty tough and my old set were 30mm aero rims like the Shimano so fancied a change. Out of the box they were true and passed the 'ping' test. The bearings run really smooth and seem to go forever. I ride with a pair of 25mm Vittora Rubino Pros on them and can safely say they have made a huge difference! Both my average speed on my commute (Up 3mph) and my Strava blasts have improved. Admittedly they are not as quick to accelerate as some of the lighter wheels I've ridden but they hold speed superb once your up there and they feel super rigid. 2 weeks on and I've put a couple of hundered miles on them and no problems as of yet. Couldn't recommend them more for a commuter/weekend warrior like myself (especially with the extra discount via Merlin at the moment.) albeit they may be a bit heavy for the racing snakes!
Buckled my original 2005 105 rear so decided to replace with these Fulcrum Racing 5's. Have put a couple hundred K's on them already around the local roads and they've taken the local streets well without so much of a wobble. Still running as true as the day they arrived so need them to run another 5 years! Not perfectly balanced as the blurb would lead you to believe but not far out. Run silently (When compared with a Hope hub ;-) )
These are good looking wheels with very smooth bearings that are very quick when freewheeling. In terms of weight they are comparable with other wheels in the same price range. They came balanced and after quite a few miles remain so. I would recommend them
Great wheels, packaged carefully and true as can be out of the box! Fast Shipping to CANADA.
Very good set of wheels especially at the price I paid. The ride is much more comfortable than the the previous set of wheels and my average speed has improved by over 2 miles per hour.
I spent quite some time deliberating between these wheels and the cut price NOS Ksyriums on the site at a comparable price. Really glad I picked the Fulcrum 5s. I ride a 2011 Specialised Allez Sport and replaced the Mavic CXP22s that came as standard. The initially perceived weight loss of half a kilo doesnt feel apparent when riding but they certainly make a great difference when ascending and have increased my average rolling speed by a couple of mph on a 30 mile ride.They give confidence when travelling over Berkshires (mostly) rough pot-holed roads and I feel confident that they will remain true long after this initial 500 mile testing period (just completed). The biggest difference is that sense of reward for my efforts. Think I will review them again after a year and look forward to perhaps going to the 3s in a couple of years...
I am really pleased with these wheels. I am probably 5% to 10% faster than I was on the stock DR Swiss Axis 1.0 wheels that came with my Specialized Allez Elite. Now I am riding some decent wheels I realise how terrible the stock wheels were and I am wondering why I didn't replace them sooner and why Specialized specs such poor wheels in the first place. TheseFulcrum 5 wheels look really good with the white hiubs and red and black rims and spokes. On the bench the bearings seem really smooth and the wheels freewheel for a long long time. Unlike some reviews I have read here I have found the freehub to be near silent. Certainly the quietest I have ever ridden. On the road the wheels love rolling at 20mph+. With the aero spokes they make more noise than round spoke wheels but they seem to need less effort to keep rolling. The wheels arrived beautifully packaged and seem to ooze build quality throughout. The individualyl signed build record is impressive and reassuring. On the down side I am not impressed with the claims Fulcrum make about weight. Claimed weights are 775 and 985 gm respectively. When you open the package the documentation backpedals straightaway, stating that shimano free hub option bumps weight up to 1024 on the rear, which makes the headline weight claim look a bit sick. Putting the wheels on the scale, the actual weights are 834 and 1096 respectively, meaning 120gm heavier that the manufacturers weight and 170gm higher than the headline figure. Please Fulcrum, be accurate in your manufacturers literature. In all fairness I don't feel it has any material impact on the performance of the wheels, but it does rankle. Turning to Merlin, I am really pleased with the delivery, which was made on a Saturday, 2 days earlier than expected. I am also delighted with the price.
Great set of wheels, run true out of the box and still true 70 miles later - a good start to upgrading the kit. Worked with an 8 speed sora cassette with the included spacer.
Lovely set of wheels, look really nice with their white hubs and black and white rims - but most importantly they great to ride on, such an improvement over the stock wheels on my Synapse and at a good price too
Excellent wheels, I have a pair on another bike that have been used on Tour of Flanders and ridden 3000 miles in all weathers, still true as the day I bought them. Lightweight and robust, complete value for money.
GREAT PRODUCT, and superb at the price that Merlin sell these at. Merlin also give a fantastic delivery service. Quality product from a quality company. Well done Merlin
Good service by Merlin. Wheels come well packed and spoke tension is good, not rode them for long but seem good, have withstood a few pot holes with no damage.
This is my second pair of Fulcrum 5s. Previous set never went out of true. The wheels are light for the money. Hopefully the new set will be as good as the last set.
I needed an upgrade from my stock wheels and after searching around found these. I'm absolutely in love with them! Great set of wheels and I instantly noticed the difference in speed when I put them on my bike, plus they seem to roll forever too which is nice. They make a nice little buzz noise which you will love at higher speeds and they look awesome too. Overall very happy. I've hit a couple of slight potholes/speed bumps by accident so far but they're stayed true so I can't really ask for more!
Wheels arrived well packaged and true. I'm liking the very quiet hub.
Got these to replace some Shimano wh-r600s that were about six years old. These had been solid commuting and winter wheels and had seen a fair bit of action but the rims and the rear hub were done. With a couple of hundred miles under their belt, the Fulcrum 5s are a big improvement on what I thought were decent wheels. Clearly, they take a bit longer to spin up to full speed than lighter, more expensive wheels, but the power transfer once you get there is truly impressive for wheels at this price. They have soaked up some pretty rough stuff without complaint too and will be decent enought to run into spring and autumn training rides as well as year-round commuting. Highly recommended
I am delighted with the quality of these wheels. My wife had a pair on her first road bike and they were bullet-proof needing very little maintenance and coped with all the British roads could throw at them. I have ridden them for a few weeks now and they compare very favorably with my previous more expensive and lighter wheels. They are perfect for everyday riding. They are about the right weight for their price and place in the range. The two things that impress me the most are firstly the build quality, their strength is excellent, secondly, the smoothness of the bearings. They may be a little heavier than my previous wheels but weight, or lack of it, isn't everything. These are quicker overall on a ride and I arrive home feeling much fresher and less beaten up. Oh and for those who like these things, I think they look pretty good to!