Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheels 2013 - Pair
Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheels 2013 - PairMavic Cosmic Elite Wheels 2013 - PairMavic Cosmic Elite Wheels 2013 - Pair
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Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheels, WTS models includes the option of Mavic tyres

Access to the Mavic aero wheels

  • 30 mm deep aero rim profile
  • Ultra bladed straight pull spokes
  • Aerodynamic hubs

Light and stiff

  • Deep and wide rim extrusion
  • Only 1770 grams

Access to the Mavic Quality

  • Rim resistance: SUP welding
  • Reinforced lower bridge
  • High quality cartridge bearings (interchangeable): QRM


  • Material: 6106 Aluminum
  • Color: black anodized
  • Height: 30 mm
  • Joint: SUP
  • Drilling: traditional
  • Eyelet: not eyeleted
  • Brake track: UB Control
  • Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm
  • Tyre: clincher
  • ETRTO size: 622x15C
  • Recommended tyre sizes: 19 to 32 mm


  • Material: steel
  • Shape: straight pull, bladed
  • Color: black
  • Nipples: brass, front Self Lock, rear ABS
  • Count: 20 front and rear
  • Lacing: radial front and rear non-drive side, crossed 2 rear drive side


  • Front and rear bodies: aluminum
  • Color: black
  • Front and rear axle material: steel
  • QRM
  • FTS-L steel
  • 10 / 11 speed compatible


  • BR101 quick releases
  • Rim tape
  • User guide
  • Tyres, Tubes, tapes, (Except where stated)
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These wheels are great. Wanted an upgrade from the stock wheels that came on the bike and these where lighter and better quality. They look great so from a vanity point that's a win. They run super smooth with great feeling hubs and they seem stiff and responsive to acceleration. Noticed a little advantage to the area in a head wind but have yet to put in more than 100 miles. The free hub has a satisfying loud click when free wheeling and the tires that come with are good if not a little thin for me.
Great value, nice looks, sturdy. These wheels do have some sensitivity to strong winds.
For the money these are probably the best wheels around and Merlin have the best price for them. This is my second pair of these - the first pair are still going strong after two years of punishment: I am 90kg and quite powerful but they have never gone out of true.
These were supplied at a great price and delivered quickly, within two days of order. Good product for winter training, Came with 23c tyres which I switched for 25c. The wheels are nice and stiff yet surprisingly comfy on our rough UK roads. Very good wheelset for my needs. 5 stars to Merlin.
Theses wheels are the best investment you will ever make. They can literally withstand any rough environment they are put through. All around great wheels for everyday riding whether it be group riding, solo riding, or commuting. I bought these wheels because I know Mavic has a great reputation for sturdy, well made wheels and the price was unbeatable. If you absolutely have to have something a small amount lighter weight and are willing to spend a little bit more money I would recommend the "Mavic Ksyrium WTS Wheelset".
This is the first time I've had this wheel set, sturdy, solid and a little heavy but a perfect training wheel set or ideal for more if you are not overly fussed about weight.
Bought these to use for commuting and the occasional long weekend ride. They have performed beyond my expectations . They arrived well-package with everything as advertised and spinned true to boot. Thanks Merlin for the excellent service!
These wheels the tremendous for the price. Make a great sound and the tyres roll really well.
A significant upgrade from my set of stock wheels. While there's surely better tires out there the addition of mavics comp tires are a nice touch as well. May upgrade to a 25mm tire for a touch more comfor but since they're aero wheels the 23 makes sense as a pairing. Overall a great smooth ride, though like all mavic hubs, buyers should be aware of the buzzsaw that is the rear hub upon coasting. Other manufactures ie shimano have quieter hubs but this is personal preference. I think it's pretty cool.
The wheels are fantastic shape, response, great on climbs too, sprinting on them is really good and they keep the speed. The price I kept thinking it's for one wheel. I really highly recommend these wheels. The noise is audible from the rear but then I would say most of the people who have expensive wheels have the noise it doesn't bother me best advice is go to a shop and listen for yourself. I'm a 95 kg rider so these wheels are perfect for me.
For the average club rider these wheels are brilliant. Ok, so they are not top end Mavic's by any stretch, but then I'm not top end either. I'm 6'6" and 95kg so I was looking for a strong wheel-set with the added benefit of being slightly more aero then the stock Shimano R500s which came with my bike. That is exactly what I got so I couldn't be happier. They also look great which comes with the added benefit of extra club chatter pre and post ride :-)
For it's price it's an absolute winner! The quality you should expect from Mavic wheels. Feels great and a lot more confident than my previous wheelset.
Bought these as a spare pair of training wheels, but I have been really impressed with the speed and find myself using these over my Kysriums (the weight difference can hardly be noticed). Very happy with the buy and would definately recommend the wheels. The price and service from Merlin was as always second to none too, excellent.
Haven't had much chance to put many miles on the new wheels, but I was pleased with the trial ride. Bike rolled smoothly and seemed slightly more responsive.
I love these wheels. Having only upgraded because of a new groupset needing a different size hub I went for these based on other reviews and the look. They are rock solid, almost bomb proof. Maybe a tad heavier than some would like, but I think these will stay true for a long time. They look smoky hot and cut through the air like a knife through butter. I replaced some shimano wheels with the same depth rim and these mavic's suffer far less from side winds and therefore feel much more stable. Tyres are worth a mention too, they feel almost tacky with really great grip but somehow at the same time have really low rolling resistance. I've done a few 100+ mile rides before writing this review and they've improved my top speed and my overall pace and time. Fantastic upgrade!
Outstanding. Value for money wise... Cannot fault them in the slightest. Came equipped with tyre, tubes and skewers and they were on the bike in no time! Average speeds are up compared to my old wheel set and now I look the part to go with that new found speed! Highly recommended.
Delivered speedily. Great set of wheels. Mavics don't make the same weight saving as some other wheels but they make up for it in build quality, buttery hubs and stiffness. These wheels are quick and smooth and look great!