Rear Handbuilt Hope 29er Wheels - Disc
Rear Handbuilt Hope 29er Wheels - Disc
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HANDBUILT WHEELS ON 29er RIMS (Please allow a build time of 3 - 5 days. Boost and XD drive hubs may have to be ordered, adding to the lead time.)
  • Handbuilt rear disc compatible wheels. All take the international standard 6 bolt fitting discs. You can choose to upgrade your hubs, rims and spokes from the drop down menus. All wheels are handbuild for each order, please allow build time.
  • Select your rim, spoke and hub upgrades and the price will automatically update
  • Please allow a build time of 3 - 5 days.
  • Please note: As all wheels are handbuilt to order please be sure your selection and order is correct. We reserve the right to deduct any labour costs if you change or cancel a wheel order
  • Hope hubs do not include skewers - they are available separately
  • Please note these wheels do not include rim tape.

Choosing your hub

  • You need to know your axle type. Your wheel axle will either be 135mm QR, 135mm x 10mm, 135mm x 12mm, 142mm x 10mm or 142mm x 12mm.

Choosing your rim

  • Usage = What sort of riding do you want to do? We have rims for all sorts of biking, from XC through to Downhill.
  • Internal width = The width of the gap that your tyre sits in. If you want to run bigger tyres (2.3″ or more) then they’ll perform much better if paired with a suitable width rim. Running fat tyres on narrow rims causes the tyre to deform and fold-over rather than support you and dig in for traction.
  • Tubeless = If you want to run wheels tubeless (ie. without inner tubes) then it’s a good idea to choose rims that are tubeless-ready from the get-go.
Mavic rims
  • TN319  – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 538g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • TN719 – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 510g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • XM819 UST – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 405g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3 – Tubeless
  • EN821 UST – Usage: Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 460g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5 – Tubeless
ZTR (Stans No Tubes) rims
  • Crest – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 340g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5 – Tubeless
  • Arch EX – Usage: Trail/Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 400g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5 – Tubeless
  • Flow EX – Enduro/Extreme – Internal width: 25.5mm ~(29mm for MK3) – Weight: 490g – Recommended tyre: 2.3 – 3.0 – Tubeless

Easton Rims

The ARC is a rim-only option engineered to suit a variety of tyre volumes and riding styles from cross-country to aggressive all-mountain.
Welded for increased durability and reduced weight.
The ARC comes in three internal rim widths for greater traction: 24, 27 or 30mm for 27.5" or 29”.
Ready to attack any trail, this Tubeless-Ready design features a bead barb to lock tubeless tyres in place, and 32 spoke holes for optimal versatility.

Rim width should match tyre volume. If you are running a large volume tyre, a 30mm internal rim width provides an optimal tyre profile.
For lower volume trail tyres 24mm and 27mm internal rim widths provide ideal balance between tyre shape and wheel weight.

Choosing your spokes

  • DT Competition – Higher grade stainless steel double butted spoke suitable for XC, Trail or Enduro
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Top product expertly built by Merlin Cycles, built and despatched within a week. Would certainly recommend. Thank you to all the guys and girls at Merlin.
Ordered on July 17th and received on July 27th from England to Detroit Michigan USA. I went with Easton Arc 27mm rims on Hope hubs. Awesome combo. I replaced a set of Crank Brothers Cobalt 3 rims and these rims are about the same weight. Handling from the 27mm rim is way better than the 19mm rim on the Cobalts. Excellent combo. I run mostly single track with trail and drops thrown in. Cornering grip and handling greatly increased. Can beat the price from Merlin either. Probably saved 300 bucks in the wheelset compared to comparable wheels.
Delivery was super fast, got my wheel on and a have a couple rides on it. Rear 29er Easton arc 30 rim with Hope Pro 2 evo hub. Wide rim gives conti mountain king 2.4 a good profile, high volume soaks up bumps on my hardtail well, and the tire doesn't fold over anymore like it did on the narrower rim. Love the Hope hub, quick engagement, and the trademark loud Hope free hub is actually awesome, don't have to announce myself to hikers anymore cause they hear me coming! Overall good buying experience, fast build and delivery, and good quality product.
Excellent wheels, have these on a Full squish SS, hard trail riding. Roots, rock gardens, small drops. SS Trails hub from hope is perfect bolt on goodness, engagement is perfect for SS trail. They are a great value, I don't think you could find a better combo of hand built wheels for the price.
Awesome product! Quickly delivered to me in USA. My LBS helped move my cassette over to the new wheel; they were very impressed with build quality. On the trail, the wheel is stiff and transfers power beautifully.
This is my second hand-built wheel Mavic EN821 with a Hope Pro 2 Evo hub. You cant go past the quality and strength of this combo as well as how beautifully these are built by Merlin's wheel builder. A+++
Well built wheel. Very true - spoke tension almost uniformly perfect. Shipped well packed-no dings-mint condition. Rear hub pawls make audible sound(expected characteristic of Hope hubs).
Wheel arrived very quickly, within 2 days. Beautifully built and accurately trued. Fitted to my daily 25 miler commuting bike and covered about 125 miles so far with no issues and nor would I expect them. The hope hub is a work of engineering excellence and the free wheel noise is great .... good at warning pedestrians of you immenient arrival too! The minor worry I have is with the aluminium alloy free hub body and while I have mated it with a Shimano XT cassette that has alloy carriers on the six largest sprockets, I suspect the hub will get the inevitable damage from the other steel sprockets in time. I would have preffered a steel freehub body for this reason. However, I choose not to pay
Only used 4 times so far but included: Cwymcarn, Afan and 2 local rides - Coupled with Tubeless Nobby Nics these are amazing - light, stiff, great to look. Love the servicability and interchangability of Hope hubs. Glad I parted with my hard earned wedge.
The second pair of handbuilt wheels I've bought now from Merlin. Great service and value, and unbelievable turnaround. Many thanks!
I have had this wheel for 6 months now and it's done around 3000 km, mainly cross country stuff. I was tempted to get the ZTR CREST rim, which is super light. Decided to play safe and opted for ZTR ARCH EX (and got the CREST on the front). No regrets, wheel rolls beautifully and is still completely true. Also went tubeless and installation was fairly straight forwards. Rims combine with most brands, but certainly work well with Maxxis and Bontrager. The red Hope Pro 2 evo hub looks (and sounds) great, but I have just needed to replace the freehub. For some reason the outer body was corroded and all the pawl springs were broken. I have been going through Shimano freehubs like there is no tomorrow, but was expecting more from Hope. Apart from that, great wheel and good service from Merlin. Recommended.
Beautifully built wheels. Gave them a good run in at Afan and bike park wales and they were faultless. Love the sound of the hope hub.
Excellent rear wheel. Hope Pro 2 Evo is working superb and I just love the metallic loud-clicking freewheel! You can see the quality of these hubs just by looking at them. Had a little problem with putting a Hutchinson Python tubeless tyre on, but with some lubricants and patience I managed. Very air tight with NoTubes rim tape. Would buy again a set of these anytime.
Really well built wheel set. I was surprised as I have the hope hoops version but these appear to be better built. The only downside was oil on the rims but I assume this was used for building prep. Pretty pedantic, I am really nit picking, they look really good, only a small play on them but no doubt they will do the job. I recommend you pay the extra for hand built by these guys as opposed to machine built. Ironically I could have chosen any hub colour but decided on black. Highly recommended. It's a shame they don't offer road options as this is a fantastic service.
Stiff! Can feel more power being transferred to the ground. Hub sounds awesome if you like them to zing. Makes you keep pedalling if you are having a conversation during a group ride.
Awesome wheels - bomb proof and they weigh next to nothing.
Awesome wheel build, amazing quality, hope hubs are second to none. Not the lightest but near perfection. Stans are second to none. Would have loved to seen a couple more choices namely black nipples and more spoke choices also straight pull hubs as an option would have been a nice option. Freewheel is loud some will like some will hate no need for a bell
Great build. Stiff and Light. This is my fourth set of wheels from Merlin - first 29er - all on Stans Rims and Hope Hubs. Every time they've arrive superbly built and well packaged. All are still running straight and true.
What can I say....Awsome would be a great place to start. these wheels really are an incredible upgrade to my stock wheels. They have completely changed the feel and handling of my Giant Anthem X 29er. The build quality is simply excellent as I would expect from Merlin. They look great with the Red hope hubs, I have converted to Tubeless which I was dreading. My concerns were unfounded , I purchased Stans tape and Solution from Merlin and had no problems at all with these Stans ZTR Crest rims. Very impressed and would recommend to anyone.
Great Wheels that have been built very well. The Hope Hubs are easy to convert which is great for moving the wheels around onto other bikes.
Brilliant rear wheel. Merlin's wheel building service is excellent - never had a problem with them.
This is a great, great value wheel and the build was perfect. Tubeless setup was easy as always with Stans rims.
I have 2 of these now, in gunsmoke and red, 1 with 1200kms use. Still perfectly true. Not the lightest but certianly strong. They surprisingly handle like shimano MT65 wheelset I have. Just watch out for WTB tyres as noted on the Stans website.
Solid dependable wheel and sounds great. To me anyway
Beautifully built wheels. Can't recommend Merlin's handbuilt wheels enough....
This product, order and delivery process is nothing less than excellent. As for the wheels only had them 3 days but the quality, build and performance I can't fault in any way. As an new International customer to Merlin ordering from Australia there is always some hesitation in hitting the "place Order"button hoping you get what you pay for in the specified time and the product actually makes it to your door albeit in 1 piece undamaged. Merlin you need to be congratulated on your customer service and delivery. My order was exact, build time as stated, email updates on progress and delivery to the door in Australia from warehouse to door in 2 weeks. I'll be back and I'll be telling my mates. One very pleased customer & by the way GREAT PRICE!
Very nice wheelset, bougth front and rear. Top quality..