Shimano 105 5800 CNHG600 Road Bike Chain
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Shimano 105 5800 CNHG600 Road Bike Chain
Code: CNHG601
Shimano 105/ SLX, 11-speed bike chain 116L. Featuring the low friction surface treatment Sil-Tec, which is a PTFE surface coating to reduce friction and improve durability.

The Shimano 5800 has gone 11 Speed for the latest incarnation of the 105. The 5800 has been inspired by the innovations of the more upper end Shimano Ultegra and Dura Ace; you can see the technological influences across the design of the 5800 components.  More advanced and lighter than its predecessors and with a more eye catching design, the 5800 promises high performance and is one of the latest cycling must haves. 



  • Super narrow lightweight 11-speed HG-EV symmetrical design chain for smooth shifts and maximum durability
  • Outer plate design has been developed to reduce the chance of chain suck
  • Sil-Tec surface treatment technology (PTFE plating) on inner links that is smooth running and increases durability
  • The inner plate has been developed for better contact with gears providing smoother shifting under high load, giving efficient pedalling, increased rigidity and near silent running
  • 5.62 mm chain width, optimised for 11-speed Super Narrow HG-EV drivetrains
  • Average weight 257 grams
  • Please note this chain is supplied without a Quick Link. It does come with a connecting pin installed for joining though.
Mr Boltondoes what it says, time will tell if it runs smooth
Mr DayIt’s shimano and works
Ben SzaboDoes what's it meant to.
KarlosAlways use genuine shimano for best smooth changes and rides and lasting
KarlosGreat priced genuine shimano chain. Bang for buck perfect
RiatsalaJust what I needed. Very well lubricated
AndrewQuality chain and a great price.
brianThese are great chains that change smoothly and are long lasting. Previous chains I have bought all came with a split link but this came with a pre-installed joint pin. It is not clear in the description. But it was the cheapest of these I found.
AndrewMid range workhorse chain. Good price.
Dave JohnsonDecent shimano 11 speed chain, mine came with the installation pin but I used a KMC quick link instead (ordered seperately as just prefer them.
Mr GokceI am very pleased with all the 105 set. Durable materials. Precise shifting. Great value for money..
Mr taylorNice smooth chain. Arrived in the time expected. No issues.
Mr LloydWorks fine with Shimano cassette and chainring.. Well lubricated.
Mr CarmichaelDoes just the job! Does everything it says on the box/plastic wallet.
CharlesMuch. better than SRAM chains when used with shimano. I wont use anything otHer than shimano now.. Better gear change, quieter and less wear.
Tim HGood reliable and good value. Does exactly what it says.
Mr TurnerAs described. Works perfectly.
Mr RaittSeems fine. Decent chain for OK price. Used for cyclocross where chains need replaced frequently
Mr CookExcellent, just what I needed, pin WAS included 😬 The delivery was exceptionally fast, really impressed.
JulioReliable, excellent quality-price-durability ratio.
Mr NogueiraDurabilidade da corrente muito boa.
Chris O’HanlonThe chain isn’t the area of the bike I want to try and save weight on, so why spend any more than this? It does the trick perfectly and no one will notice a few grams.
Mr CowdenEver reliable... surely the VW Golf of bike chains!!
WalLike to keep a couple of chains on hand. These are well priced and excellent quality. Chain does not come with the quick link, but I use the Connex quick link anyway.
Juan Jose CruzExcellent chain to train and put many KM's is excellent
PeterNice chain to compliment quality of the 105 groupset.
Mr andrychukGood quality chain for a decent price
StelianShimano quality
Mr KurtI drove about 14,000 km. Beautiful chain
Mr Cullinanas expected - decent shimano product- does not come with snap link
ThomasGood chain, light and reliable
Mr GoularteEverytinhg ok
RoyBest price around and just as good as HG701 for shifting and life. Same weight too
NorthVanGuyLots of riding, minimal wear, comes as expected. Good typical shimano quality.
Rule#4Solid chain. Very reliable and sold at a good price.
DavidHad to remove 4 links to fit my bike, super easy to install. Wish it came with a quick link but unfortunately it doesn't.
P McCattyWorks perfectly, also with the Wippermann Quick Connex
JohnEasy to fit and very smooth and quiet in use.
Bryan SI upgraded my rear cassette, so purchased a new chain at the same time. Didn't use the link provided since it's a bit tricky to insert. Just buy a quick link and it's a quick job. As usual great price from Merlin.
StuartWorks for MTB and road
Mr savoryGreat chain, drive train feels like new again.
Neil on the AscentThie CN-HG601 s is the perfect chain for the Shimano 105 FC-5800 11 speed crankset I purchased from Merlin Cycles. I can honestly recommend it, great value for money, strong and workable, respected, a chain you can rely on to go the distance and then some.
Mr OffordA good chain to mesh with a Shimano group set.
MichaelHigh spec quality chains at an excellent price backed by a delivery service second to none, difficult to find better.
Mr BainesCame before expected, which was an added bonus. Does everything as expected, I appreciated a lack of unnecessary packaging too.
Mr SwanAwesome chain, My bike came with a non-shimano chain while using an ultegra casette. I was getting come chain noise while using it on my trainer but not on the road and the trouble shooting suggested a new chain. After researching a matching ultegra chain I saw comments that the HG601 was a suitable solution at a cheaper cost. As weight saving is nominal on this component I opted for cheap skate. I must say having fitted the chain myself, the first time I have done this, I was amazed at how smooth the chain ran. It felt easier to pedal particually in low gears and it erradicated the chain noise on the trainer. I did have an issue with the supplied chain pin, it seemed overly stiff and wouldnt work free by maniopulation or oiling, so I did get a set of shimano chain pins to see if that would solve that issue. It did so I am not cookig on gas and have 2 spare chain pins to boot. Well happy.
michaelGood quality chain for a very good price compared to a lot of places. Bought it to replace a cheap Clarks chain I`d got off ebay which was quite noisy when pedalling. Now with this Shimano one, I have a lovely smooth and silent drivetrain. My commutes to work are glorious :-)
Jim RChain is excellent and shifts perfectly with Shimano 105 CS-R7000, 11 speed, 11 - 34 Cassette!
MarkGood quality chain, although the attached link pin was quite fiddly to install compared to the pointed replacement pins available.
MichaelI use these chains all winter as they seem to handle the harsh conditions better and last longer than more expensive chains.
Mr AyersGood chain for the money, shifts great
JeffersonPerfect combo for my set up, works well, shifts perfect/smooth!
davidQuick and easy to install. Normal Shimano fab quality.
El Profe PRI had have this chain before, it will last over 5k. Keep it lubed and it will be trouble free.
Andy MilnesGreat Shimano chain, I have always used Ultegra chains in the past but bought the CN-HG601 as it was exactly the same weight as the Ultegra one abeit slightly cheaper and I'm not disappointed. Quality is good as you would expect from Shimano.
Dermot2nd time I've bought one, good quality.
Mr CoatesI have never had an issue with a Shimano chain and this works out at a good price
EugeneAlways go with shimano chains. It's so much smoother
JujuCan't go wrong with this one. Don't notice much difference to more expensive options.
Mr LomborgWhat to say. Good!
LiamEasy to install and use runs well with the Shimano 105 cassette and derailleur
Mr TurnerA reliable consumable.
DIEGOGood quality at a reasonable price. Previous 105 chain lasted me some good 5.000 km (3.100 miles).
JamesGreat value on the one component you should change often to ultimately same money and get the most mileage out of your drivetrain.
Mr Salterperfect. Not sure what else you can say about a chain
SmashAlready to go, just cut to the required length and set the pin.
R KnightFast, smooth and light. No need to spend more in my opinion.
AndréWorking great. The plan to help the cassette and chainrings to last longer is to have a chain ready to go and change to it once I detect some stretch.
Mr NifrasShimano chains. They just work.
Rob KAs good as the 'better' stuff, and much cheaper. Not sure why you'd bother paying more for so little gain.
Mr YANGIt is durable and very cost effective chain.
Lorelaymejor que kmc por el precio original shimano duradera
Mr kayihanGreat chain great price. My groupset is shimano Ultegra Di2 but since I don`t see much difference between the Ultegra chain and 105 chain I'm going with the 105 and happy about it.
Mr Araujo diasCorrente duravel e segura. Desgaste levemente maior que o modelo 601 em um teste que realizei.
Mr keoghThis chain does the job. It was easy to install with a chain tool, reasonably priced and I know I can trust Shimano components.
GONCALVESAll you expect from Shimano 105. The best value you can get from this level of performance.
BaileyI have used several of these chains. They are easy to fit and if looked after last a reasonable time. I have never had any problems with these chains and will continue to use them.
Mr PearsonA little bit more heavier than Ultegra, but without any noticeable drop in performance. A great chain at a very reasonable price.
AndresitoSo far so good, over 2k km on other bike with the same chain and nothing to complain
mark gGreat quality, easy to remove excess links and connect, shifts perfectly with the 105 5800 group
KingBilled as a road bike chain, I've bought it as the cheapest option for my 11sp MTB drivetrain and Shimano haven't let me down.
ryng5800 chain. Durable, affordable. Solid. What more do I need to say?
Andy aka The Green MeanieReplaced a mis matched sram chain on my ultegra 11 spd. This chain was easy to fit with spare links to carry for emergency. Runs very quiet and smooth and over half the price of the ultegra chains. Would highly recommend.
JMWThe Shimano 105 chain is perfect, easy to install, shifts well and whilst not quite as pretty as Ultegra and Dura Ace, looks good. Great value for money and a rapid response from Merlin. Thank you.
Mr RichardsonGreat chain that compliments my 105 groupset. Long lasting and never have any issues. Easy to fit, and comes with a chain link which pops in and just nip off the excess with some pliers or a chain tool. Recommended.
QuintanaThis chain is OE on my bike and I never had any problems so going with what is currently working. Cheaper than KMC and works well? Sold.
WoodVery little difference, if any, in performance, longevity, weight and look, between this item and the more expensive Ultegra chain. So why waste your money on the Ultagra and stick with what will do you just as well.
MiguelGreat chain for the money. All the features of the ultegra in a more affordable package.
Mr iyidikerOne of the advantages of 11 speed systems is that all brands compatible with each other. 5800 is the cheapest chain which is compatible with all 11 speed drivetrains.
Mr BurgessPurchased two more to go with the one from the 5800 groupset. Now they can be rotated and cleaned easily using KMC gold links (don't like Shimano pins) which can be used more than once !! Very cheap and usual excellent service from Merlin. New chain fitted for the CW Wiltshire Wildcat Sportive.
JohnIt's a chain. It's 11 speed. It's cheap. The only thing that could be better is if it had a quick link.
Mr MorganShifts great!; always alternate 3 chains every 500 miles to get maximum drivetrain life but keep the slick, smooth Shimano shifting until truly new drivetrain time! Chain would be perfect if it used a quick link adapter (available from another 11 speed chain maker) to make this rotation easier.