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Shimano Deore M615 Disc Brakes, complete front & rear set.
  • Latest model Shimano Deore disc brakes, BRM615 model
  • Replacement for the Deore M596 model
  • Calipers are post mount and you will need to buy additional brackets if required.
  • New improved caliper now compatible with Ice Tech pads (standard pads are supplied as original fitment)
  • Radial master cylinder for improved feel and stopping power
  • 1700mm rear and 1000mm front hose lengths can easily be shortened if required
  • Supplied as a front and rear set, excluding rotors



Fitted these brakes in 30 mins and absolutely love them great value and work perfect a great set of brakes, another rock solid performer from Shimano.
Came ready assembled but hose too long. Surprisingly easy to shorten and replace existing factory fitted brakes. So far the braking performance is much improved.
Great kit - works really, well simple set up and a great price. Less adjustment features than SLX and XT; but perform just as well.
Fantasic service - Units work seamlessly - smooth progressive braking - I'm rolling a 2 x 10 #Phatty with 203 F 180 R - I have done MTB events and Road Sportives on this - I have these brakes on both my wife`s and my #phatty .. So sensible money - reliable brand and solid perfomance - can`t go wrong.
Excellent value and stopping power. They bite the pad in a very crisp and snappy manner which I like. Easy to bleed and work with. Take note the lever is not as long on Deore brakes as it can be on other models and brands, I know some people prefer longer levers than what this brakeset offers.
For the money these brakes are excellent. Not as strong in braking as my Shimano XT brakes, but enough to do the job and do it well. Theyre compatible with ice-tech pads too, so the spare pads I have for my XTs work in these as well!
Great hydraulic disc brake upgrade for anyone still using cable disc brakes. Modulation is spot on and braking force is increased significantly for the amount of pressure applied. The long lengths (1650mm) means it will fit a medium size 29er which has the rear brake cable routed under the down tube and bottom bracket. The brake is mounted inside the rear triangle. (eg. Cube Reaction 29er frame). If your frame has the cable routed along the top tube, the 1500mm rear brake cable is fine (eg. Marin Pioneer Trail frame size medium).
Simple and effective brakes. Doesn't have the on-the-fly adjustment capabilities, but it does have terrific feeling and stopping power. Recommend.
Excellent stopping power and modulation for excellent price. M615s replaced my old and trusty Avids BB7 and after couple of rides I feel this was very good decision. In my opinion best quality/value ratio.
Amazing for the money. Good modulation and plenty power. Shortening the cables is a bit of a faf, but I guess thats the same with any new disc brakes.
Shimano makes amazing brakes. So easy to install, and they work well too. Bought these as a confirmation gift for a 14-year-old. I installed one and cut the line and bled the brake to show him the technique. Then he did the other -- installing, adjusting, cutting, bleeding. These are literally child's play to install, and the generous pad gap helps avoid rotor-ching. Shimano brakes are a genuine joy to work with.
Great value. Go SLX if you have are particular about lever adjustment. If not these are probably just as good for 90% of people.
I bought this to replace the standard M355 of my felt, the feel is more firm and the fatigue is null.
Looking for a cheap upgrade on a old hardtail. Fantastic price for full set. Come fully bled ready to install, good feeling, good stopping power and very similar to XT's.
Great power and amazing value. Was going to go for something more expensive but so glad I didn't now. A good upgrade from my avids.
Typical Shimano - fit & forget. Easy to fit, and reliable braking. Not too heavy on the wallet or on the scales, brilliant.
Easy to fit. No problem shortening hoses without bleeding. Plenty of advice online. Brakes are excellent in every respect. Why do you need to spend more
Brilliant. Can't fault these brakes, especially when you consider the price. I don't miss tool free lever adjustment because I tend to leave them once set up. They look a tad nicer than the previous versions are now compatible with Ice a Tech pads. I think it's hard to justify spending more when these are so good.
The best performance of almost any XC brake and only a bit heavier than XT or XTR. Buy these and spend what you save elsewhere. Please note these are I spec B and will not mate earlier I spec. I will dock a star for Shimano changing the I spec standard after a couple of years!
For the money, these brakes can't be beat. Very strong braking with consistent modulation and control. Easy to bleed. I do wish they had a finger wheel for adjusting reach rather than the allen key, but I guess they have to hold back something for justifying the extra cash for XT. That seems to be the major difference. That and the pad upgrade. Great for street use and all but the speediest descents offroad.
I needed these brakes to replace an old set of hydraulics that refused to stop squealing. I needed them quick too before my holiday. I fitted them & even managed to shorten the hoses with the supplied spare olives. You also get two nifty little tools, one sits in the pads like a rotor so you can ensure the slave cylinders don't get pushed out when you have the wheel out (should you accidentally push the brake lever). You also get a 'bleed spacer' that fits in the brake without the rotor or pads ensuring you don't get any fluid on either. The brakes work superbly, no squeal. The levers have span adjusters. You even get a set of pads. And the price & delivery from Merlin was 1st rate. Recommended.
Items arrived in OEM packaging, both with slight leaks at the levers, as such they were in need of a proper bleed. This was not an issue as the hydraulic lines are shipped long enough to fit practically any bicycle you might need to install them on. Of course both levers contained trim blocks, bleed blocks and pad spacers, as well as all the fittings needed to properly trim and re-install your lines. Once properly installed and bled these brakes have been fantastic, Why anyone would want mechanical when hydraulics with this kind of power and modulation can be had for less than $100 a set is beyond me.
Have now replaced all the Avid brakes on my 3 mountain bikes with Shimano Deores. This set was bought to replace a very troublesome set of Elixir 1s that came with a 29'er I bought less than 2 years ago. No amount of adjustment or maintenance would stop the rear Avid calliper from biasing to one side and dragging mid-way through a ride and I regret not swapping the Avids for Shimanos much sooner. I have had the predecessor of these brakes on another bike for nearly 10 years and I have never had to perform any maintenance on them apart from pad renewal. They are easy to fit, hose length adjustment and bleeding is ridiculously easy and they just work and keep on working. They are everything I as a casual enthusiast could want or need from a set of hydraulic disc brakes.
A great product in my opinion, easily adjustable brake lever position & very responsive, two thumbs up & worth the 5 star rating
Wow! Done my first few rides with these brakes and cannot recommend them highly enough. Having suffered with Avid Juicys for longer than I should have allowed, the power and feel these have is just amazing. When you take into account the silly price Merlin are selling these for, they must be one of the best upgrades for the money you can get!
Usually ride XT's but I saw these at a great price so decided to give them a try. Love them! Every bit as good as the XT's without the extra adjustments. I find they are usually not needed anyway. A little extra weight but not noticeable to me
Bought these to replace a pair of broken giant brakes after seeing good reviews. Very impressed with initial performance, easy to install and seem well built. Superb service from Merlin, delivered within about 24 hours from order.
Excellent brakes. Work perfectly all the time.
Great stopping power for a price that you just can't beat. Used with 180mm rotors the difference compared to my old avid Juicy`s is unbelievable. Delivery top notch as usual.
Package arrived promptly and safely. The brakes themselves are amazing. Did some research online and found that XTR, XT, SLX and Deore are basically the same brakes, just with more features/adjustments and lower weight the more money you spend. If you aren't weight conscious, the Deores are the best bargain of the series. You do not get finned pads, but they are only necessary if you do some serious downhill mountain biking. Finned pads can be installed if need be. Set came prebled and with the tools necessary to trim to size, including the olive, connector insert, and cutting block. Great value. Thanks again!
Bought as a replacement for my Avid Elixirs as apparently the Dot 5 fluid renders them useless after a few years. Anyway, these ones were easy to fit and good value. They don't feel as sharp as my previous brakes but have plenty of power once they bite.
Third set of these brakes I've put on a bike. Always impressed by their value. Can't go wrong with these. I almost feel guilty paying so much for XT's and they don't feel any better, but they look a bit better.
Excellent value - very progressive feel and A1 stopping power. Easy to fit and shorten brake hoses without the need to bleed. Also, pads look very easy to replace - unlike fiddly Avid pads
Not sure why anyone would buy anything else! Great brakes
Typically excellent product, well engineered and finished. In performance terms, difficult to see what extra XT or XTR can deliver.
Best stopping power per pound you can get. Did 2 seasons racing dh and xc in whistler on my last set and they never let me down. Top to bottom laps had no fade either.
These were an upgrade from V-Brakes so obviously the performance is much better. Paired with Shimano RT-86 rotors and I'm all set. I do like the feel and performance of these better than my Elixir 5's with Avid CleanSweeps. Price is the absolute best at Merlin unless you steal them, which I don't recommend.
Brutal stopping power at a daft price, pre-bled, what's not to love?
Superb product! Easy to fit and adjust hose length without the need of bleeding. Great feeling and snappy two fingered braking. Would highly recommend!
Brilliant value brake set, they stop me And my bike! Just used for general trail, bridle ways so far but I'm really pleased with them, if you're on a budget go for these you won't be disappointed
Wow, these brakes are amazing. Lightyears ahead and cheaper than the Elixirs they replaced!
This set came fully bled and ready to go, fitting was very easy and it took about 30mins to fit and set up. The quality is very good and the silver and black levers add a good quality touch to the bike. I was very careful to bed these is slowly and in that time the lever feel has improved with the stopping power that can be easily modulated. The levers are adjustable and have a very good feel. The hoses are very long on my large Anthem and will need to be cut down at some point, not a big problem at the moment. I feel that this was a complete bargain at this price and am very happy with them.
Outstanding brakes. For the price of mechanical brakes you get a set of brakes that perform like XTs. Can accept finned, ice-tech pads which is a plus. Main differences between these and the XTs is the tool-free adjustment on the XTs, the banjo-bolt hose connection and of course the XT logos that your friends will see.
Excellent value for a full set of disc brakes. I had been directed to these brakes by a few people as replacements for my Hayes stroker which were terrible for disc rub. They came ready to install out of the box. The cables are plenty long enough for even my large frame. The extent of my mechanical skills meant I left the cables long coiled under the handlebars but work fine. Still only bedding them in but they seem excellent and look better quality than the Hayes. Still getting a bit of disc rub which is annoying but will adjust and see how they go. Can't really fault the product, more than likely my mechanical skills that are to blame.
Great little set of brakes, just as good as my xt's and slx, same power just extra weight and no bells or whistles. Perfect for the winter beater.
Arrived pretty pronto, well packaged, well bled, post mount easy fit, no drag or rubbing on discs nice and clean action, very good value for money brakes.
Brilliant value! New design uses different pads but the bleed on the calliper is now off-set from the mounting bolts making bleeding a much easier job. Great feel and powerful in a easy to set up and maintain set of brakes.
Great brakes! More power than my old Formula RX and much easier to bleed. The lever also works better with my small hands - I had to have the Formula levers adjusted to the limit in order to reach them, but there's still plenty of slack on the Shimanos. Shortening the hoses and swapping the levers (I'm a weirdo who likes his rear brake on the right) was a breeze. One lever did weep a little bit of fluid from under the reservoir cap for a few days whenever the lever was squeezed, but it seems to have stopped now. Apart from that, I've been very happy with these brakes.
Superb no nonsense brakes. Powerful, reliable, engineered to last, a piece of cake to bleed with none corrosive mineral oil. I run the XT models on my other bike and swear these are just as powerful. cant say enough good things about them, genuine trouble free excellence at a bargain price. I have tried many brands of brakes over the years but have come full circle back to the best
For the price I can't believe how good these brakes are. Having ridden XTR there is really not a lot of difference for the money you pay. Compared to other companies similarly priced brakes, it makes me wonder why they even bother trying to compete. Unless you've got money to burn there is no reason to not go with these for trail duties.
Near XT pieces at half the price. One finger stopping power. Shimano make the best disc brakes.
Pros: More solid than the old avid brakes, great stopping power Cons: minor cosmetics stuff, detailing a little rough between silver and black transition. Overall very good value and quick delivery, would recommend.
Bought these after having trouble with my Avid Elixirs. I have now found the easiest way to fix Avid elixir brakes, buy shimano! These are literally a fit and forget product as usual with shimano. Build quality is brilliant and brake power is amazing. These hoses are on the long side, however everything is included to shorten them and doesn't take 5 mins to do. No bleeding needed either. Highly recommend!!
I bought these to replace some dual control levers and XT calipers on a Rock Lobster bike I bought from Merlin 8 years ago. The new tech really shows. Braking is amazingly powerful and controlled. The setup gives great feedback and is really well built. I got a total bargain here that has transformed my bike to make it new again.
Great price, easy to install, great brake power. Put these on my commuter as an upgrade from Tektro mechanicals. Not much difference from the XT set I run on my race rig. Highly recommended.
Excellent brakes: easy to fit, ready bled (with spare olives and fittings if you need to shorten hoses) and lovely modulated performance with plenty of bite if needed. Great value.
Very pleased with these brakes. The lever feel and position is excellent. They are very easy to set up and a doddle to bleed. They don`t have the adjustability of the more expensive XTs but aside from that performance seems to be identical. Bargain
Very good pair of brakes, clean looks, small callipers and ergonomic levers. Teamed with a 203mm front and 180 rear rotors these provide plenty of stopping power with good modulation and lever feel. Simple to set up, cut down the hoses in 10 minutes with no need to bleed, took about a week for the pads to bed in and the levers to firm up, but now the power from these brakes is as good as I have felt from other more expensive set ups. Was useful for Merlins to sell them in a pair too... Value for money, clean looks and powerful. Highly recommended.
These brakes are fantastic & are well worth double the price! They came with everything I needed to set em up & go. I even had all the bits I needed for shortening the hoses (which are super long) straight out the box. I used them the day after I fit them & they worked faultlessly. You can't get a brake as good for double the price in my opinion.
Really impressive stopping power; the servo wave cam gives the brakes a very sure and smooth industrial feel. Bleeding in combination with shimanos bleed tool makes these some of the easiest brakes to bleed not that you'll have to often with these. (plus no nasty dot oil). Disc rub is never a problem due to the servo wave cam allowing for a nice wide pad spacing. Down point would be sometimes when braking at low speed you can hear the pads click/lock as they move forward in the calliper. But this is normal with many disc brakes.
Great product! Good braking power, no noise, light, resistant and well made product. Really recommend.
Bought to replace a trouble-some Avid set. Hoses are plenty long enough and need trimming down for most bikes (1000F & 1700R). Barbs and olives are included however you'll need some sharp hose cutters/knife. Really simple procedure, no need to re-bleed and have worked faultlessly so far, with excellent lever feel. The levers also have a built in safety feature that means they can move away from the bar should they get hit in a crash, reducing the chances of broken levers. Excellent value for money and they arrived next day to.
I was a bit skeptical of these brakes at that price but Initial impression of these brakes are fantastic, The new flip lock clamp makes set up on your bars very easy and they bedded in quickly and now work better than the 4 pot calipers I had on before. If you are after a bargain set of stoppers I highly recommend these. I'm always amazed by the speed in which Merlin can turn around an order, I ordered these in the morning and they rocked up the next day fantastic service.
Brilliant brakes, which came ready bled. Easy to shorten the hoses too with the supplied olives and inserts and didn't need to bleed brakes after either! Stop you on a sixpence and look brilliant too. Awesome brakes for the money.
Fine set of brakes, you need the Shimano adaptors if you go bigger than 160 rotor, Avid adaptors won`t work. Hoses are long out of the box but easily shortened, fine service from Merlin, got them within two days of ordering. A world apart from the Avids I had before that were noisy as hell. Excellent feel and power once run in.
Just fitted these to a newly built touring orientated mtb and now they're bedded in they're all the brake I need. As they come 4rse backward you'll need to swap the hoses over left to right but this is possible without bleeding. Just download the instructions for doing so from Shimano. Bleeding them is dead easy though. I know this because I'm not as handy as you and made a . . . . .mess of the above procedure. You're welcome.
These brakes are such an improvement on the standard Tekro brakes that came with my Specialized Hardrock Disc 2010/11. They were fairly easy to install. To set up - pull each brake leaver to engage the pads, then tighten the securing bolts while holding the brake lever in = totally aligned pads. Went out in the recent wind, rain and very muddy conditions and these brakes worked a treat. Still building confidence using the front brakes as my old ones snatched badly but I think these will be fine. Highly recommended and amazing for the price.
Nice, simple brake set. Used on my commuter so far and the power seems good. Modulation less so but still very acceptable especially for the price. They have the usual Shimano quality of finish and I've no doubt they'll be reliable. The usual fast service from Merlin and a bargain price. Happy!
A superb set of brakes, very easy to fit, no fettling needed. As regards performance, excellent modulation and stopping power with a lever that is easily adjustable. Excellent.
A rather nice, not too expensive brake. Really easy to fit, well made and finished. Less than an hour to fit then off for a ride. Rather impressed. Oh and they stop you on a six pence.
Excellent piece of kit. Bought to replace a pair of Formula brakes that I couldn't get replacement pads to fit in due to the stupidly close tolerances between pistons, and a second pair for exactly the same issue with some Avid Elixirs. A cinch to fit, plenty of pad clearance, and come with nice thick standard pads & bedded in in no time. Front hose miles too long but couldn't be bothered trying to cut it down (probably an easy job!) so just folded it in a couple of loops - no worries. Shimano stuff is brilliant :-)
Came set up for UK - left hand rear brake. Not got all the features of more expensive brakes but feel good, powerful enough and excellent pricing. Expect them to be as reliable as my other shimano brakes.
Amazing brakes at an amazing price. Took minutes to set up, replacement for my old Hayes brakes which weren't the most reliable things. Ridden them hard this week in the Lake district with no issues. They were quick to bed in too, which was nice. Great brakes for the XC/trail riding I do.
Very nice set of brakes for a great price. I had to switch right/left and cut the brakehose' on both but shimano has instructions on how to do it without having to bleed them on their website so it was a piece of cake. Braking power is really good,
Latest Deore brakeset, slightly hesitant to order without having read any updated reviews but these are essentially the same as the older M565 brakes but slightly updated caliper design to take the new ICE Tech pads (not included). Hose lengths slightly long (especially the rear) but the brakes come with all you need to shorten them including the yellow hose holder, new olive etc. Brake power is excellent once the pads have bedded in. Usual excellent service from Merlin!
Awesome brakes, I can't understand why you pay more when these do it all. I recently took part in the Megavalanche, where my much more expensive brakes failed on me requiring a hefty outlay and missed time up the mountain. Two of the group were running these and had no problems the whole trip, so as soon as I got back I swapped over and will probably fit these to my other bike as well. Very happy.
Great set of brakes. Got SLX on one bike, got these for a 'second' bike. Stopping power really is excellent, almost on a par with SLX. Compatible with Ice Tech pads and rotors if required (standard supplied in box). Best bit- installed, hoses cut, system bled in 40mins. For both brakes. No rotor rub. Perfect. Plus great Merlin service.
These brakes are excellent. Value for money is outstanding, I use the XT M785 on my other bike which are double the price & these are just as good. Power & modulation is superb. Lever is very neat. The hinged handlebar clamp is a clever design. Changing pads is quick & easy. Finish is nice.
Great brakes. Shortening the hoses was straight forward, just take your time and follow shimano's online instructions. Excellent value for money hydraulic disc brakes.
Brilliant brakes for the money, easy to set up, powerful and controllable. Replaced my Elixir 9's after many bleeds and pad changes, now quiet and powerful braking at last. I've tried XT's and Saints recently also, Saints have more initial bite but less control, can't find any difference in XT's if you ignore the names ! Fast delivery and a bargain
Good looking and powerful right from fitting and only set to get stronger as the pads bed in. Excellent price too.
Fantastic brakes and great value. Better quality, feel and stopping power than brakes costing 3x as much! As a side note, the brakes are supplied with a spare olive and insert for if you need to shorten the hoses. If you follow the instructions on the Shimano website, you won't need to bleed them after shortening hoses either.
Exceed my expectations. Go these as replacement for the older M595 Deore Disks (damaged in crash). I like the "shorty" two finger style brake which seems just as powerful as my old M595s. I got them pre bled so my only issue was the generous hose length .. I will have to get this shortened for my bike and in the meantime I have zipties keeping all the hoses from catching in things. Nice to know there is enough hose length for a long travel bike I guess i cant complain. Only one ride so far though...