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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Chain, for 11 speed drive chains only
  • Improve 20% wear out resistance (vs CN-7901)
  • Achieved through a new surface treatment (thanks to PTFE special plating)
  • Weight: 243g (110 Link)
  • For 11 Speed groupsets only
No second choice for my bike except Dura Ace Chains.
Wouldn't buy anything less anymore. Have three waxed and rotating. Drivetrain is the most important part of your bike and the most expensive to replace so what's an extra $15-20 when you get a a bunch more life out of your chain?
Good product. Better than KMC SL ..
Excellent quality, nice smooth running. Definitely worth the little bit extra cost over the Ultergra chain.
Good quality chain. I usually get about 5000km of use out of Shimano chains.
Thanks for providing such quality components. My original components lasted me three years, for a total of 16,600 miles. I would not hesitate to refer any of my friends to purchase these components. Hope this chain will last me another three years.
Not much to say about a chain. Usual Dura Ace good quality to pair with Dura Ace of the 9000 series.
Smooth and precise, improvement on 105 chain.
Best chain, it's the second Dura Ace chain I've owned, they're just splendid!
Exactly as advertised. This is a great chain and works perfectly with the supplied joining pin.
Nice chain. Really the only sensible choice for Shimano drivetrain. A1.
Go to chain, like the way this chain shifts compared to any other chain. Great pricing too.
What an incredible price for this top level chain. Edges of plates are lightly bevelled so it slides over the sprockets that little bit smoother.
Smooth, quiet chain when paired with DA cranks and cassette.
My bike felt new as soon as I fitted the new chain. So silent and smooth, a great Shimano product at a very good price.
The best, easy to fit and now another 5000 miles of trouble free cycling!
Usual Shimano Dura-ace spec. Light, durable, silent during riding and shifting gears. Would recommend highly
Best chain on the market even better now they've improved the connecting pin
Smooth running and keeps its nice finish for ages.
Top quality shimano chain. Shifts quick and precisely. Great pricing, as always.
Better shifting than KMC chains with a Shimano group set . Price is great at Merlin Cycles even when shipping to the US. Thank you Merlin so much. Not made of money here, so your great prices and service is a blessing.
Smooth quiet and easy to install. Great all around chain.
Lighter, stronger, quieter and supposedly lasts longer - time will tell. Service from Merlin up to the usual high standard - good stuff!
Excellent piece of equipment. Absolutely worth the upgrade even using Ultegra bits everywhere else.
I can feel the difference on my 5800 set up with a Dura Ace chain - runs smoother, quieter and shifts 'nicer'.
Very high quality chain and so simple to install, easier by far than Campag due to the pin not needing a special fitting tool. Shifting is light and smooth, and the chain is a competitive weight.
I typically run Ultegra components, although for the cost the Dura Ace chain is hard to beat.
Long lasting, reliable, smooth shifting chain at a bargain price.
Great quality chain. Change them at 75% wear and cassettes will last for ages.
Love this chain, I run full Dura Ace gruppo on my bike so only the best chain will do. Shifts beautifully and nice and light weight too.
Best chain in the market, I love this thing.
Great chain, very durable, very light. Never broken one yet
Great improvement over the 6800/7900. I get around 3500km out of it.
Smooth running, Shimanos best yet
Probably the best chain in the market!
As there is not much difference in price it is always nice to have a bit of Dura Ace on the bike. There is a small but noticeable improvement on my 5800 105 shifting - smoother moving across the cassette. Also the higher grade metals and coating means the chain cleans up nicer than the 105 one - it is not as susceptible to corrosion.
Perfect smooth gear changes, great lifetime and dead reliable why buy anything else !!
Works great even on sram gears and never have I had the slightest issue with the chainset. Virtually silent noise and no flex whatsoever.
About 250mi on this chain and so far I'm happy with it. I got very good mileage out of the 10-speed chain so I'm hoping for similar performance with the 11-speed. When combined with the 9070 Di2 Groupset shifting is precise, crisp and fairly quiet.
Love this chain! Light, quiet, smooth and Merlin's price was just too great!
Quiet, smooth running
Smooth shifting - usual DA quality.
Very light and more quiet than 7900 chain
Great chain, very durable and runs very smoothly.
Good, reliable chain. Not that expensive, run them on all my bikes.
Bought this chain for my 10 sp Sram Red and it works great and is lighter then the 10 sp Dura Ace chain I've been using.
Nice light weight chain and very smooth
Seems very slick and no longer need to worry about the direction of installation.
Quieter than the older 7900 chain. No longer one directional. Good price too.
Nice chain and a very good price. I have this running with a Shimano 9000 chainset a 7900 10 speed cassette and ultegra 6700 rear mech with no issues.
These chains are fantastic, primarily due to their light weight and absolutely crisp shifting when paired with a properly tuned Dura Ace drive train. I use these on both my DA9000 and DA7800 bikes and it works like a charm. Only misstep is the longevity of the chain. Look to replace these every 1200 miles, max.
Good weight saving.